Tara Syko


Player: Art3mis

Name: Tara Syko

Species: Human/Tiger Hybrid

Concept: Heavy Weapons Girl


  • Moar Dakka: Tara is a firm believer in big guns. If It's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Whether or not it is appropriate for the mission.
  • Beserker: When Tara is under the influence of extreme pressure or anger, she sometimes flies into a beserk rage.
  • Cat-Like Reflexes: Because of Tara's feline aspects, she has increased reflex speed, strength, and low light vision. Unfortunately, this also comes with a stalking instinct, and the expected ferocity of a big cat.


  • Athletics: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Melee Weapons: 5
  • Ranged Weapons: 5
  • Thrown Weapons: 0
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 4
  • Mind: 4
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 8
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


  • Heavy Plasgun | Ranged | +0
  • Heavy Combat Armor | Physical Defense | +0


ID Chip
A couple of sets of clothing

Personal History

By the time terraforming and FTL travel become a reality, the population of tigers on Earth-1 is down to a small number entirely in captivity. part of a project is to populate recently terraformed worlds with nearly extinct species, one of which included tigers.
Her ancestors were the scientists, veteranarians, and volunteers who worked to bring the population up on a world that would facilitate their survival. at some point, there was a schism between the scientists and the terraforming corp that had sponsored them, as they wanted to basically cancel the project and reestablish it as a colony world under pressure for real estate in the Milky Way. During this schism, her ancestors broke off contact, and begin a sort of guerilla warfare against any attempts to reclaim the planet. eventually, they began to use genetic modifications they created from the tigers they'd raised to give them an edge over the humans who tried to fight them off. Decades later, after their victory, her people took to the stars again.


Tara stands about six foot six, and her body, including her face, is covered with fuzzy orange fur. Her pupils are slitted, and she has enhanced night vision. Most of the time, she wears her armor, and if seen out if it, it's probably a special occasion.

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