In the very early 24th century, the AEC decided to take advantage of the massive amount of room that the sub-real dimension directly below our dimension known as Subspace1. Subspace was already used by all slipstream capable vessels, however there was still a vast amount of extradimensional real-estate left unused. The AEC decided to use this dimension to create a vast information sharing network that spanned the whole of the galaxy2 (perhaps even the whole of reality) and thus, the Subnet was born.

Everyone, no matter how poor or stupid, uses the Subnet. It is how TV, Movies, bus schedules, food recipes, porn, banking information, porn, spam, phone calls, and porn are transmitted in the Milky Way. The Subnet can be accessed on any ship3 from anywhere4 at anytime5.

So, how does it work? Near the galactic centre, on a world that is totally uninhabited there is a massive building dubbed 'The Hub6.' It is the very core of the Subnet system and it sends out huge amounts of data into subspace ever nanosecond. In every inhabited solar system and many uninhabited ones as well that are Subnet Relay Beacons that pick up this data and give it a boost. As a result, the entire Milky Way is blanketed in an information superhighway.

In order to protect this network from the near constant stream of vessel flying through Subspace, all of this information is stored on a very low-level frequency of Subspace. Vessels pass through this dimension in an exceptionally high frequency. This also allows vessels making long slipstream trips to still have access to the Subnet while in transit.

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