Who Are the Nine? Part One

(6:01:21 PM) Gwen: A distress call is picked up by the bridge crew of Razorwing. The signal itself is very faint, and sounds as though it's been through a pepper grinder. The message begins. "M…day … May…ay. This is … SSV Hopeful. … hospital ship. Something's happened … losing power. The casualties are numerous…I … help us…" The message repeats with some variation suggesting that someone is speaking out those words, rather
(6:01:21 PM) Gwen: than a computer signal. Along with the message comes the standard packet of information, ship details and ID codes, crew/passenger manifest, and last known co-ordinates. Good news. They're in this sector of space!
(6:04:17 PM) Tox: "Corwin!" Ran snaps. "Get us over there, full speed! Put the ship on standby alert!"
(6:04:47 PM) Daedalize: «Roger that. Setting course now.»
(6:05:13 PM) Tox: <Attention crew. We are currently responding to a distress call from a hospital ship, the SSV Hopeful. Please proceed to your standby alert stations, terminate all nonessential tasks and stand by for further orders.>
(6:06:40 PM) Dawny: Jillian starts awake and rushes to her room to get dressed and grab her stuff. Her skin is a healthy red now and she gulps down a few bottles of water in the process.
(6:06:45 PM) Daedalize: Down by the poolside, Isae looks up at the sound. "Oh, a mission? A mission!" He scrambles to his feet and heads for the changing rooms.
(6:06:57 PM) Kondraki: Hearing this, Shar snapped to business, heading over to the medical supply closet to get his away team medkit, making sure to grab some Anansi supplies this time. A medical ship would be right up his alley, as he headed to the standby station down at the docking bay.
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(6:07:36 PM) Dawny: Jillian pulls her braid into a bun, reporting to the standby bay. "Hey Shar, headache's gone."
(6:08:00 PM) Kondraki: He smiled. "Glad to hear it, especially if you're coming with us."
(6:08:19 PM) Kalilee: Nuil looks up from her book, she wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but it was worth checking out.
(6:08:20 PM) Tox: Ran takes the time while Razorwing is in transit to pull all information he can on the SSV Hopeful, its mission, what it's doing in this region of space.
(6:09:06 PM) Dawny: "Planing on it, every mission needs a tech." Jillian smiles, checking her equipment over again.
(6:09:12 PM) Daedalize: After switching into proper attire, which includes a small pouch of throwing knives, a blaster, and SAP gloves for four of his six hands, Isae heads for the service bay, as well.
(6:10:45 PM) Daedalize: Mariella begins running scans of the area the distress call is coming from, checking for possible hostiles in case evasive maneuvers will need to be taken.
(6:12:13 PM) Kondraki: "I figured you'd jump for a chance to check out a disabled ship."
(6:13:03 PM) Daedalize: Isae walks up behind Jillian, fiddling with his gloves. "Hello, hello everyone."
(6:13:18 PM) Gwen: The SSV Hopeful is a travelling hospital ship owned by Pulsar Medical that specializes in long term care and trauma recovery. It's in this region of space because that was the fastest route between two planets. Are you looking at other information bundled in the distress signal?
(6:13:21 PM) Dawny: "Hey, if a man could make me feel as good as ripping apart an engine…I may enjoy sex more" Jillian blushes deeply, her first crude comment, so adorable.
(6:13:47 PM) Tox: Yes. Passenger manifest, any information about the ship that's there, any that he can grab. He wants to know everything.
(6:13:54 PM) Kalilee: Nuil arrives a little after, seeing more people she had not met, it was for the best to stay silent and observe.
(6:14:08 PM) Kondraki: Shar was a bit surprised, but grinned nonetheless. "I'm sure you'll find that special someone who compares to being up to your elbows in grease and machinery someday."
(6:15:11 PM) Gwen: The passengers are all fairly wealthy people, and there are a lot of them 150 passengers and another 150 in terms of crew. One name sticks out at Ran: Jennifer O'Leary, head of the technical supprt team.
(6:15:35 PM) Daedalize: Glancing around, Isae spots Nuil as she approaches. "Ah, you must be the android I've heard talk of. Hello, pleasure to meet you."
(6:15:45 PM) Tox: Ran stops dead. "No…."
(6:15:51 PM) Daedalize: He hastens over to shake her hand.
(6:15:57 PM) Gwen: Upon arrival to the co-ordinates, the source of the distress call is very clear. A hospital vessel, only a little smaller than Razorwing, is listing very badly to once side as it slowly drifts in the void. Lights across the ship. The hull appears to be intact, but the ship is most definitely in trouble.
(6:16:25 PM) Tox: "Corwin! Hail them! SSV Hopeful, this is SSV Razorwing! Do you read?"
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(6:16:42 PM) Dawny: Jillian blushes a bit more, looking down. "I can't believe I just said that…ignore me."
(6:16:57 PM) Kalilee: "Yes I'm nuil." The android smiles, tilting her head. She seems to ignore the android comment "It's a pleasure to meet you too, mister…?"
(6:17:03 PM) Daedalize: Mariella sends the hail, still scanning the surrounding area for traces of anything that might have caused this damage.
(6:17:22 PM) Kondraki: "Come now, you're just learning to express your sexuality more. Nothing to be ashamed of, Jillian."
(6:17:46 PM) Gwen: "SSV Razorwing," a deep male voice says. "This is Captain Aaron Nagala…thank the gods you've found us." He sighs. "We have no idea what happened…"
(6:17:58 PM) Daedalize: "Isaetreles, technological researcher. My, you are an interesting specimen." He circles around to observe from all angles.
(6:18:49 PM) Dawny: Jillian shakes her head, still red. "Don't tell anyone I said that…"
(6:19:14 PM) Kalilee: Nuil's cheeks go a little rosey, she holds one of her arms, hunching over. Embarrassed? Just a little. "R..right."
(6:19:19 PM) Kondraki: Smiling, he nodded. "My tendrils are locked."
(6:19:39 PM) Tox: "Captain Nagala, this is Executive Officer Ranaghan Sarnorbarra. How bad is it over there?"
(6:19:54 PM) Dawny: "Can we talk more about this later? I'll make tea…I'm supposed to talk to people about stuff."
(6:19:55 PM) Sequence: Marla bounces to her station, late late late!
(6:21:15 PM) Gwen: "Damage reports are still coming in. We're looking at over 200 casualties across the ship…the Singularity Core is offline…all of engineering is flooded with micro-blackholes.
(6:21:20 PM) Gwen: *"
(6:21:31 PM) Daedalize: Isae pops back around to stand in front of her. "Ah, apologies, I suppose I'm being rude. Anyways, will you be accompanying on this mission as well? Are you combat-equipped?"
(6:21:35 PM) Kondraki: "Of course, I'd love to." He turned a pale yellow, glad to see that the extreme recluse of just a month or so before had opened up this much.
(6:22:23 PM) Tox: "….Captain Nagala. You have a crewman named Jennifer O'Leary on board. What is her status?"
(6:22:53 PM) Dawny: "What kind of tea do you like?"
(6:23:52 PM) Gwen: "I don't know. She's technical…that whole section of the ship is expiriencing power outages…they never checked in." There is a pause. "Razorwing…can we…can we start some sort of a salvage operation?"
(6:23:57 PM) Kondraki: "I'm a fan of oolongs and greens, although I haven't had tea in years." Just never occured to him.
(6:24:03 PM) Kalilee: "I don't think I am, I only heard loud noises and went to see what the fuss was about." Well at least she was honest.
(6:24:28 PM) Gwen: Oops! Also forgot to mention something, Ran finds a White-Level classified section of the crew roster
(6:24:42 PM) Tox: Does Ran have the ability to access it?
(6:24:45 PM) Dawny: "I have a nice oolong..also green with lemongrass is nice."
(6:24:51 PM) Gwen: No, but he can see it
(6:25:01 PM) Daedalize: "Of course, of course. What duties do you typically perform aboard the ship? Or are you here with a crew member?"
(6:25:06 PM) Gwen: He's also seen the encryption codes before.
(6:25:43 PM) Tox: "Yes. Yes, we can. I'm prepared to dispatch a shuttle with technical and medical staff to assist in repairs and evacuation, along with several empty shuttles for the evac." He considers questioning the captain on the encrypted roster. Can he put a source to those codes?
(6:26:10 PM) Kalilee: "Cooking and cleaning." again Nuil thought it was probably for the best to not bring up the 'I was woken up here' bit. It made for awkward conversation on her part.
(6:26:16 PM) Sequence: Marla sits around in Engineering and prepares to be dispatched!
(6:26:35 PM) Tox: Ran had previously ordered everyone to standby stations, so Marla should be there.
(6:26:46 PM) Sequence: Well she was in standby stations yes.
(6:27:02 PM) Kondraki: "Ah, there's an herb somewhat like lemongrass that grows on Illathia, in the shallower regions. I used to chew it when I was younger."
(6:27:26 PM) Dawny: "Then I'll make that" Jillian nods, decision made.
(6:27:48 PM) Gwen: The codes don't require much sourcing…it's PPS-001-Alpha…the Lord General's codes. "The frontal docking bays are all vented into space, you're going to have you use the port-side docking bays at the rear of the vessel. I am going to meet your people there."
