Skyler Evvans

Name: Skyler Evvans

Species: Human (?) - Shows signs of Lurk blood inside of him, but is dominantly, and physically human. 'Cept a few things.

Position: AEC Lawbringer Mechanic / Survivor?

Experience Points: 1


  • Mechanics (Robotics): 2/5 (Partially Available)
  • Science: Weapons Research: 3/5 (Partially Available)
  • Medium Weapons: 0/4 (Partially Available)
  • Light Weapons: 1/4 (Unavailable)
  • Defense: 3
  • Foreign Languages: 1 - Lurk
  • Note: Certain skills are "Unavailable" or "Partially Available" because Skyler has forgotten his training. They will be gained back however, as events force him to recollect memories.

Inventory of Possessions:

  • AEC Holotag — Belongs to one Kadan Evvans

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Voyager "Panther" Light Combat Armor (+1d6 Defense)
  • Sawed-off Shotgun

Notable Character Traits:

  • Lurk-blood: Skyler is a little too friendly for being a regular human. Maybe. Also affects certain parts of his appearance (though he chooses to hide them)
  • Loyal!: Respects his affiliations and his relationships, from platonic to… well whatever. This means that if Skyler is affiliated with a certain party, he will not betray them.
  • Eager: Skyler is willing to try anything that the situation calls for, especially if no one else will step up to the plate.
  • Chivalry isn't dead!: Skyler is especially nice to women all things considered, and will act like an archetypal, chivalrous male if at all possible. +1 to any interactions with women who likes this, and -1 to any women who find this cheesy/corny.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Amnesiac: Due to the explosion, Skyler has forgotten most of who he was, and some complex things about what he used to do. All he has left really, is basic functioning. Has a small chance of failing any rolls that are not combat related.
  • Merciful: Skyler can't bring himself to end any life because he values his own too high— cannot inflict any sort of death-dealing damage (brings the enemy to the lowest possible health/state of being, without killing it.)

History :

Skyler is sure he had some sort of history, if only he could remember it! The Holotag doesn't give him many hints— but it's not his. He's started finding out a few things on the AEC Database, but he continues to find more about the Holotag owner more than himself.

  • He has found out, that he was married to the owner of the Holotag— Kadan Evvans, a Lurk AEC Infantry Member
  • Thanks to a visit on a planet colonized by "vampires", he has remembered that he is the son of a Human and a Lurk (The Lurk was the female). This sparked memories he didn't really want to remember, and thus he remembered how he used to always have a hard time because of it, and why he would hide it as best he could. (+1 Light Weapons remembered) — Memory seen here
  • During a small mission to take cargo from a train on the Valdez planet, Skyler recognized the Xenon Power Cores that they were taking (in the end, they didn't take it— but he still knew what they were). This sparked a memory about what he used to do in the AEC. (+1 Science: Weapons Research, +1 Mechanics (Robotics) remembered) — Memory seen here
  • During a mission to investigate a distress signal, Skyler and some crew of the Razorwing found themselves on the Scheusal— an old AEC ship (and apparently where Skyler had been stationed). They encountered a small robot known as Marxis, that Skyler apparently created— under another name. (+1 Science: Weapons Research, +1 Mechanics (Robotics) remembered) — Memory seen here
  • In a Nightmare Ship, Skyler came across a biobomb, which elicited some memories of his past as a Weapons Manafacturer. (+1 Science: Weapons Research remembered) — Memory seen here


Skyler might look predominantly human, but he has certain things (that he usually keeps covered) that hint he has Lurk blood within him. While he doesn't have spines going down his back, there are some hiding under his hair, all the way to the base of his nape. He also has rather pale, greyish skin (making him look sickly, rather than just grey), and two-coloured eyes. (His eyes are mainly green, but do have splotches of yellow in them as well)

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