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Gangsters favorite dancer

Brief Physical Description:

A young female Anansi, Silver is a rather slender individual. Her hide is a vaguely silver colour, hence her name, and she has big orange eyes. She stands at around 6'0" and is rather light. Her face is rather pretty, her widely spaced and very large eyes striking to look at. She keeps her white hair in a ponytail most of the time, and if she's allowed the choice, dresses conservatively, usually wrapped in a cloak. Wears a necklace that is more like a collar to signify her rank.

Often goes disguised as a human girl standing at about 5'7" and with a very pretty face. Like this she has long blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and a nice figure. Typically stays in this shape, as ordered by her boss.


Stat Rank
Force 4
Grace 6
Wits 4
Resolve 1


Raptorial Predator: Given her race and carnivorous nature, Silver is very good at attacking and bringing down her prey, be that stray animals, special treats given to her, or even an enemy.

Property of Scratch: Silver was bought from a human trafficking ring by a Lurk gangster named Scratch. Having spent a long time in captivity, and in Scratches employ has made her very good at knowing and dealing with the less savory side of people.

Got the moves: Silver is an exceptionally good dancer, being taught to dance in Scratch's club, along with her natural dexterity has made her able to dance and draw a crowd like no one else.

Who do you want me to be?: Being a shifter, Silver is very good at changing herself to better influence a person.

Invisible: Silver didn't always hunt by simply beating her prey to death, she used to be an ambush predator too. Sas such, she can sneak about like nobody's business.

Multitasker: Silver has six arms. As such she's very very good at performing multiple complex tasks at once, and can do things people with only two hands can't.


Shifter module: Designed to implant at the base of her neck, the shifter module is a flat, oval shaped device made of shiny steel. It embeds into her spinal column and allows for her to shift into another race faster than normally possible.


Yes boss: Silver is very used to her position in Scratches club. Having been little more than property for five years, she tends to follow any order given to her by anyone automatically.

So hungry: Being a carnivore, and having to live in a more omnivorous society, Silver often finds it extremely difficult to repress her more predatory instincts.

Homesick: Silver misses her home and her family, but feels she can't go back after all that's happened and how she's changed. Better for them to believe she died. Regardless, she still longs for home and is easily upset by reminders of her home and family. Probably the best way to get to her.

Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Attacks: The function of augmentations are disrupted when exposed to a sudden burst of electro-magnetic energy. Augments shut down for 1d4-1 (with the lowest result being 1) minutes as a result of EM interference.

Not my own person: Legally, Silver belongs to a Lurk named scratch, ans as such she should not be out having adventures and should be back in his club doing as she's told. As such, Scratches people might well find her and cause trouble.


A6 Issurus Pocket pistol
Regular human clothes
Regular Anansi clothes
Skimpy "dancing" outfit
Small music playing device.

Personal History

Age:24 (Earth I years)
Silver was born on her homeworld of Nay'r, and enjoyed her time there hunting and living with her friends and family. She took after her mother in fulfilling a role as a hunter, often accompanying her mother out to get light snacks. However, Silver had bigger goals in life. She wanted to get out of the repetition of her hum drum life and explore the galaxy having adventures. This well known fact in her social circle led to her friend Francesca Findabair DeTairsiville the third setting her up with her Martian boyfriend, Andrezj. Andrezj told Silver he had connections with people who would be willing to take her off world and get her set up someplace so she could live her dream. After checking it out with her parents, they agreed to give it a go. She was 19.
So Silver went with Andrezj, and he took her in his private ship to a much larger vessel which she was told would take her to Earth V to start her journey. But unfortunately, this was not the case. As it happened, this vessel was primarily for the purpose of human trafficking. Silver was taken and thrown in a small room with the door locked. From there she was taken to Tuurengard, where she was held for auction in one of the many slave markets there. She was bought by a gangster named Scratch, who owned a club on Shade. There she was told she would need to come up with a new name for herself and become a dancer. So she took the name Silver at the suggestion of one of the other girls there, and learned to dance. After a while, she was told to take the shape of a pretty human, as she wasn't making a lot of money with her natural one, and so she did as she was told. Now not allowed to leave the club, change back into her real shape, or have any kind of free will, she simply gave in to her situation, until such a time an opportunity to escape presented itself. She currently awaits her escape, along with her 25th birthday.


Actual Miscellaneous information:
Her favorite colour is green.
Favorite animal is the earth postosuchus. She is not aware that these are extinct.
Hates clubs and bars with a passion.
Has a habit of sharpening her claws on any available surface when bored.
Has a phobia of the titular character from Lance: Lurk Detective and refuses to explain why.

Songs "About" her
The Black Keys, Hell of a Season
Slipknot, Purity
Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb
Three Days Grace, Someone Who Cares
The Animals, House of the Rising Sun

Songs she likes/ songs she uses for work
John Dreamer, Becoming a legend
Rammstein, B********
Eric Calderone, Silent Hill Meets Metal
Metalica, Devil's Dance
Soundgarden, Head Down

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