(6:28:12 PM) Tox: "Understood. I'll be joining my crew. Razorwing /out./"
(6:28:46 PM) Tox: "Corwin. The bridge is yours." Ran seems distracted as he bolts for the shuttle bay, instructing everyone to board the shuttles on the way.
(6:29:06 PM) Sequence: Marla bounds for the shuttles!
(6:29:17 PM) Daedalize: «Roger.»
(6:29:30 PM) Kondraki: Pondering for a moment, he would posit a question. "Jillian, are you infatuated with Ran?"
(6:29:57 PM) Dawny: "Infatuated? I don't know that word…"
(6:30:13 PM) Daedalize: Isae continues observing Nuil. "I see, I see. Quite interesting. Well, we should probably get aboard the shuttles, if we're going."
(6:30:15 PM) Kondraki: "Do you have a romantic interest in him, is what I'm asking."
(6:30:34 PM) Tox: Ran arrives in the shuttle bay at a dead run. "What are you waiting for? Get on the shuttles!" Ran swings himself into the lead shuttlecraft.'
(6:30:38 PM) Kalilee: Nuil held up her hands, "I don't know if I should go I'd just get in the way and be useless-"
(6:31:04 PM) Sequence: Marla pops in after him!
(6:31:10 PM) Kondraki: As Ran arrived, Shar walked onto the shuttle. "No point in going ahead. No orders either."
(6:31:27 PM) Dawny: Jillian pauses, thinking. "No…I don't think so…" She steps in after Shar. "How would I know?"
(6:31:39 PM) Daedalize: "Hm? Well, it's up to you, I suppose. Until later, then!" Isae scuttles off after Ran and the others.
(6:32:01 PM) Tox: Shar can definitely see that something is /eating/ at Ran.
(6:32:08 PM) Kondraki: "I suppose that is the question. We did resolve earlier that friendship and infatuation are often indistiguishable."
(6:32:11 PM) Kalilee: Nuil ultimately decides to stay behind. She wouldn't have been of any use.
(6:32:53 PM) Tox: "Let's go." Ran orders the pilot to depart and head over to the aft-port docking bays.
(6:33:02 PM) Kondraki: Seeing something plainly written on Ran's face as bothering him, he was once again curious. "Ran, something amiss?"
(6:33:06 PM) Dawny: "I don't feel for him like I did Haken, if that helps"
(6:33:10 PM) Daedalize: Inside the shuttle, Isae climbs onto a seat, folding his legs up beneath him. "So, a rescue mission, then? Or shall we be attempting to repair the damages?"
(6:33:23 PM) Kondraki: "Then I suppose it's not love."
(6:33:32 PM) Kondraki: "At least, not the romantic variety."
(6:33:45 PM) Sequence: Marla tilts her head to the side. "Ran are you okay what's going on why are we going on a mission is something wrong what's happening?"
(6:33:47 PM) Dawny: "I didn't love him" Jillian pouts, running a hand along Ran's arm.
(6:33:52 PM) Tox: Ran turns to Shar. "…we have an HVT on the Hopeful. Lord General Maelyn Victus himself. ….And…someone I knew once."
(6:34:31 PM) Sequence: "Oh no! Who was it are they hurt what's the matter can we get there in time what should I expect I brought what I could."
(6:34:36 PM) Kondraki: "Victus is aboard? And who are you talking about?"
(6:35:30 PM) Tox: "I recognized the encryption codes on the passenger manifest. And I…" His jaw works as he tries to find words.
(6:36:24 PM) Gwen: The shuttle ride to the ship is fast, but the problems with the ship only become clearer as they draw closer. Systems across the ship are failing rapidly. Even a non-techie could guess that Life Support was probably failing as well.
(6:36:46 PM) Sequence: "Oooh nooo…" Marla groans, staring out at the ship.
(6:36:55 PM) Tox: "Shit….shit…" Ran mutters, tail twitching agitatedly behind him as he stares out the viewport.
(6:37:06 PM) Dawny: "Repairs?" Jillian's fingers are twitching.
(6:37:25 PM) Tox: "Yes. Lots of repairs."
(6:37:31 PM) Daedalize: "Do we have any idea what caused the damage?"
(6:37:36 PM) Kondraki: "And likely a great deal of medical attention."
(6:38:11 PM) Tox: "Nothing confirmed yet, but the singularity core vented into Engineering…created a swarm of micro-singularites…"
(6:38:25 PM) Dawny: "I'll focus on tech, unless you need me Shar…I know a bit of medical."
(6:38:44 PM) Gwen: Standing in the docking bay is a tall, dark-skinned Martian man, ceremonial piercings all over his face, as well as two other people…probably bridge crew members.
(6:38:49 PM) Kondraki: "I think you should stick to the ship, and I'll stick to it's crew."
(6:38:52 PM) Sequence: "Oh nooo, Jillian, please I'll need your help this is going to be horribly nasty to fix Shar can I please have Jillian's help Jillian please?"
(6:38:59 PM) Kondraki: "Best to work our strengths."
(6:39:27 PM) Tox: Ran debarks the shuttle, striding forward to meet the captain, looking down at him. "Captain Nagala?"
(6:39:35 PM) Dawny: "No, no…I mean, I'm going to work on the ship unless Shar calls me for help"
(6:40:02 PM) Daedalize: "I could help with the repairs, as well, if necessary."
(6:40:04 PM) Sequence: "Oh good it's going to be hard…" Marla disembarks, looking around her.
(6:40:12 PM) Gwen: He nods. "You must be the man I spoke." He shakily held out his hand. It appears his Martian purity complex fades away in the face of danger.
(6:40:32 PM) Dawny: Jillian steps off. "Engine room?"
(6:41:08 PM) Tox: Ran takes the captain's hand. "Standby, Jillian." To the captain: "Have you evacuated as much of the crew as possible and contained as much damage as you can?"
(6:41:16 PM) Kondraki: Shar stands up, following behind Ran. "Have you already begun to triage your wounded?"
(6:41:35 PM) Sequence: Marla shifts uncomfortably from side to side, biting her lip hard and trying not to interrupt.
(6:42:04 PM) Gwen: "The escape pods have all malfunctioned…and our shuttles…" He looks to the Razorwing shuttles. "They're gone."
(6:42:33 PM) Daedalize: Isae hangs back behind the rest of the group, glancing about the bay curiously.
(6:42:39 PM) Tox: Sabotage. It's an ugly word, but… "And they didn't have anyone on them?"
(6:42:51 PM) Dawny: Jillian fingers twitch. "Ran, life support will fail soon. We need to start."
(6:43:09 PM) Sequence: "Yeah, please, Ran, we need to get to work /now/ if we're going to save it at all!"
(6:43:12 PM) Gwen: "That's not entirely true. I cannot disclose any more information at this time."
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(6:44:39 PM) Kondraki: Shar stands up, following behind Ran. "Have you already begun to triage your wounded?"(repeat)
(6:44:43 PM) Tox: Ran turns his head. "Right. Marla, Jillian, get to Engineering. Don't take risks but fix what you can. Shar, accompany the Captain to the wounded, care for them." Ran sighs. "I'm coming to Engineering with you two."
(6:45:14 PM) Daedalize: "Shall I come along, or did you have another task in mind?"
(6:45:14 PM) Gwen: "No! Engineering is contained for now. Your techs /must/ work on life support!" He looks to Shar and nods. "All of you, this way."
(6:45:28 PM) Kondraki: Shar shrugs, following as ordered.
(6:45:49 PM) Dawny: Jillian glances at Ran, then follows.
(6:45:56 PM) Sequence: Marla follows hurriedly.
(6:45:59 PM) Tox: "Alright." Ran makes a sweeping gesture to his crew, following Nagala….looking to Engineering.
(6:46:24 PM) Dawny: "Ran…?"
(6:46:51 PM) Tox: "Yes, Jillian?"
(6:47:36 PM) Gwen: The do pass engineering, as well as a few mutlilated passengers and crew members. The door to Engineer has what's called a Quantum Containment Seal on it…basically it's in a bubble.
(6:47:38 PM) Dawny: Jillian frowns a bit, not sure how to ask. "Never mind, later."
(6:48:15 PM) Sequence: Marla leaps for the seal, examining the room within.
(6:48:36 PM) Tox: Ran slows as he passes Engineering, then catches up to the captain. "Captain Nagala, it is imperative that we deal with the problem in Engineering."
(6:48:47 PM) Tox: "After we fix Life Support, I must ask your indulgence.
(6:48:47 PM) Tox: "
(6:48:52 PM) Dawny: "Marla, we'll get to that later…"
(6:49:32 PM) Sequence: "Nnn, okay…" Marla drags herself after Jillian, expression clearly unhappy.
(6:49:42 PM) Gwen: "That's fine." The Captain says. Engineering lookings like it's very slowly being ripped apart buy tiny warp….bubble…things. If you've seen Tomb Raider the first…the time bubble things.
(6:49:44 PM) Kondraki: Seeing the mutilated crew, Shar looked to the martian. "What in the world did this?"
(6:51:24 PM) Daedalize: Isae follows along, sticking close to Ran in case he's needed for anything. He slips a handheld recorder out of his pocket to take pictures of the area for later perusal.
(6:51:50 PM) Tox: They have to fix life support…but….Jennifer….is Victus on board…?…the ship's being torn apart by a vented singularity core….Jenny…!
