Scene Times

Add your days of availability below, please make all times Eastern.

  • Lurker:
  • Gwen: All (exceptions 3rd Saturday and First, Second, and Fourth Sundays)
  • Kondraki: Kondraki is the allbeing, and is omnipresent on IRC, forever.
  • Casimiro: All weekends if warned, weekdays not between 1800 and 2400.
  • Dawny: Whenever, just tell me a time. Very slim chance that I won't be able to get on.
  • Daedalize: Afternoon/evening preferred, any day of the week.
  • Art3mis: Monday, Thursday, Afternoons and evenings,, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from around 2030 to 2200. Fridays Possible. Saturday, usually most of the day. Sunday Afternoons.
  • Mr_Wilt: Usually on week days, preferably before 0000 to 0100. Rarely weekends.
  • Scantron: Weekdays between 1630 and 0000 Central Time. Usually two half-hour breaks or so around 1900. On weekends, from 1100 to 0000. Time extends to 0100 on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Tox: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Give me a little warning via bothering someone to text me.
  • Haken: Weekends, usually. Late weeknights and earlier in the day as well. All times subject to change. Give me a heads up.
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