Seth A 51200231

Name: Seth A-51200231

Species: Human(?)

Position: Experimental Weapon and Armor Developer, Mechanic, Cybernetic Scientist


  • Defense: 2
  • Electronics: 5
  • Mechanics: 5+1
  • Sciences:
    • Robotics: 3
    • Biology: 2
    • Chemistry: 2
    • Exotic Weapons: 3

Inventory of Possessions:

Tattered and worn brown hooded robe.
Spare parts
Cybernetically "Enhanced" Brain
Utility pack (Crammed with all sorts of mechanical and cybernetic parts and repair tools)
Cyrus McGillinan (Stuffed bear from infancy, has both right leg and arm replaced with a custom 'robotic' prosthesis)
Four Artificial legs with advanced pneumatic jacks. (Right and Left)
Artificial arm with arc-welder (built in).(Left)

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Experimental Weaponry
    • The Defiler: A rifle-sized gun, that fires buzzsaw blades at high velocities. Currently tested, and proved effective. For short range to melee combat only, medium to long range proves to be very unpredictable. Blade penetration for human or human-like torso; full. Penetration for reenforced steel ship plating; Three inches deep. Needs more developement.
    • SludgeRifle: A small-arms version of the full sized SludgeGun or SludgeCannon, the SludgeRifle was the precourser to its bigger brother. Firing a small molecular compound that is safe to the touch, but eats away at metal objects or structures. Perfect against metal-armored opponents or robots, great for precision firing at large structural supports. It has two settings, Stream and Ball. Stream acts as an "Automatic" function, firing a thick line of the black goo at the target. Ball fires a single, dense ball of molecular acid, and is more of a "Single Shot" function.

Notable Character Traits:

  • My hands are fast…- Very dexterous hands.
  • I got an idea!- Fast Thinker
  • Hmmm. Lets try this!- always has a plan B.
  • I know what I'm doing.- Has cybernetically assisted memory.
  • I don't need surgery!- Internal organs are cybernetic and mechanical.
  • I know how to fire my OWN GUN!- Is proficient with any weapon he designs himself. Use Mechanics skill for a weapon made by Seth himself.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • It's just one little bunny!- Low moral standards.
  • Wait for me!- Mechanical legs assisted with Pneumatic jacks. Slow moving speed
  • Come abit closer, please.- poor eyesight due to one being robotic, the other human.
  • 'Koooo-Kheeee…Koooo-kheeee…- can only breath through a special respirator.
  • It tastes pretty good. Want a sip?- Must ingest 15 fluid ounces of oil and coolant daily, instead of actual food.
  • I'm a genius! PRAISE ME!- Very eccentric.
  • Ah-shit. Sprung a leak.- Drips oil and coolant mix out from under his fingertips slowly but constantly.
  • How the fuck do I use this?- Terrible with any other weapon that he himself has not designed or built. Suffer a -10 penalty to roll, and weapon automatically backfires. (I.E, Firing pin breaks with first shot, barrel melts, etc.)

History (Optional):

Seth (Real last name unknown/forgotten/classified) was born on Earth-III, to a loving family. Stephani, his mother, was a homemaker, and Daniel, his father, was a lawyer. His older brother Dennis (Four years older) and younger sister Tilly (two years younger) rounded out the family, leaving Seth as a middle child. Feeling neglected by his parents, because his brother was older and becoming a man, and because his sister was the baby of the family, he turned to a hobby; mechanics and electronics. At the age of 9, he had mastered fundamentals, quickly making models of robots and wiring, cars and pneumatic powered cars. Because of this, he was often picked on in school, beat up for his intelligence. His parents were pleased at this sudden surge of intellect, however, and encouraged him to work better in school. Seth, of course, had no interest, and just continued to build small-scale contraptions, the only class he truly enjoyed was shop class. Still, his parents wanted him to do more. At 16, Seth started to wonder what it would be like to be more machine than man. With this thought in mind, he started to study biology, trying to find an answer. When he got the knowledge he needed, he took matters into his own hands. He cut his left leg off, and replaced it successfully with a mechanical leg. His parents were mortified with their new child's limb, and urged him to get a synthetic replacement. Declining this, he began a long, arduous process of replacing his body parts with robotic mimics. At 18, he moved out of his parents place. At 20 he was halfway to becoming the mechanical man he desperately wanted to be. At 25, he finally achieved his life goal; 90% of his body was now mechanical. After that endeavor was conquered, he started to research weapons, experimenting with new and unusual ideas for armor and firearms. At age 35, he was hired onto a weapon-manufacturing vessel, the "Dog Of War" weapons and armor development frigate. While there, he was fired for immoral and inhuman development and research methods, and was left on Derem. He remained on the planet for five more years, and at 40, was finally picked up by the crew of the Razorwing, and now flies with them to new and exciting locations, developing new, deadly weapons and "Top"-class armor.


Pale, almost blue skin due to coolant and oil coursing through veins. Tall, now a full 7 feet and very skinny. His height stems from four advanced mechanical pneumatic legs that he designed and build himself. The back legs have a backwards bend at the knee joint, and end in two metal talons, used for gripping to the sides of large walls, or ceilings to make easier repairs. The two front have a normal knee joint, but end in three claw-like appendages, for much more successful gripping and holding. With the two extra legs, and the much more powerful pneumatic system, Seth can now travel at a brisk powerwalk pace with ease, instead of a slow, stumbling shuffle. The movement is all based on a self-actuated pneumatic system. The jacks for his movement connect directly to his brain from external wiring. From the legs up to his stomach, he is "human", but the left side of his chest and his left arm are cybernetic. The left arm is long and thin, ending in a very nimble, very dexterous set of three claw-like digits that have over 26 maneuverable joints, the middle one housing a very small arc-welder for fixing up that last little flaw in most mechanical repairs. Again, every action used by this arm is controlled from external wires that hook directly up to his cranium. His mouth is contently covered by a cybernetic respirator that pushes a methanol mix of gas into two sacs in his chest, that were once lungs, and thus giving his speech patterns a very "Darth Vader"y sound to them. A tube connects the pump on his back to his respirator, and the pumps create their own methanol mix through a series of highly elaborate and intricate synthesizers, also built by Seth. His right eye is replaced with a "Monocle" scope; a single eyepiece that can zoom in or out at will. It is directly wired to his semi-robotic mind by a set of wires on the outside. All wiring was made, again, by Seth. A metal plate on the back of his head can be opened, and minor "Repairs" Can be easily made in his brain. His left eye is a light green color. He is bald. He constantly carries spare parts and scrap with him to make sudden, if unnecessary repairs to himself, and normally covers up his baldness and plate with a dark brown, slowly wearing out hooded robe, that covers his crotch, chest, and head. The sleeves have been cut off by him, so his robotic arm can move freely in its multitude of directions. His right arm often excretes a viscous form of oil at times.

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