(6:53:01 PM) Gwen: "I cannot disclose this information." He stops and points down a service tube. "The Life Support system hub is down there…several crewmen will help you." He looks to Shar. "Anyone else dealing with the wounded. We have triage set up throughout the ship…and a mortuary in the mess hall."
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(6:53:56 PM) Dawny: Jillian grabs Marla's hand and runs!
(6:54:07 PM) Kondraki: "Just lead me to the main triage center and whoever's in charge."
(6:54:09 PM) Sequence: Marla runs with Jillian! They're so close!
(6:54:21 PM) Tox: "Shar. Get…get to the wounded…"
(6:54:44 PM) Tox: "Marla, Jillian, Isae. Fix life support. Work fast but accurately."
(6:54:48 PM) Kondraki: "I will, once I know where they are."
(6:55:14 PM) Daedalize: "Ah, of course." Isae bolts off after Jillian and Marla.
(6:55:23 PM) Dawny: Jillian goes to life support and looks around.
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(6:55:50 PM) Gwen: He nods. "Down this hall way to the ICU. Dr. Bes is there, she and her team will assist you." Nagala looks to Ran. "And you?"
(6:55:55 PM) Sequence: Marla looks around with her, trying to find the most damaged areas.
(6:56:09 PM) Tox: "…I'm going to the mess hall. You've compiled a list of your confirmed dead, yes?"
(6:56:29 PM) Kondraki: Nodding, Shar took off with his kit, heading to the ICU as he began to run his data-thief on the ship to get a quick layout.
(6:57:32 PM) *Janus_ follows behind Ran, clad in his combat gear. He holds an assault rifle with an underslung shotgun, this time. The visor of his helmet is kicked up when he asks, "Where do you want me?"
(6:58:25 PM) Tox: Ran tilts his head. "I don't know…there's not much need for combat, I think. I'm heading to the mess hall, I need a look at the rolls of their dead. Wanna come with?"
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(6:59:03 PM) *
Janus_ shrugs, looking around. "Sure… Why not."
(6:59:36 PM) Tox: Ran turns to the captain.
(7:00:23 PM) Gwen: Jillian and Marla quickly find themselves in a circular room with an Atmos Generator…the thing that makes air. It's working at what looks to be 25%…and is very slowly turning off. Nagala nods as the lights flicker. He leads up one deck up to the mess. There are covered bodies EVERYWHERE.
(7:00:40 PM) Tox: "Where is your list?"
(7:00:47 PM) Sequence: Roll Engineering to find the biggest problems?
(7:00:53 PM) Dawny: That
(7:01:12 PM) Gwen: Sounds good Seq. Nagala hands them a datapad.
(7:01:21 PM) Gwen: Them being Ran and Janus
(7:01:26 PM) *Janus_ keeps the assault rifle in hand as he follows along, surreptitiously slipping into a security position around the Captain, covering his rear.
(7:01:28 PM) Daedalize: Isae follows them in, glancing about. Should he roll, too?
(7:01:57 PM) Sequence: 6df+4 Let's try mmmmechanical problems first
(7:02:01 PM) Tox: Ran accepts it with a shaking hand…reading through it. Looking for one particular name.
(7:02:08 PM) Dawny: 19:01 Dawny 6df+5 What's going on here? 19:01 Quidmore What's going on here?: 5 (6df+5=+, 0, +, -, 0, -) (mech as well)
(7:02:24 PM) Gwen: The ICU is a mess. Dr. Bes is a rotund, older looking Lurk. He waves Shar over and rubs his forehead. Shar, give me Medicine just for a start.
(7:02:33 PM) Sequence: et's try mmmmechanical problems first: 4 (6df+4=-, -, +, +, -, +)
(7:02:37 PM) *
Janus_ frowns. "Something wrong, Ran?"
(7:02:42 PM) Dawny: 19:02 Dawny 6df+4 Electrical too 19:02 Quidmore Electrical too: 3 (6df+4=-, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
(7:03:09 PM) Kondraki: 6df+4 Medical
(7:03:12 PM) Gwen: Jill and Marla realize that the rolling power outages have overloaded the power supply to the generator. They need to provide it with a new power source.
(7:03:30 PM) Sequence: "Right, where do we find another power source what could we use what could we use?"
(7:04:02 PM) Kondraki: medical: 4 (6df+4=+, -, +, 0, -, 0)
(7:04:40 PM) Dawny: "Ehh…." Jillian bites her lip and looks around.
(7:04:52 PM) Kondraki: Shar begins to unpack his gear and heads for the reds, those most in need of either urgent care.
(7:04:58 PM) Kondraki: -either
(7:05:09 PM) Dawny: 19:04 Dawny 6df+5 new power source? 19:04 Quidmore new power source?: 5 (6df+5=-, 0, 0, -, +, +)
(7:05:21 PM) Gwen: Shar picks up on something rather…odd. None of the wounds are flesh breaking…it basically looks like they each went through a boxing match from hell
(7:05:52 PM) Kondraki: Ezra sits at her PC in her office, dooping around with some browser game while she's taking a break. She is on the ship, though!
(7:05:53 PM) Gwen: Ran does not see Jenny's name on the list of the dead, she is however listed as 'Missing.'
(7:05:53 PM) Tox: "N-No…" Ran says. Unconvincingly. He's still poring through the list.
(7:06:15 PM) Tox: He lets out a sigh of relief. "Okay. We have to get to Engineering."
(7:06:32 PM) Gwen: The power source from the shields seem like a good compromise…but they would leave the ship without shields
(7:07:06 PM) *Janus_ holds a hand up. "Hey. Sarnorbarra. What's going on. Who are you looking for?"
(7:07:08 PM) Sequence: Marla keeps looking around.
(7:07:09 PM) Kondraki: Beginning to treat the concussive injuries and fractures, he found it odd. No weapons were used, at least none that were particularly effective. Who could disable an entire medical ship with their fists or improvised weapons?
(7:07:33 PM) Dawny: "I really wish I knew if this was an attack…we could use the shields, but then it would be defenseless…Um…What about the kitchens?"
(7:07:48 PM) Gwen: There is nothing in the room that would function as a power source.
(7:08:11 PM) Sequence: "Do they need the shields can the Razorwing keep us safe until we have Life Support operational?"
(7:08:18 PM) Gwen: Daed give me Engineering
(7:08:32 PM) Tox: "I'm looking for someone I left behind," he says shortly, turning to face Janus.
(7:08:52 PM) Daedalize: tagging MSSMC: 7 (6df+6=-, 0, +, 0, 0, +)
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(7:09:27 PM) Dawny: "I don't know, it depends on who all tries to attack…maybe…"
(7:09:37 PM) *
Janus_ nods. "Alright, fine. I don't mind cryptic, but I do mind distracted. Take a few deep breaths… Get your head in the game.
(7:10:04 PM) Janus_: "Why don't you get some sitreps from your crew?"
(7:10:13 PM) Gwen: Isae has actually come across the schematics for this vessels. There are two non-essential systems that could keep the Life Support running; communications and the gravlifts. Those two together would power the life support for another day at maximum.
(7:10:26 PM) Kondraki: Doing all he could for those he could, Shar managed to save a few lives as he went along, using his expertise in trauma care to great effect.
(7:11:02 PM) Gwen: One more medical roll from Shar
(7:11:21 PM) Daedalize: "We could take… communications, and the gravlifts. We're already here, so there's no need for the one, and the other isn't essential. Those could run the life support for around a day."
(7:11:56 PM) Tox: "..I'm sorry, Janus." He takes a breath. "It was someone…that I was involved with on Yutari. Sh-she and I were going to get married." He turns away from Janus.
(7:11:58 PM) Sequence: "Alright, let's do that thanks a lot that's really good that's exactly what we need let's get started!"
(7:11:59 PM) Kondraki: medical: 4 (6df+4=+, +, +, -, -, -)
(7:12:11 PM) Dawny: "Remind me to kiss you later…" Jillian glances at Isae. "Let's do that"
(7:12:12 PM) Sequence: Engineering electronics to hook up the new power sources?
(7:12:28 PM) Kalilee is now known as KalileeNAP
(7:12:28 PM) Dawny: Electronics or mechanical?
(7:12:42 PM) Gwen: Electronics from all engineers
(7:13:02 PM) *Janus_ nods. "I understand. Still. If you want to find her and you want to keep everyone safe, you need to focus on the job at hand. Emotions can come later."
(7:13:18 PM) Sequence: quidmore 4 (6df+4=0, +, -, +, -, 0)
(7:13:24 PM) Gwen: Shar also notices the following. The blows to each person, had the same effect on the insides of the victims as a bullet would.
(7:13:27 PM) Daedalize: tagging MSSMC: 6 (6df+6=-, 0, +, -, +, 0)
(7:14:08 PM) Tox: "Engineering is being torn apart, Janus. If I don't find her now I might not ever." He paces agitatedly.
(7:14:25 PM) Kondraki: On the few he had to open up due to signs of massive internal bleeding, he noticed this strange pattern, and realized immediately that this couldn't be the work of an ordinary group of assailants. This was something else entirely, these were killing machines.
(7:14:28 PM) Dawny: 19:14 Dawny 6df+4 come on now… 19:14 Quidmore come on now…: 3 (6df+4=+, 0, +, -, -, -)
(7:15:23 PM) Pig_catapult left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(7:15:27 PM) Daedalize: Isae lives for things like this, the experimentation and the fiddling and the makeshift solutions. He grins widely as he goes about his work.
