High-class fugitive.

Brief Physical Description:

Starling is a human of mixed ethnic background and french cultural roots. She stands 5'2'' tall and has a curvy figure with a proportionately slender waist. She has been spliced with the DNA of several birds, and has feathered, wing-like arms with normal human hands at the wrists in addition to the bird-like wing digits. Because of the wingtips, she can't rotate her wrists fully, but still is able to retain a good degree of fine motor skills.

She has feet resembling those of a roadrunner with thicker proportional toes. She also has a short, feathered bird tail in a fan shape, and a scattering of feathers mixed in with her hair. Her hair is blonde and falls just past her shoulders, and her eyes are blue, and her feathers are glossy black with a blue-green iridescent sheen. There is a ruff of feathers above the avian portion of her legs and feet.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 2 Intelligence 4 Presence 4
Dexterity 1 Wits 2 Manipulation 1
Stamina 3 Resolve 2 Composure 2


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 0 Academics 3 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 0 Computers 2 Empathy 2
Firearm 0 Crafts 0 Expression 2
Larceny 0 Engineering 0 Intimidation 0
Pilot 3 Investigation 2 Leadership 0
Stealth 2 Medicine 4 Persuasion 3
Survival 0 Astronavigation 0 Streetwise 0
Weaponry 0 Science 2 Subterfuge 3


  • Medical Intern: Starling has practiced as a medical intern in a hospital for almost two years. As such, several basic trauma treatments are almost second nature to her, and she can perform them with much greater confidence than a procedure she hasn't done before.
  • Celebrity Gossip: Having grown up in the circle she did, Starling has dirt on a /lot/ of people in high places.
  • Iron Stomach: As an unexpected side effect of her gene mods, Starling can eat and digest a wider range of food and drink than most humans. She rarely ever gets food poisoning, and tainted or otherwise undesirable foods are far less likely to make her ill. She also gets a slight bonus when dealing with ingested poisons.


  • Luxury 2
  • Striking Looks 1



Fugitive: Starling is on the run from Everett Dollar and his associates. The more attention she draws, the more likely she is to get into a confrontation with them.


  • Custom +2 racing suit. Built to keep the body pressurized and temperature regulated in case of an accident, it can also protect the body from sudden high pressures and resist tearing. Starling's suit has removable sleeves, gloves, tail casing, talon coverings, and, of course, a helmet. She'll wear these if she's in a situation where a pressure breech or a fire might occur, but in combat or other situations she prefers to keep them off.
  • Tailored casual clothes from Orion Rose.
  • A formal outfit consisting of a gray pleated silk gown with buttoned sides and a gray waist belt, and a velvet cloak of a rust gradient color. Designed by Orion Rose.
  • Tortoiseshell, pearl, and gold hair comb.

Personal History

Starling, born Lunette Darling, is the grand-daughter of galaxy-wide renowned movie star and sex symbol Dee Darling. She was cultured in an artificial womb with the DNA of her mother and that of an anonymous sperm donor, and genetically modified to include avian DNA and traits. Her childhood was one of luxury and excess, but she didn't plan on becoming one of the idle rich.

After finishing up her secondary education, she went on to train in the medical sciences. She liked the challenge of the work in the learning, and wanted to contribute something productive to society. Everything was going well and she was within two years of graduation when her grandmother died in a freak accident.

Although the death of her grandmother hit Lunette hard, it hit her mother, Evangeline Darling, even harder. Evangeline was sent on a depressive spiral, and began to cope by throwing more and more money into recreational luxuries, eventually taking up gambling. Publically, she maintained the same lifestyle as before, but privately she was losing more and more of her inherited money, without having any money of her own coming in from work. Within a year the family was broke, with the exception of a small pocket of money they kept to keep up appearances. Loathe to touch that last pocket, Evangeline borrowed money from a Lurk loan shark, Everett Dollar. When she couldn't repay the money, she discovered that Everett actually had connections to a human trafficking ring on Tuurnengard, and wanted to 'use' Evangeline and Lunette to repay the debt.

Desperate to rectify her mistake, Evangeline confessed to Lunette and split their remaining money between them. They decided to split up to decrease the chances of being recognized, and Lunette piloted a personal vehicle to the Earth V spaceport. Trying to keep a low profile, she started going by the name of Starling and hopping from star system to star system as often as her dwindling resources would allow her to, eventually ending up stranded on the planet where the story starts…



XP Earned

XP earned from character creation and RPing.

Date Amount Source
09/06/13 30 Creation
09/13/13 1 Opening Run
09/27/13 3 Soft Rp
10/16/13 1 Run
10/19/13 3 Run

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
09/06/13 4 Luxury
09/10/13 3 Stealth
09/10/13 3 Subterfuge
09/10/13 12 Armor
09/10/13 6 Computer
10/16/13 6 Expression

Current XP:


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