Choosing Skills

Characters are allowed 36 points upon character creation to distribute among their skills, capping at 4 points to most skills at creation, with a 5 if justified to a GM(max of 2 at start).

Characters automatically start with 2 in their Physical Defense stat, with the accompanying 2 in Body. This does not count towards your initial 36. For every point spent on Physical Defense or Mental Defense past 2, add a point to your Body or Mind score respectively, for no extra cost up to 4.

Additionally, tag your Engineering, Scholarship, and Culture skills with their respective fields of study in parenthesis, e.g. Sciences (Healing), Engineering (Mechanical), etc.

If you wish to start a character with less than 2 in Body, please discuss with a GM, and you may be able to redistribute those two points. You may also pick a skill to begin with a negative stat in, provided it is a common enough skill that it may cause problems or detriments for the character, and be allowed to redistribute it as an extra starting skill point. You must note negative skills on your sheets. Negative skills may be used in the case of using Powers, to balance the effects.

Rolling Skills

The basic roll is 4dF, modified by your skill bonus. For example, if you had Fair melee, you would roll 6dF+2. If you have no points in a skill, you are assumed to be Mediocre, and add nothing to the roll (except possible situational modifiers).

The Ladder

Skills follow the following ladder for both skills possessed by characters and for results of skill rolls. Subject to interpretation and readjustment, for opposed rolls.

8 Epic
7 Legendary
6 Fantastic
5 Superb
4 Great
3 Good
2 Fair
1 Average
0 Mediocre
-1 Poor
-2 Terrible
-3 Abysmal
-4 Worthless

Skill List


For performing quick or difficult movement actions, such as wall-running or scaling a cliff. Can be used to dodge thrown attacks, and melee with GM permission.


Used to rally and command your allies in the heat of battle, the Command skill allows you to add a +1 for every two successes to the next roll of each nearby player and friendly NPC.


Representing the various craft skills known across the 'verse, Craft is a specialized skill that allows a character to design and create things in line with the specified craft.


For understanding different cultures and languages.

1 Skill Point = 1 Extra culture, 2 = 2, 3 = 3/4, 4 = 4-5, 5 = 6


Used to endure or prolong a physical or mental effort through sheer will, Endurance is called upon for any kind of continuous exertion. Endurance allows the extension of a number of other skills.


For work on electronics, mechanics, or anything in between. If you wish to take more than one engineering skill, they must be given their own section, an example would be:

  • Engineering (Mechanics): 2
  • Engineering (Electronics): 3


For accessing protected systems and using computers in ways beyond the imagination of the typical user. This includes just about anything that uses a data system, from the lowliest PDA to planet sized supercompuers.


Using the most modern techniques of deduction and forensics, Investigation allows you to discover the truth more readily than others.

Mech Specialization



For healing and creating medical items.


Being aware of your surroundings, can be used to detect enemies, discover useful items, or any other number of various things that use your senses.


Representing any number of artistic and aesthetic forms, Perform is a specialized skill that allows the expression of the specialized talent.


For making people believe what you say is the truth, or intimidation.


For driving or piloting aircraft, spacecraft, or vehicles.


Significant training in a particular field of learning. Like all skills, the actual rating for this may be varied depending upon GM decision. With GM approval, Scholarships may add a bonus to a Science or Medical roll if appropriate.

Average in a Scholarship skill equates to a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent).
Fair in a Scholarship skill equates to a Master's degree (or equivalent).
Good in a Scholarship skill equates to a PhD (or equivalent).
Great in a Scholarship skill equates to at least some postdoctoral work (or equivalent).


Different science skills go here, e.g. Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology. If you wish to take more than one science skill, they must be given their own section, an example would be:

  • Science (Biology): 2
  • Science (Chemistry): 3

Sense Motive

For when the truth isn't as obvious as it seems, this skill allows you to see past the lies and right to the truth of the matter when talking with others.


For not being seen, or performing pickpocketing or lockpicking and the sort.


For thriving in an environment that may not be what they are used to, or without a large amount of resources.

Umbral Lore


All Combat skills now cost double to advance from 4 to 5, and require a specialization to do so.

Melee Weapons/Combat

For hand to hand and melee (knives, batons) combat.

Ranged Weapons

For anything ranged.

Thrown Weapons

For throwing grenades, knives, etc.

Physical Defense

For defending against most physical attacks.

Mental Defense

For defending against most mental attacks.

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