(7:16:01 PM) Absrev [~ten.nhb.ser.6EA7482B-CRInys|versba#ten.nhb.ser.6EA7482B-CRInys|versba] entered the room.
(7:17:03 PM) *
Janus_ narrows his eyes. "Focus! You have five people under your command. If you fuck up, not only do they die, but you lose more people on this ship. You think you'll be able to find her like this?"
(7:17:10 PM) Gwen: Power begins to reroute, but something…somewhere is preventing the power from reaching the Life Support systems
(7:17:27 PM) Sequence: "Oh darn it what is it?!" Electronics to trace it?
(7:17:39 PM) *Janus_ is sharp, firm. "You are in charge. Remember that."
(7:17:48 PM) Tox: Ran looks up as the lights flicker. "I won't fuck it up." He looks back to Janus.
(7:18:22 PM) *
Janus_ nods. "Then what are your orders?"
(7:18:31 PM) Daedalize: "Blockages in the system. Perhaps more sabotage? Oh, or perhaps a micro-singularity is altering the magnetic properties of the wiring? I wonder if-" Isae rambles on under his breath.
(7:18:50 PM) Tox: "My orders are to get life support and engineering stable."
(7:18:59 PM) Gwen: Electronics to trace Engineers! Daed, you get a +2 because of the schematics.
(7:19:11 PM) Tox: "Evacuate the crew using the shuttles we have."
(7:19:24 PM) Sequence: quidmore 2 (6df+4=+, -, 0, -, -, 0)
(7:19:39 PM) Dawny: 19:18 Dawny 6df+3 perc maneuver to find the block on her systems 19:18 Quidmore perc maneuver to find the block on her systems: 4 (6df+3=0, +, 0, 0, 0, 0)
(7:19:48 PM) Absrev: Shar felt that this whole mission was suddenly a lot more suspect. This had military all over it, the sheer precision and efficiency of it.
(7:19:55 PM) Tox: "If we can evacuate the ship, we might be able to cut life support to the empty sections, rerouting that and power."
(7:20:21 PM) Dawny: 19:20 Dawny 6df+6 Where is it? 19:20 Quidmore Where is it?: 5 (6df+6=+, -, 0, 0, -, 0)
(7:20:29 PM) Absrev: He continued to work, but he made a note to do some questioning later.
(7:20:46 PM) *Janus_ nods. "Get in touch with the others, see what their status is."
(7:21:01 PM) Daedalize: 1 (6df+4=0, -, -, -, 0, 0)
(7:21:15 PM) Tox: «Come in, all crew. Status reports.»
(7:21:45 PM) Dawny: «We may be able to buy another day if we can fix this block»
(7:21:50 PM) Gwen: Engineers: There appears to be a section of the ship…where storage would normally be that is sucking ALL THE POWERS
(7:22:04 PM) Pig_catapult [~ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.4F8C7D28-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.4F8C7D28-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(7:22:23 PM) Sequence: «We have to go to Storage the block is there!» "Come on Jillian, Isae, let's go go go!"
(7:22:33 PM) Dawny: "Fuckfuckfuck…" Jillian races!
(7:22:36 PM) Absrev: «The injuries to the crew are extremely suspect, they suggest some kind of military involvement.»
(7:22:43 PM) Scantron is now known as Scanchores
(7:23:12 PM) Daedalize: «Off to storage, something is siphoning the power!» Sae scampers after Marla and Jill.
(7:23:13 PM) Tox: «Understood. Shar, do what you can. All engineer personnel report to Storage. Keep me informed.»
(7:23:26 PM) Sequence: Marla is SPEEDIEST MONKEY.
(7:23:50 PM) Absrev: «Understood, will continue to treat the crew.»
(7:24:06 PM) Dawny: «Will do»
(7:24:10 PM) Tox: "Captain," Ran calls, looking around for the Martian.
(7:24:20 PM) Dawny: Jillian has longish legs!
(7:24:40 PM) Gwen: He is currently prayers over a dead crew member. Martians are VERY religious.
(7:24:46 PM) Absrev: And so Shar did, continuing on at keeping who he could alive. He also looked for someone conscious enough to help him.
(7:24:58 PM) Daedalize: Sae is digitigrade! He's built for quickness!
(7:25:17 PM) Tox: Ran walks up behind him and waits, respectfully.
(7:25:36 PM) Absrev: Quidmore: 5 (6df+4=-, -, 0, +, +, +)
(7:25:49 PM) Gwen: There is a nurse who is mostly awake, watching the Ilth work. Her Jaw is wired shut, but other than that…she is in working order. The prayer concludes and Nagala sighs. "What can I help with?"
(7:25:51 PM) Dawny: Jillian skids to a halt and opens the door to storage.
(7:25:53 PM) Gwen: *jaw
(7:26:21 PM) *
Janus_ waits behind Ran.
(7:26:54 PM) Absrev: Shar revises that: someone who's conscious and can answer questions please.
(7:26:58 PM) Gwen: That door is NOT normal. It looks almost like a vault door. It is open, there are dead scientists all over the place. A groan comes from under a piece of ceiling…it sounds female.
(7:27:04 PM) Tox: "Captain." Ran straightens. "My engineers have discovered a power block in the Storage section that is preventing them from redirecting the power; my engineers are working on that. My medic's conclusion is that these injuries," he gestures to the crew, "could not have arisen by accident. Now, what haven't you told me about what happened here?"
(7:27:20 PM) Gwen: Shar can talk…slowly…and sort of jumblely…but she's really the only one.
(7:27:42 PM) Sequence: "Oh, noo… Help me get that off of her!" Marla rushes to lift the ceiling off of the female voice.
(7:27:42 PM) Dawny: "Let me go in first…" Jillian glances around. "I have some medical. HELLO?!"
(7:28:18 PM) Daedalize: "Of course, of course. I'll just…" Sae examines the room, trying to determine what might have caused such damage.
(7:28:35 PM) Dawny: Jillian walks up to the woman's head. "Wait, Marla! IT may be keeping her alive. Where does it hurt?"
(7:29:02 PM) Gwen: Nagala tenses up. "I have told you everything I can, the rest is classified." The woman groans. She has smashed glasses on her face, long blonde hair and fair skin. She looks towards Jillian. 'Ev…everywhere."
(7:29:09 PM) Gwen: She…not Shar :P
(7:29:10 PM) Absrev: Walking over to the nurse, Shar gestured for her to come over to him. "I would like you to answer a few questions for me…could you do that?"
(7:29:47 PM) Gwen: She nods slowly and slips off of the cot. "Y..esh"
(7:29:53 PM) Dawny: "Alright…Hold on a second…" Jillian frowns, the woman looks familiar…
(7:29:54 PM) Daedalize: Isae's thoughts tick by rapidly. Power siphoning, heavy security, a horrendous accident… this could be some sort of new technology! Flawed, clearly, but the implications if he's right!
(7:30:09 PM) Dawny: "Talk to me…who are you?"
(7:30:27 PM) Tox: "Captain Nagala. You might be concealing information vital to my operation to help you. Now, please."
(7:30:39 PM) Absrev: "Tell me…this isn't just a medical ship, correct?"
(7:30:42 PM) Dawny: 19:30 Dawny 6df+3 Is it safe to move? 19:30 Quidmore Is it safe to move?: 5 (6df+3=0, +, +, -, +, 0)
(7:31:32 PM) Daedalize: "I'm going ahead to look around! I'll try to find the power siphon!" Sae heads deeper into the storage unit, if possible.
(7:31:35 PM) *
Janus_ racks the bolt on his rifle, putting a period at the end of Rans sentence.
(7:31:57 PM) Sequence: Marla waves at Isae leaves, hovering by Jillian.
(7:32:03 PM) Dawny: "Marla, go help him…I've got this."
(7:32:18 PM) Sequence: "Okay…" Marla backs away a few steps and then rushes after Isae.
(7:32:52 PM) Gwen: "It's classified. Above my clearance and yours!" He crosses his arms. The ceiling beam is safe to move. "I'm…Jen O'Leary." The Nurse nods. "We awe a science wessel…wif a sm…sm…tiny wesearch depaw-men-"
(7:33:13 PM) Tox: "Then tell me who /is/ cleared!"
(7:33:26 PM) Gwen: Daed, I am going to PM what you see.
(7:33:27 PM) Janus_: "Probably me."
(7:33:36 PM) *Janus_ tugs off his helmet.
(7:33:38 PM) Dawny: "Okay, Jen. I'm Jillian…Talk to me while I figure this out."
(7:34:11 PM) Gwen: "Figure…w-what out?" she seems…dazed. Nagala looks to him. "What do you mean…probably you?"
(7:34:17 PM) Janus_: "Lieutenant Janus Rogo, formerly of Omega-6."
(7:35:08 PM) Dawny: "I'm going to try and help you…I'll get you to Shar, he's the best doctor we have."
(7:35:10 PM) Gwen: "Black Operations don't normally have access to White-level…" He presents them with a datapad. "You can try."
