Servitium Infraveritatem




Navigator Cultist

Brief Physical Description:

Standing tall at 6'1", he wears black robes much of the time. They serve to make his form look bulkier and more impressive, but without them, it is clear his head is disproprotunately large, and his body is rather scrawny, looking somewhat like a watermelon on top of a toothpick


Physical 3rd Mental 1st Social 2nd
Strength 1 Intelligence 3 Presence 2
Dexterity 2 Wits 1+1 Manipulation 3
Stamina 3 Resolve 4 Composure 2


Physical Skills 3rd Mental Skills 1st Social Skills 2nd
Athletics 0 Academics 4 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 0 Astronavigation 5+1 Empathy 2
Firearm 2 Computers 2 Expression 1
Larceny 0 Crafts 0 Intimidation 0
Pilot 0 Engineering 3 Leadership 3
Stealth 2 Investigation 0 Persuasion 1
Survival 0 Medicine 0 Streetwise 0
Weaponry 0 Science 0 Subterfuge 1


  • Divination: Servitium believes that, through pouring over the mathematical tables and Charts necessary to jump in and out of any given area of space, he can divine the will of god. Whether it is holy or not, he does have an increased ability determine information about regions of space through numbers from subreality calculations.
  • Holy Chorus: Servitium was trained from a young age to participate in singing hymns to his deity. Years of training have granted him good vocal control, giving him an impressive singing voice, and making him skilled at mimicry.
  • False Stature: Servitium is rather lithe and unimpressive in stature, but broad shoulders draped with his black ruffled robes make him seem more domineering and impressive, when he is wearing them.
  • Holy Rites: Servitium is a student of theology. He has knowledge of religious ceremony and tradition from all across the Galaxy.


Common Sense: 1


The Ears: Mounted on the back of Servitium's skull are two small black boxes. These boxes each contain an array of subreality detectors, intended to pick up on natural and artificial fluctuations in subreality. It is usually tuned in to higher frequencies, on the level of natural frequencies and ships passing in and out of subspace, but can be tuned down at will to listen to the cacophonous noise of the artificial transmissions. He claims that to him, the universe sounds like music, each sector having its own 'song.' He can, given time, 'tune' a subspace drive to harmonize with this song, rendering the ship's jumps into subreality invisible to automatic sensors.
Rank 2: +1 wits, +1 Astronavigation


The Music, it's gone!: Servitium has lived most of his life with music inside his head. If this is disrupted, he takes it as punishment. He is rendered emotionally and physically vulnerable, collapsing to his knees if possible, and uttering religious rites, praying for the music to return.

Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Attacks: The function of augmentations are disrupted when exposed to a sudden burst of electro-magnetic energy. Augments shut down for 1d4-1 (with the lowest result being 1) minutes as a result of EM interference.


  • Tablet computer, loaded with holy books
  • Black robes
  • Wine, for use in religious ceremonies

Personal History

Time and circumstances of birth, early life, and current activities.


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XP Earned

Date Amount Source
09/13/13 30 Creation
10/17/13 1 King's Quest IV

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
09/13/13 6 Astronavigation 5
09/13/13 6 Academics 4
09/13/13 10 The Ears
09/13/13 3 Firearm 2
09/13/13 3 Subterfuge 1
09/13/13 2 Holy Rites

Current XP:


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