Sonja Mimas

General Information

Name: Sonja Constance Mimas
Age: 58
Species: Human (some Cybernetics)
Birthplace: Wessa City, Earth-IV
Previous Occupation: Lawyer (Species Rights)

Biographical Information

Sonja Mimas, arguably one of the most powerful women in the Local Group came from a relatively wealthy family on Earth-IV. She was an honor-roll student from the time she was nine, and got into the prestigious Harvard Law program on Academia Station, in orbit above Earth-IV.

After years of intensive study, Mimas became a Lawyer, specializing the rights of Species and is probably best known (prior to her political career) as one of three lawyers who fought for the legalization of interspecies marriages across the Local Group.

At the age of 37, Sonja visited Tychon, a planet torn to pieces by worker revolts and civil conflicts. She often attributes her political begins to that visit. Shortly after returning to Earth-IV, she ran in that planets election for a seat in the UFG parliament. It was a landslide victory, and she had her foot in the door.

She rapidly rose through the political ranks, and after almost 20 years as a member of parliament, she was elected President of the Galaxies. As of now, polls rank her as the most popular president in the past 50 years.

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