SSV Razorwing

This page contains the technical specifications and a few images of the SSV Razorwing used in play.

Basic Ship Information

Vessel Name: Razorwing
Vessel ID Code: S-042-G
Vessel Classification: Interstellar Shipping Vessel
Vessel Type: Frigate - Harrier-class
Manufacturer: Scorpion Shipyards, commissioned originally by the Angellus Shipping Company
Vessel Model: Scorpion Shipyards Thoth-type Modular Frigate
Crew Complement: Roughly 25
Vessel Length: 595 feet
Vessel Weight: ~100,000 metric tons (in Earth-I gravity)

Deck Layout

The following information is presented from the top of the vessel downward. As well, the information here is concerned Razorwing canon, and supersedes anything else that came before it.

  • A Deck: This deck houses the cockpit at the very front of the ship — this particular Harrier-class has undergone extensive modifications to allow it to be piloted with only one person managing essential flight systems. Above that sits a portion of the communication and sensor relays. In the rear section, the three-room quarters and the two-room office of the captain can be found.
  • B Deck: The two-room crew quarters are located (each set of quarters is a smalls sleeping and lounging area plus a small bathroom). The main lounge (a.k.a. Rec Room) and mess are located on this deck.
  • C Deck: The Medical Bay dominates this deck occupying around three-quarters of the usable floor space. Probably the largest feature of this deck, are the port and starboard docking bays, capable of hold two ships each.
  • D Deck: The deck with access to the main Engine Room, which contains the computer hub that controls the ship's vital systems.
  • Sub Deck: This is where just about everything not in use by a given department is stored. This massive storage area is effectively one giant room.

Technical Specifications

  • Engines (Sub-light) & Power Systems: Ceteri Engineering Controlled Singularity Drive Mk. 5.5
  • Engines (Slipstream): Ceteri Engineering 'Alpha Range' Corridor Establishment Engines
  • Computer Core: Hyperion Developed Hyper-Dimensional 256-core Spacial Processor
  • Weapons: None.
  • Shield System: Aesir Intelligent Design Mk. 1 MMS-T Starship Defensive Grid
  • Life Support: Terra Mobila Controlled Atmosphere Generators
  • Emergency Systems: 4 x Standard-class Life Modules

History of the Vessel

The Razorwing was commissioned by the Angellus Shipping Company in 2517. It was, at the time, a top of the line long-haul space freighter capable of travelling across the Galaxy. It served five years with the ASC. In 2520 the vessel was dry-docked in a spaceport in the Kabor system when it was stolen for the first time.

A Lurk drug-dealer stole the vessel and began to use it to traffic various species across the galaxy. The vessels name was never changed, however it was given a paint job to hide the colours of the original owners.

During a small turf war in 2522, the Razorwing was stolen a second time, this time by a human pirate. It is widely understood that his theft of the Razorwing was entirely a chance event. At the suggestion of his first mate, the pirate attached non-functioning weapons to the outside of the vessel as an intimidation tactic. He and his crew immediate set a course for the Strauss system.

Hours after the arrival of the Razorwing, Strauss Alpha (the only civilized planet in the system) entered a state of civil war known as the Strauss Civil War. The Second Judiciary Fleet of the AEC Navy arrived under the command of Rear Admiral Allondra Hawke of the AEC Navy, under the guidance of Captain Alistair Hawke of the AEC Lawbringers1.

When the AECs threats of martial law weren't enough to stop the civil war, arbiters from the Chir'thul were brought in. Within weeks the Strauss Peace Accord was ratified and the war had ended. During the war, the AEC commandeered the Razorwing thinking it was a properly armed warship. They were wrong.

At the end of the way, the vessel was impounded and given to Captain Hawke, who was under orders to pilot it to a scrapyard. He did no such thing.

Hawke flew the vessel to Earth-2, recruiting crew along the way. Among the crew was Doctor Burns (a well known war-criminal), Neil Syx (a sharp-shooting Lurk), and a few more less than civilized characters. During the time in dry-dock on E-2, extensive modifications were made to the Razorwing which included the activation of the weapons systems. Eventually, Allondra Sky (a Rear Admiral of the AEC Navy who was presumed dead and later a martyr in the war) was a part of the Razorwing's crew.

The AEC's fall started nearly eight years later and by 2529, the galaxy had devolved into all out war. The Razorwing, despite having a large role in the war itself, was thought to have been destroyed or lost during the war. The war ended 15 years later, and the Razorwing never returned. The small freighter had been abandoned in deep space by its crew.

Sometime in the next five years, as the galaxy began to rebuild after the gruesome war, the Razorwing came into the possession of a well known scrap baron.

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