(7:35:14 PM) *
Janus_ walks up. "See, I understand classified. I understand it quite well. Cleaned up after messes like this for, oh… five, six years. "
(7:35:58 PM) *Janus_ takes the datapad, then pats the man on the shoulder, locking eyes with him. "Know how many people survive cleanups?"
(7:36:50 PM) Dawny: Jillian grips the ceiling and strains, using bone support and muscles to lift it up and off of the woman. "Keep talking to me."
(7:37:27 PM) Gwen: Jillian would also notice large bruise-like blotches on her skin through tears in her uniform. "About what? What ship are you from?" Nagala looks to Janus. "Are you trying to scare me?"
(7:38:12 PM) Tox: "Janus." Ran sets an arm on his shoulder.
(7:38:16 PM) Dawny: "Can you move your fingers and toes?" Jillian connects to Shar. «Shar, how busy are you?»
(7:39:01 PM) Dawny: "I'm from the Razorwing…we're here to help…" /Damn/! Where does she know this woman from?!
(7:39:02 PM) Gwen: Jen nods slowly. "Yeah…I just feel sore…and weak…" She touches her glasses. "And I can't see."
(7:39:14 PM) *
Janus_ laughs heartily at the man. "Scare you? Hahaha! No, no, no. I'm not trying to scare you. I'm trying to help you. I don't do cleanups anymore, unless paid. But the thing is, Heh, someone still does."
(7:39:50 PM) Gwen: Mariella would get a ping that another ship was leaving slipstream in the area.
(7:40:00 PM) Daedalize: Sae looks around as he explores, growing more interested by the second. "Oh! Oh my! Ooh, and here!" He picks up the discarded datapad, holding it in one set of hands as he steps over to whichever of the computer panels is most intact.
(7:40:04 PM) Dawny: "Do you work on this vessel?"
(7:40:25 PM) Tox: «Crew, status report.»
(7:40:41 PM) Gwen: "Y-Yes…I head the technical support…department."
(7:41:01 PM) Daedalize: Back on Razorwing's bridge, Mari snaps to attention, opening a channel to Ran. «Sarnorbarra. Sensors just picked up an unknown ship exiting slipstream in our area. Orders?»
(7:41:40 PM) Tox: «Hail it, order it to stand down. We're on a humanitarian mercy mission. Patch them to me if they have an issue with it.»
(7:41:48 PM) Gwen: RP Freeze! I have to post the plot!
(7:44:02 PM) Gwen: There is a flash of light and the earth-shattering roar of Slipstream engines, as a massive ship, at least twice the size of Razorwing leaps out of Slipstream, coming to a halt above both smaller ships. Just about every AEGIS employee knows what ship this is. The SSV Shiva, the Flagship of PPS. http://images.wikia.com/starships/images/e/e7/MonsterfromtheMists.jpg
(7:44:09 PM) Gwen: Unfreeze!
(7:44:26 PM) Dawny: «We have injured in storage.» "Wait…Jenny?" Jillian brushes the woman's hair from her face.
(7:44:37 PM) Tox: Ran freezes and looks up. "Only one ship makes a noise that big…"
(7:44:42 PM) Daedalize: «Sarnorbarra, it's the SSV Shiva. Repeat, SSV Shiva has exited slipstream above us.»
(7:44:52 PM) Tox: «Understood! Are they hailing?»
(7:45:06 PM) Gwen: She seems startled by Jillian's reaction.
(7:45:25 PM) Gwen: «SSV…Razorwing» It was the Lord General. «What the hell are you doing here!?»
(7:45:28 PM) *Janus_ looks up, then back to the Captain. He smiles a predatory grin.
(7:45:46 PM) Kondraki: "And this research department was working on a military project, correct?"
(7:45:48 PM) Dawny: "Jenny, oh god…I…I'm a friend of William McQuinn"
(7:45:55 PM) Kondraki: "And this project got loose."
(7:46:00 PM) Kondraki: *?
(7:46:01 PM) Daedalize: Mari passes the line to Ran's comm. «Just received a hail, it's the Lord General. Patching him through to you.»
(7:46:09 PM) Sequence: Marla examines the contents of the datapad, frowning.
(7:46:18 PM) Tox: Ran picks up the line. «Lord General Victus. To what do we owe the honor?»
(7:47:15 PM) Gwen: The Nurse blinks and nods. Jenny's eyes widen. "Y…you know Will?" There is dead silence from the other end for a moment. «Major…I a preparing a shuttle and am on my way over to the Hopeful…you have new orders…detain that fool Nagala.»
(7:47:33 PM) Kondraki: "Tell me about this project. Who authorized it?"
(7:47:50 PM) Dawny: Jillian looks conflicted. "Eh…kinda…" Is she safe to move?
(7:47:51 PM) Daedalize: Sae attempts to access the computer panels, holding the datapanel at an angle so as to let Marla read it while he does so.
(7:47:53 PM) Tox: «Yes, /sir./» Ran turns to Janus. "New orders. Detain this man." Ran points at Nagala.
(7:48:19 PM) Sequence: Marla reads, murmuring as she does so!
(7:48:22 PM) *
Janus_ has his rifle up at the end of detain.
(7:48:38 PM) Janus_: "Get on the floor."
(7:49:03 PM) Gwen: "I- was a yoin- effor of PPS and sewewal weseawch diwisions." Nagala seems shocked. "What the hell are you talking about!?" Dawny, she is safe to move.
(7:49:19 PM) Tox: "Get on the floor! Now!"
(7:49:25 PM) Gwen: Marla is discovering that the owner of this datapad was a hacker rivalling Ezra's skill.
(7:49:38 PM) Gwen: Nagala slowly kneels. "This is an outrage! A coup!"
(7:49:50 PM) Sequence: "Oooh, can we take this back to the Razorwing do you think I think Ezra would /like/ this stuff it's.. oh wow."
(7:49:57 PM) *Janus_ steps up and sticks the barrel of his gun in the mans mouth.
(7:50:15 PM) Gwen: Nagala…shuts the fuck up.
(7:50:29 PM) Kondraki: PPS. So not only was it military, it was /their/ military. "Dammit…we're AEGIS. Why didn't we know about this…"
(7:50:29 PM) Dawny: "Can I pick you up?" Jillian slips an arm under Jenny's head and knees.
(7:50:50 PM) Kondraki: "Tell me about the project, and your assailants."
(7:50:55 PM) Janus_: "Now, we're going to take a deep breath here. You are going to empty your pockets. All of them. Slowly."
(7:51:07 PM) *
Janus_ inhales deeply.
(7:51:17 PM) Janus_: "Five… Four…"
(7:51:19 PM) Daedalize: Are the panels functioning and accessible? Is there a security system?
(7:51:21 PM) Gwen: Jenny nods slowly. The Nurse just looks confused. "Pewsonally I don ge- paid enough do cawe."
(7:51:41 PM) Gwen: Nagala empties his pocket. Wallet, not much else important
(7:52:04 PM) Dawny: Jillian lifts Jenny slowly. "Alright, I'm going to take you to see Shar, than Ra…Will, okay?"
(7:52:19 PM) Gwen: Another shuttle arrives in the bay. It's jet black…and sleek.
(7:52:24 PM) Gwen: Jenny nods again.
(7:52:27 PM) *Janus_ smiles. "Now, when I take my gun out, you're going to quietly lay on the ground and put your hands behind your back."
(7:52:31 PM) Janus_: "Alright?"
(7:52:55 PM) Gwen: Nagala nods slowly, shaking.
(7:53:07 PM) Kondraki: "Then just tell me who or what attacked you, at least."
(7:53:23 PM) Gwen: "Da…N…Nine"
(7:53:44 PM) *
Janus_ slides the gun out of his mouth, keeping it pointed at him, smile never leaving his face.
(7:53:46 PM) Dawny: Jillian presses a button on her com. «Ran, come to medical…now…Shar, I'm on my way with an injured.»
(7:54:35 PM) Gwen: Daed: Isae figures that the panels have been hit with some kind of virus.
(7:54:44 PM) Kondraki: «Understood, I'll prep a trauma cart for them.»
(7:54:54 PM) Kondraki: "Danine?"
(7:54:57 PM) Tox: «On my way.» "Janus, make sure our guest stays tractable, get him to the shuttle bay." Ran nods, then makes for Medical!
(7:55:13 PM) Gwen: The nurses curses and holds up nine fingers.
(7:55:15 PM) ***Janus_ nods. "You got it."
(7:55:22 PM) Kondraki: "The…Nine?"
(7:55:22 PM) Dawny: Jillian steps into the medical area. "Shar, help her, I need to intercept Ran."
(7:55:23 PM) Daedalize: Is anything recoverable? With his third set of hands, Sae starts photographing the entire lab with the recorder while remaining standing in front of the panels.
(7:55:28 PM) Gwen: The Nurse nods!
(7:55:48 PM) Kondraki: Looking to Jillian, he immediately goes to care for Jenny. "Nurse, help me her her to the cart, now."
(7:55:57 PM) Tox: Ran's on his way!
(7:56:05 PM) Gwen: The virus /aggresively/ took EVERYTHING out.
(7:56:20 PM) Gwen: The Nurse nods and rushes over and begins helping.
(7:56:22 PM) Dawny: Jillian sets Jenny down with a smile. "Will will be here soon." She steps out and waits by the door.
(7:56:32 PM) Tox: Ran arrives at the door. "Yes, Jillian?"
