Name: Sigma-79

Species: Augmented Human

Position: Security


  • Defense: 5
  • Melee Combat: 5
  • Light Weapons: 5
  • Medium Weapons: 5
  • Agility: 3 +1
  • Perception: 3
  • Electronics: 2

Inventory of Possessions:

Room Card

Inventory of Equipment:

Project Icarus
An inbuilt suit of armour and blades programmed and synced to Sigma-79. Offers database access through a visor covering the eyes and ears. Engaging battle mode detaches eight blades from the armour to hover behind her in the formation of wings. These blades can be moved in a range of three meters around Sigma in formation or shot out at a target in range.

The majority of the armour is permanently built into Sigma's body. However pieces can be removed for the purpose of maintenance and upgrades.

Notable Character Traits:

Code-line Alpha: Sigma does not retain any human personality beyond that of a basic AI programmed into her that was obviously left incomplete. Her voice is generally monotone and robotic, especially while wielding Project Icarus.

Affirmative: Once given an order, Sigma must follow it through until its completion or the order is withdrawn, either by the person who gave it or one of higher command.

Angel of Death: Engaging battle mode is essentially a death sentence to those she targets. She will show no mercy once given orders and follows them through without hesitation. She was created to be a weapon and it shows.

Notable Character Flaws:

Blank Slate: Unable to understand how to live like a sentient creature, Sigma is struggling to learn the basics. She must be taught like a child, knowing nothing about the universe or even how to do basic things such as eating or sleeping by herself. This can be hindered by her basic AI or that her data banks can be wiped of memories and data.

Ghost Data: Occasionally, Sigma's incomplete AI will glitch and recall an order that may have been given at another time. This may cause her to override a more previously given command and do something unexpected.


Her past before becoming 'Sigma-79' is completely unknown but there is little doubt that she was once a human. Experiments destroyed her humanity to make her controllable, possibly something in her genetics that was needed for the tests. Behind the expressionless eyes and monotone voice, maybe there might be something human left, but delving through the years of programming and augments may possibly do more harm than good.

Project Sigma-79 was combined with AEC Project Icarus-051 in an attempt to build a soldier beyond capabilities of the droids and the normal human soldiers. Attempts at Project Icarus previously had resulted in disaster in both human and droid recipients, either through loss of sanity or corrupted data and flaws in attached systems.

Sigma-79 was a big investment on both sides combining work and responded better than all previous test subjects. However it was in the middle of testing the combined forms of Sigma and Icarus that an incident occurred and left her in indefinite stasis until such time she was found by the Razorwing crew.

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