Known worlds inhabited: Tosarin, Regerant, Grakhima
  • The Tavi are deeply philisophical and scientific creatures, preferring to keep to themselves and learning amongst each other, rather than spreading out and sharing technologies. As a result, they're not quite xenophobic, but fairly untrusting of others- it is considered a privilege to live on a Tavi inhabited planet, as they are usually open with their culture to others, however, on most planets, you will need an oxygen mask (Nav'ul crystals produce a gas known as Baerolin, which the Tavi require to live, and although not extremely harmful to humans, lack of oxygen can lead to organ issues after prolonged periods of time).
  • Tavi are religious, but not deeply so. There are three primary deities: Bri'quo (Banaria), Nafna (Kiuan), and Tersa'an (Tanaka). They all have their own religions around them, yet all three are equally embraced as brothers, and as such make religion wars (like Humans have) a thing of the past. Tanaka is the most prominent religion, and is the Tavi equivalent of Shintoism, in which all things living have a 'spirit' (Tavi word: Hagan) that must be honored. Rituals are not extreme, but are expected to be followed closely. Banaria could be likened to Christianity, in which the belief that Bri'quo had created the Tavi and given them what they need is the main idea. Kiuan is the belief that science had created the Tavi through a series of events, leading to their 'birth', which is also widely followed due to their deep background in science. All three can be 'interconnected', and are honored as being "all part of the bigger picture."
Known technology:
  • Nav'ul Crystal-based bodysuits/helmets
  • Razu'Goul Recycler
  • Karachi Varekcensa-I through IV - Thermal Nanofibers that allow ease of movement, coupled with protection and temperature stabilization. The basis for the Nav'ul Bodysuits.
  • Rujazvi Shreir - Synthetic metals that are commonly fitted onto Karachi Varekcensa to enhance protection. The basis for the Nav'ul Helmets.
Known members:
  • Kyr Mradia'Voln
Natural Abilities:
  • Tavi get a natural +2 to all science skills, +1 to perception, and -2 to defense. Their +2 to science lays in their deep scientific background. A majority of Tavi are in the science profession due to exceptional knowledge and memory that allows them to work near-flawlessly with all sorts of sciences. The +1 perception is a result of their keen senses, which are somewhat enhanced by the helmets they wear with the Nav'ul crystals that allow them to breathe when not on planets that have the gas naturally occuring.


  • Tavi are tall, bipedal creatures that sport "two-toed" feet, and three-digited hands (two "fingers", one "thumb"). They are largely 'average' in nature, not being overly muscled, but not being bone-thin (it is extremely rare to see these). Females have mammary glands like humans, while males tend to have a perfectly flat chest with no defining features. The common height for a Tavi male is 5'7-6'2, where the common height for a female is 5'4-6'0.

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