(7:56:51 PM) Dawny: "I need you to be calm, this may overwhelm her…"
(7:57:05 PM) Tox: "….this isn't how I imagined finding her again…"
(7:57:19 PM) Sequence: Marla peeks over Sae's shoulder. "Is there anything I can do?"
(7:57:23 PM) Daedalize: A complete wipe, then? Sae glances about for any separate systems, backup storage, portable drives, anything that might have escaped the attackers attention.
(7:57:34 PM) Kondraki: <Quidmore> Medical + Poker Face = Fuck you Quid: 5 (6df+8=-, 0, +, -, -, -)
(7:57:50 PM) Daedalize: "They put a virus on the system, it's all gone. Help me look for anything they might have missed!"
(7:58:00 PM) Dawny: "Let me go explain first…" Jillian rubs her head. "I'll call when it's time." She steps in and stands by Jenny. "Will's right outside."
(7:58:33 PM) Kondraki: Shar immediately gets to work, undressing Jenny as he inspects her injuries. "What's your name, miss?"
(7:59:07 PM) Gwen: From behind Ran, the sound of loud, footsteps can be heard. Even the sound is…one of a kind. The Alpha Brigade…Victus' personal…PPS squadron. He rounds the corner first. "Major," he says in a disgusted tone…amplified by his snooty Earth 1 accent.
(7:59:19 PM) Tox: Ran turns. "Lord General."
(7:59:30 PM) Tox: "Have we offended?"
(7:59:34 PM) Dawny: "Her name's Jenny." Jillian bites her lip a bit.
(8:00:03 PM) Gwen: He walks forward adjusting his gloves and collar. "Not…intentionally."
(8:00:10 PM) Kondraki: Having done his internal imaging scans, the signs weren't good. "Jillian, why her?" He needed to know before he proceeded any further.
(8:00:26 PM) Tox: "Please, explain."
(8:00:40 PM) Sequence: "Absolutely!" Marla starts examining the systems. Electronics to check?
(8:00:48 PM) Dawny: "This is Ran's Jenny." Jillian bites her lip a bit harder.
(8:01:34 PM) Gwen: "The problem here was not a matter for Razorwing…or any other ship! Nagala foolishly sent out a distress signal because I had not arrived yet! What happened here…is not…for the rest of AEGIS to know. Not yet, anyway."
(8:01:34 PM) Daedalize: Perception for checking over the lab for disconnected systems?
(8:01:43 PM) Janus_ is now known as Janus_Learns
(8:01:44 PM) Kondraki: His guess wasn't far off then. "We need her on the Razorwing in fifteen minutes, starting now. I need your help with doors, but I'll take the cart. Understood?"
(8:01:48 PM) Gwen: Seq yes. Daed yes.
(8:02:10 PM) Sequence: quidmore 5 (6df+4=-, 0, 0, +, +, 0)
(8:02:11 PM) Tox: "You can count on our discretion, sir."
(8:02:14 PM) Dawny: Jillian nods. "Let me tell Ran…"
(8:02:28 PM) Daedalize: tagging Idle Hands: 11 (6df+8=+, +, +, 0, +, -)
(8:02:40 PM) Kondraki: The severity of his tone and the terseness of his directions indicated exactly how dire this was, his colors during remarkably black and orange to match in a stripped pattern.
(8:02:46 PM) Kondraki: striped*
(8:02:47 PM) Dawny: Jillian steps out into the hall and whispers into Ran's ear. "We have to move her to Razorwing…now."
(8:03:07 PM) Daedalize: Sae goes about in a frenzy, using all his extra hands to tear through the lab at an insane pace as he searches it.
(8:03:07 PM) Gwen: "Clearly I can't, because Nagala certainly didn't have ANY of it!" He stomped for emphasis, the floor denting inwards.
(8:03:26 PM) Tox: Ran flinches. "Go. Do…what you need to do." He turns back to Victus.
(8:03:43 PM) Tox: "Nagala's indiscretion is not mine, nor is it the rest of my crew's."
(8:03:52 PM) Kondraki: Shar was already beginning to move the cart. "Jenny? You're going to be moved onto our ship and cared for there, do you understand?"
(8:04:02 PM) Dawny: Jillian nods and goes back into the medical area. "Let's go." She holds the doors open.
(8:04:21 PM) Gwen: Isae finds the power cut off and a discarded tethering cable. Marla finds a backup drive of sorts
(8:04:35 PM) Tox: «Corwin! Emergency medical evac coming your way, get ready to welcome a shuttle.»
(8:04:40 PM) Gwen: Jenny nods slowly. "Razorwing…I know…I know that ship."
(8:04:45 PM) Sequence: Marla grabs it excitedly. "Hey hey hey I found a backup drive here here here!"
(8:04:54 PM) Daedalize: «Roger, I'll have them prepare the shuttle bay.»
(8:05:02 PM) Kondraki: Shar moved the cart remarkably quickly and deftly down the halls of the ship, his experience in past medic work having aided him here, getting to the evac shuttle in record time. "Help me get the cart on."
(8:05:14 PM) Dawny: "Will's the XO" Jillian assists!
(8:05:24 PM) Daedalize: Isae looks over, holding up the cable. "Ah, excellent! The power was cut, as well, and I've found the cable."
(8:06:08 PM) Gwen: Victus clenches his teeth. "Nagala is responsible for…unleashing…something VERY bad." He clenches his fists as well. "And I am told, costing AEGIS's shareholders 35 billion credits. This is /very/ bad…Ran."
(8:06:18 PM) Kondraki: Shar immediately put out a communication to Dr. Allen. «Victoria, prep medical for surgery immediately.»
(8:07:00 PM) Gwen: «Copy that» Victoria springs into action, flipping a few switches as the ship's OR comes online.
(8:07:04 PM) Dawny: "Can I help at all?"
(8:07:21 PM) Tox: Ran nods. "May I ask what it is he unleashed? My understanding is that the singularity drive of this ship went, venting microsingularities into Engineering, and causing widespread damage. Injuries to the crew are not in line with such an accident, however."
(8:08:07 PM) Daedalize: "Come along, then. I doubt we want to be found investigating, someone had a definite interest in covering this up."
(8:08:20 PM) Sequence: Marla holds the backup drive for Isae to hook the cable to!
(8:08:25 PM) Sequence: "Oh okay!"
(8:08:36 PM) Gwen: "He unleashed the Nine. Nine perfectly built androids…impossible to tell apart from other humans. They were being programmed…as the ultimate sleeper agent…but some how they got out!"
(8:09:26 PM) Daedalize: "We can take these back to Razorwing and look at them later. Probably shouldn't let them know what we've found until we're back safely, either."
(8:09:30 PM) Tox: "Sleeper androids…?" Ran tilts his head. "Huh. I can see how that might be useful. But they were released early."
(8:09:44 PM) Daedalize: Isae leads Marla out of the lab, back towards the life support area.
(8:09:56 PM) Kondraki: The shuttle arrives back at the Razorwing shortly, the ride expedited due to the emergency, as Shar began to rush the cart down the Razorwing's halls to medical. She didn't have much time left…but he knew he could do it. /They/ could do it.
(8:10:13 PM) Sequence: "Sounds good to me!" Marla tags along behind Isae.
(8:10:27 PM) Gwen: "We have no idea…Shiva is backing up the computer systems of this vessel before destroying it." He sighs. "You have a new mission, Ran."
(8:10:38 PM) Dawny: Jillian races along, keeping pace with Shar. "What can I do…Please…?"
(8:10:49 PM) Tox: "Sir?" Ran tilts his head.
(8:12:07 PM) Gwen: In medical, Victoria had just finished scrubbing in, surgical tools laid out at the ready. Victus sighs. "When you leave you, you must find and destroy all Nine."
(8:12:35 PM) Tox: "Sir, if they're indistinguishable from humans, how are we to do that?"
(8:13:10 PM) Dawny: Jillian stands in the doorway. "Dr. Allen…?"
(8:13:42 PM) Gwen: Victus looks to him flatly. "If you have to blow up a cruise liner because you can't work out how to tell them apart, DO IT!" He sighs and rolls his shoulders. "When they start killing people, you'll how who they are." Dr. Allen nods. "Yes?"
(8:14:32 PM) Kondraki: Bringing the cart in to the OR system room, Shar immediately and carefully moved Jenny to the table, beginning the procedure. "You're going to fall asleep for a bit, alright?"
(8:14:36 PM) Tox: Ran straightens, saluting. "Sir. Elimination at all costs." He drops his salute. "…Is there any way to tell them apart from humans?"
(8:14:54 PM) Tox: "Any at all, however slight?"
(8:15:25 PM) Gwen: "Yes. They're moralless killing machines. I give them about two weeks before news of psycho-murderers and terrorists begin poppig up. Follow those."
(8:16:15 PM) Gwen: Jenny nods slowly. "Tell…Will…that I…" She reaches up and pulls a worn chain and ring out from her uniform. "That I'm…sorry…" Dr. Allen looks down at her. "Will?"
(8:16:21 PM) Tox: "Yessir. We'll be on the lookout."
(8:16:48 PM) Tox: "Now. Can we continue this discussion on board my ship? I have something I need to attend to."
(8:17:08 PM) Dawny: "I promise, you'll see him…Shar and Dr. Allen are the best."
(8:17:29 PM) Sequence: Marla follows the fuck out of Isae.
(8:18:12 PM) Daedalize: Isae and Marla presumably make it back to Ran by now, Isae having stashed the cable and drive on his person.
(8:18:15 PM) Gwen: The Lord General nods and starts to walk towards the docking bay, his hands glasped behind him.
(8:18:40 PM) Tox: "Come along. We're evacuating the ship." Ran leads his crew back to the shuttles.
(8:18:41 PM) Sequence: Marla glances at Victus and whispers to Ran. "Who's he?"
(8:19:08 PM) Daedalize: "Pardon, XO? We've done what we could for the life support systems, but-" Isae trails off to stare at Victus' retreating back.
(8:19:11 PM) Tox: Ran turns to Marla. "That is Lord General Victus, my ultimate boss and the head of my company."
(8:19:39 PM) Dawny: "Should I…go?" Jillian chews her lip again.
(8:19:47 PM) Tox: "We're evacuating the ship," Ran repeats. "See if you can get the remaining personnel off board."
(8:20:38 PM) Kondraki: Activating the anastesia, Jenny would be under in moments, as the sterile field around the OR established itself, surrounding Shar in a thin layer. "Dr. Allen, I'll need your assist."
(8:20:59 PM) Dawny: Jillian sits and waits.
(8:21:00 PM) Daedalize: "Er, right. Of course, right away." Isae heads for wherever the survivors were and does evacuation stuff.
(8:21:38 PM) Gwen: "Surgery isn't fun to watch…but I am not going to force you to go anywhere." Victus takes out what looks to be a small mircophone. "Attention all hands alive aboard the Hopeful…in five minute this ship is going to be blown into atoms…head to the rear Docking Bays for a mandatory evactuation," he says, which is then broadcast across the Hopeful.
(8:22:17 PM) Gwen: Victoria nods and stands across from him. "Alright."
(8:22:31 PM) Sequence: Marla follows Isae and helps.
(8:22:38 PM) Dawny: "I have to be hear…for Ran."
(8:22:43 PM) Dawny: here*(8:22:52 PM) Tox: Ran gets his crew to the shuttles.
(8:23:57 PM) Kondraki: Beginning the procedure, Shar cleared his mind, opening his hand to pick up the scalpel and begin his work. He knew what was on the line here, and despite it all, his colors faded to a light grey, as his deft hands moved with precision.
(8:24:00 PM) Daedalize: Evacuation stuff happens, and Isae gets back to the shuttles with Marla and Ran.
(8:25:01 PM) Kondraki: <Kondraki> 6df+8 Medical + Poker Face, let's make it happen! <Quidmore> Medical + Poker Face, let's make it happen!: 8 (6df+8=0, -, -, 0, +, +)
(8:25:27 PM) Gwen: Shuttle after shuttle leaves Hopeful as it drift in place, some going to Shiva, others going to Razorwing.
(8:26:52 PM) Gwen: Assume you are all on board the RW
(8:27:20 PM) Dawny: Jillian wrings her fingers, watching, hoping.
(8:27:35 PM) Tox: Ran /immediately/ goes to Medical.
(8:28:12 PM) Daedalize: Isae exits the shuttle quietly, glancing over at Marla.
(8:28:40 PM) Sequence: Marla worries at her lip with her teeth, bouncing a bit in her seat. "Do you think we did enough? Do you think they'll be okay?"
(8:28:47 PM) Dawny: Jillian stops Ran outside the door. "No…she's in surgery."
(8:29:03 PM) Sequence: *bouncing a bit as she walks dorp dorp
(8:29:18 PM) Tox: Ran stops, his face obviously worried. "Nn…"
(8:29:35 PM) Kondraki: Shar's work was long, and arduous, but in the end he found little hope in his success. The wounds were too much, whatever had caused them having rendered them nearly impossible to close up without causing additional damage. All that he could do was to stabilize her for the next few hours and keep her out of pain, something that he tried not to let creep into his emotional scheme, especially
(8:29:35 PM) Kondraki: as he saw Ran enter medical. "Close her up…we've done everything we can do."
(8:30:08 PM) Tox: Ran looks over to Shar. "…What's the word?"
(8:30:17 PM) Dawny: "Ran…Don't push too hard…" Jillian looks worried for him.
(8:31:37 PM) Daedalize: "I hope so. We should look at that drive as soon as we get a chance, though."
(8:31:47 PM) Daedalize: "And the datapad, as well."
(8:31:58 PM) Kondraki: His color was a dark grey, his professionalism keeping him from slipping any darker as he went over to begin to wash his hands. This was not what he liked to do.
(8:32:09 PM) Tox: "….Shar."
(8:33:33 PM) Sequence: Marla fiddles and fusses in Engineering, picking up this and that and then setting it down to pace worridly.
(8:34:21 PM) Kondraki: "…Ran, I'm sorry." He sighed, hands drying as he held them in the air. "She was gone the moment those things attacked her. All we could do was slow it down."
(8:34:57 PM) Tox: Ran freezes, taking a long breath, not trusting himself to look at Shar.
(8:35:01 PM) Gwen: Victus watches from the door, rather bemusedly. Victoria watches Shar and then looks down at the girl. "Shar, can I talk to you for a second?"
(8:35:08 PM) Daedalize: Isae takes the drive and cable off to his lab, setting them up with another system to pull the data off. He makes sure to isolate it from the rest of the ship's computers, in case that virus is aboard.
(8:35:44 PM) Kondraki: He stood silent for a few moments, before turning to Victoria. "…yes, Dr. Allen."
(8:36:14 PM) Dawny: "Ran…Ran-ran…" Jillian looks all of the worried.
(8:36:26 PM) Tox: Ran
(8:36:44 PM) Tox: Ran's trembling very slightly. "Nagala….."
(8:37:17 PM) Dawny: "When should she be awake?"
(8:38:13 PM) Tox: "I…she…." He can't even cry anymore, but he would if he could. He steps over to the OR table.
(8:38:36 PM) Kondraki: "…you can wake her at any time."
(8:38:39 PM) Gwen: She sighs. "Pulsar Medical has developed an interal cauterizer chemical that might save her. It's probably going to kill her, but…we should get Ran's consent…" Victus simply smiles at Ran. "That angry, Ran…use it find the Nine. Use it to crush them!:
(8:39:22 PM) Gwen: *anger
(8:39:26 PM) Dawny: Jillian marches up to Victus. "I don't know who you are, but you need to go…NOW!"
(8:39:33 PM) Kondraki: Shar stepped aside with Victoria. "I read that, there's a reason I haven't approved it yet."
(8:39:33 PM) Tox: Ran doesn't even register Victus, brushing her hair aside with a trembling hand.
(8:39:56 PM) Tox: "Easy, Jillian…"
(8:40:11 PM) Gwen: Victus looks down and arches an eyebrow. "/What/ is this?"
(8:40:12 PM) Kondraki: "But yes, it could assist in this situation." Shar said it without any particular emotion.
(8:41:01 PM) Tox: "And…Lord General Victus? I'll debrief with you later…"
(8:41:11 PM) Gwen: She nods and looks over to the XO. "Ran," she says calmly and softly. Jen wakes up and looks to Ran. "W-…Will?"
(8:41:16 PM) Dawny: "No! I will not be 'easy'ed. You told me to be more vocal, and I am." Jillian turns back to Victus. "You need to leave. Ran is hurting, now is not the time for your smiles. Get. Out."
(8:42:23 PM) Tox: "Baby…" He crooks in a smile. "Yeah…"
(8:42:29 PM) Gwen: "I didn't think you would have taken such a thing as a /pet/." He crosses his arms. "Little one, you are in no place to give me orders."
(8:43:11 PM) Gwen: Jenny smiles slowly, her eyes glassy. "I never stopped looking for you." Victoria looks back at Shar. "Ran, I need your attention right now…this could save her life."
(8:43:54 PM) Tox: Allen breaks Ran from his imposed reverie, and he turns to her. "Y…yes?"
(8:44:04 PM) Dawny: "And you are in a place that no one wants you to be. Let him have a few moments before you fill his head with rage. Or, I'll find a way to hurt you."
(8:44:52 PM) Kondraki: Shar stood by for the moment in his shade of grey, seeming to still be shifting in contrast.
(8:45:41 PM) Gwen: "Listen to me. Pulsar Medical has a…less than tested chemical that deals with the kind of recurring internal bleeding she has. It has basically a complete fatality rate…but there's a chance it can work." She says as assuringly as she can.
(8:47:28 PM) Tox: Ran's breath hitches. "…I've got nothing to lose. Dead either way, but if this can save her…?" He sighs. "…Do it." He turns back to Jenny. "And I've been waiting to call you. I-I just couldn't. Now….I n-need you to be strong for me, okay? The doctors, th-they're gonna try…to help you." He caresses her cheek.
(8:48:26 PM) Kondraki: "It's painful." He decided to pipe up
(8:48:37 PM) Kondraki: "More pain than the drugs will be able to keep up with."
(8:49:05 PM) Dawny: "Get out, Ran-ran has more important things to deal with."
(8:49:07 PM) Tox: "But she might live. Right, Shar?"
(8:49:17 PM) Kondraki: He nodded. "She might."
(8:49:35 PM) Tox: "That's more of a chance than you gave her two minutes ago."
(8:50:45 PM) Kondraki: "Because the choice was either let her die painlessly, or perform a needlessly painful procedure on her that will still likely kill her."
(8:50:47 PM) Gwen: Victoria nods and walks towards the medication vault at the rear of medical. Victus is still smirking down at Jillian. "You are impressive…little one."
(8:51:36 PM) Dawny: Jillian growls softly. "Out."
(8:51:39 PM) Tox: "She's no stranger to pain, Shar. Look at her eyes."
(8:52:46 PM) Gwen: Jenny was clearly out of it from the pain medication. Dr. Allen returned with a small black box. "This stuff is radioactive, please vacate the OR," she says faintly.
(8:53:10 PM) Gwen: Victus doesn't move, instead focuses on the OR and Ran.
(8:53:24 PM) Tox: Ran sighs, brushing her hair. Straightening, he barks, "You heard the doctor. Out."
(8:53:42 PM) Kondraki: He tried to remain his passive gray, but just a bit of red slipped in. "…then be damn sure you can be there for her if she survives."
(8:54:46 PM) Tox: Ran follows his own orders but slowly, looking at Jenny. "…Please get better…"
(8:55:09 PM) Dawny: 20:54 Dawny 6df+5 Tagging Excuse me. Jillian takes all her strength and shoves the man 20:54 Quidmore Tagging Excuse me. Jillian takes all her strength and shoves the man: 5 (6df+5=-, 0, 0, +, +, -)
(8:55:27 PM) Gwen: "Oh both of you shut up," Victoria said, adjuting her glasses. She looks down at Jenny and smiles. "Men," she winks and gets to work.
(8:57:31 PM) Kondraki: Shar would standby in OR to assist, but this was more Victoria's procedure. His work had been done, it was all up to her now.
(8:59:03 PM) Gwen: Shoving Victus feels like shoving a metal wall…seriously…he's not squishy. He takes a step back, still smiling. "Brave…little one." Victoria takes out a specialized syringe full of murky purple fluid, slowly injecting the young woman with it.
(8:59:28 PM) Tox: "Victus, STOP!" Ran dives for the syringe, tearing it from his grasp.
(8:59:42 PM) Gwen: [Victoria has the syringe]
(8:59:51 PM) Tox: oh derp.
(9:00:13 PM) Tox: Redact!
(9:00:15 PM) Dawny: "Tell Ran-ran sorry. Now."
(9:00:46 PM) Gwen: Victus looks to the girl and then to Ran. "Ran…ran…" He snorts, and then just starts laughing.
(9:00:49 PM) Art3mis left the room (quit: Broken pipe).
(9:01:13 PM) Tox: Ran sighs, them having gone into the hallway. He turns his head to face Victus. "Was there something? Lord General?"
(9:01:28 PM) Dawny: Jillian puts a palm on her blaster. "Say sorry"
(9:01:46 PM) Tox: "Jillian, /easy./"
(9:01:59 PM) Tox: "You've more than made your point."
(9:02:19 PM) Dawny: "Obviously not."
(9:02:40 PM) Gwen: A piercing beep is heard from the OR. "Shar! Paddles!" Victoria scrambles to find an adrenaline shot. The Lord General looks at Ran. "What do you mean, something?"
(9:03:30 PM) Tox: Ran's head flicks around to look into the OR. He winces. "…Did you have something to say."
(9:04:04 PM) Dawny: "Yes. He needs to apologize."
(9:04:26 PM) Gwen: "Is this the woman you were concerned about when you signed on," he asks, watching the OR.
(9:04:43 PM) Tox: "….yes, she is." Ran drops his head.
(9:04:56 PM) Art3mis [~ten.nozirev.soif.amntsb.199EF117-CRInys|remmuS#ten.nozirev.soif.amntsb.199EF117-CRInys|remmuS] entered the room.
(9:06:35 PM) Gwen: He squints and shrugs. "I had no idea she made a career at AEGIS." He sighs. "Well, you have your mission." He turns on his heels. "Remeber Ran, you were crafted to perfection…don't let…/filth/…" He glances to Jillian. "Bog you down." He begins to make his way towards the shuttles.
(9:07:06 PM) Tox: "Excuse me?" Ran calls after Victus. "I couldn't quite /hear/ you, what was that?"
(9:07:28 PM) Mr_Wilt [PI.CC227603.379C3201.ECE9880A|tibbiM#PI.CC227603.379C3201.ECE9880A|tibbiM] entered the room.
(9:07:40 PM) Dawny: Jillian growls again, running after him in an attempt to tackle him.
(9:07:53 PM) Tox: "Jillian!" Ran lopes off after her.
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(9:10:04 PM) Gwen: The Lord General slowly turns around, reaching out his hand basically trying to catch Jillian.
(9:10:26 PM) Gwen: [21:09] <Quidmore> 8 (6df+8=+, 0, +, -, 0, +)
(9:10:54 PM) Dawny: pdef?
(9:11:07 PM) Gwen: Sure
(9:11:34 PM) Dawny: 21:11 Dawny 6df+4 Don't fuck me 21:11 Quidmore Don't fuck me: 7 (6df+4=+, +, -, +, 0, +)
(9:13:27 PM) Absrev: Shar moves into action, grabbing the defib unit and applying it to Jenny's chest.
(9:14:27 PM) Gwen: Victus catches her, not gracefully or anything. "What I said was…you were crafted to perfection. Do NOT let filth like this get in the way." He looks to Ran. "If she does anything more before I am off this ship I will vent into space myself." He then drops her and walks towards the shuttles.
(9:15:04 PM) Dawny: "I'd like to see you try"
(9:15:07 PM) Tox: "That's good, because I want you off my ship this /fucking/ instant. Not even the Lord General gets to insult my crew and get away with it."
(9:15:29 PM) Tox: Ran interposes himself between Jillian and Victus, flaring his wings.
(9:15:49 PM) Gwen: Dr. Allen sticks her with an adrenaline shot, and her heart stabilizes after a few shocks. "We have to put her into a coma….this is ridiculous.
(9:16:10 PM) Dawny: "Let me /through/ Ran"
(9:16:15 PM) Tox: "No, Jillian."
(9:16:29 PM) Dawny: "I don't recall asking"
(9:16:33 PM) Gwen: Victus laughs. "Ran, I helped build you…and I can also destroy you. Keep that in mind!" He disappears into the gravlift with a cocky wave.
(9:17:00 PM) Tox: Ran lets out a brief roar as Victus disappears. More a snarling growl.
(9:17:26 PM) Gwen: "XO," Victoria calls from inside the OR.
(9:17:31 PM) Absrev: "I told you that procedure was destined to fail. It hasn't even had proper clinical testing."
(9:18:20 PM) Tox: Ran turns back to the OR, urging Jillian along with him. "Yes, Dr. Allen?" he says, voice full of contained emotion.
(9:18:35 PM) Gwen: Victoria looked over at Shar and rolled her eyes, using a 3D imager to look at the locations of the bleeds inside her. "Umm…someone needs to call Pulsar." Her eyes were wide.
(9:19:09 PM) Tox: Ran looks at the imager. It means nothing to him. Victoria's expression on the other hand… "Doctor? What is it?"
(9:19:18 PM) Dawny: "Let me /go/ Ran. I'm going to kill him."
(9:19:33 PM) Tox: "No, you are /not,/ Jillian," he says distractedly.]
(9:19:43 PM) Absrev: Shar sets the table to put Jenny into a chemically induced coma and mild stasis. "What is it, Victoria?"
(9:20:38 PM) Gwen: "The skeptic in me just died a little…it's working…" She pointed to small tears in her veins that were sealing. "But…this…" She looked down at Jenny. "She might just be the luckiest girl in the Galaxy…"
(9:21:07 PM) Tox: Ran's face breaks into a broad grin. "She's gonna pull through?"
(9:21:18 PM) Tox: He…almost can't believe it.
(9:21:24 PM) Dawny: Jillian growls at Ran. "Play with your girlfriend." She turns on her heal and goes to her room.
(9:21:39 PM) Tox: "Wh—Jillian! Come back!"
(9:22:14 PM) Gwen: "She's in a coma…we'll have to keep it there while the acids rampaging veins do their jobs….after transfusions she should be okay."
(9:22:14 PM) Dawny: Jillian goes to her room and re-wires the door, changing the lock.
(9:23:23 PM) Tox: Ran nods, almost not daring to hope. "I…thank you, Doctor." Ran bows his head.
(9:23:51 PM) Gwen: She points to Shar. "He did most of the work…if he didn't do the original surgery, she'd be very dead."
(9:25:03 PM) Tox: "You both have my thanks."
(9:25:22 PM) Absrev: Shar seemed still rather offput by the whole thing
(9:25:32 PM) Gwen: "Are you going to deal with the whole Jillian thing now?"
(9:25:59 PM) Tox: "Yeah. Yeah, I think I should." He nods. "Afterwards, I'm going to call a crew meeting; Victus gave us a new mission."
(9:26:00 PM) Absrev: ,but he looked to Ran and nodded. "I'm sorry we couldn't do more."
(9:26:13 PM) Tox: "You saved her life, and that's enough."
(9:28:59 PM) Gwen: Alright, I think I am going end GM run plot here. Have an EXP and all the loves I can offer. You are all awesome.

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