Tempus Fugit 1 - Log

[17:42] <Gwen> The whole ship sort of shudders for a moment as a portion of space, about a kilometre off the bow of the ship starts to congeal and warp. Those of you on the bridge see this…rather clearly. Anyone else feels something just plain weird. Clocks, watches, other time-telling devices stop for just a moment, long enough to be noticed before a beautiful ship…a tad smaller than the Razorwing materializes out of that distortion in
[17:42] <Gwen> space. The ship can be seen from just about any window on the port side of the ship.
[17:42] <Dawny> "Don't talk to him like that, he's just trying to help"
[17:42] <Kondraki> "Jillian, you're free to go. Remember to return in a week for a checkup."
[17:42] <Dawny> "Will you touch me at the check up?"
[17:42] <Art3mis> Tara shakes her head and looks at the empty shotglass.
[17:42] <Art3mis> "Damn, this stuff must be stronger then I thought…"
[17:42] <Tox> Ran looks at the viewport. "Status!"
[17:44] <Tox> "Back us off," he orders the helmsman. "Give me one-half back." He hails the other ship. "Unidentified vessel. This is SSV Razorwing. Identify yourself!"
[17:44] <Kondraki> "No, I won't. Just another quick diagnostic." As the ship shuddered, Shar was a bit surprised, looking to Dr. Allen. "What the hell was that?"
[17:45] <Dawny> Jillian frowns and looks her data pad over.
[17:45] <Art3mis> «Hey, we hit something?»
[17:47] <Gwen> "Razorwing," the voice that responds almost immediately is serene…almost calming. "There is no cause for a alarm, we are not here with malicious intent." There's a pause. "We are the Celestial Orrery vessel known as Tempus Fugit."
[17:49] <Tox> Ran directs several scans at the ship. Thermographics, EM emissions, weapons scans and threat analyses. All of these array themselves on either side of the main viewscreen. "Understood, Tempus Fugit. What is your purpose?"
[17:50] <Dawny> Jillian heads for the main maintenance area.
[17:52] <Gwen> The scan results are just plain weird. There are no weapons, however the threat analyses just break. Both thermographics and EM emissions return results that are common to incredibly advanced, well built ships. "Our purpose, Razorwing, is a very long story…but let's just say we're on routine patrol."
[17:53] <Dawny> Jillian scans all systems on the ship. Electrical, life support, everything.
[17:53] <Art3mis> "Yo, ho, blow the man down…" Tara sings out in the rec room.
[17:53] <Kondraki> Looking out the window, Shar was rather surprised to see something he'd never seen before. "…wow."
[17:54] <Gwen> Razorwing's system are operational, the Hull Integrety system reports some slight spacial turbulence. Dr. Allen walks over to Shar and leans against him while looking out the window. "What…?"
[17:55] <Tox> Ran's gaze takes in the conflicting messages and routine results. His lip curls. "Put the ship on yellow alert. Don't sound General Quarters just yet, though." He sighs, gripping the railing. "Routine patrol for /what,/ Tempus Fugit?" He turns to Mari. "See if you can make contact with their ship's computer. Nothing invasive, but I want to know who they are, where they came from, and if possible, what they're doing here.
[17:55] <Tox> "
[17:55] <Kondraki> "Never seen a ship like that before."
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[17:55] <Art3mis> Tara is jerked out of her reverie by the yellow alert lights, and heads to the bridge. "What's going on?"
[17:56] <Daedalize> «Will do.» Mari responds via the bridge speakers, being too deep in the system to use her own voice.
[17:56] <Tox> "I've never seen a drive jump like that," he mutters to himself, not even paying attention to Tara. What is she doing on the bridge anyway?
[17:56] <Dawny> Jillian connects to Ran and reports her findings.
[17:57] <Daedalize> She runs scans for any of the other ship's systems that would be accessible at this range.
[17:57] <Art3mis> Tara leaves the bridge, and looks for Ezra!
[17:57] <Tox> They pop up on his dataslate. He nods to himself.
[17:58] <Kondraki> Ezra is currently in her office, having just finished settling the case of last night's error. She had some very good news for Ran, in regards to that.
[17:58] <Art3mis> Tara wanders into Ezra's office! "Hey. There's this weird ship off the starboard bow."
[17:59] <Kondraki> "R-really? What kind of ship?" Ezra got up from her chair, the floor covered in financial printouts again.
[18:00] <Gwen> There is some mumbling on the end of comms system and then man begins again. "Infractions, Razorwing…may we ask about your purposes in this region of space?" There ships computer is unlike anything that exists…right now. It uses computer programs that are still in the theory phase, and the massive amounts of data being sent around that ship is impossible. Everything about this vessel is impossible.
[18:00] <Art3mis> "Not sure. Looked weird. This day has been weird. I get something about Royce going rogue, get all armored up, get told it's nothing. Then there's an away mission that immediately gets cancled. And now this."
[18:01] <Tox> "We are on a mission, tasked with investigating this planet." Ran looks at Tempus Fugit.
[18:01] <Daedalize> «Too advanced for our systems to connect. Advanced as in theoretical.»
[18:02] <Tox> "…" This does not sit incredibly well with the XO. Time travel? Horribly advanced alien civilization?"
[18:02] <Tox> *scratch the "
[18:02] <Kondraki> "W-wow…wait, what about R-Royce?"
[18:02] <Art3mis> "And you never came to bed last night. Did you sleep /at all/?" Tara looks concerned.
[18:03] <Kondraki> She blushed. "I…w-well…I sort of s-stumbled on something big last night and…m-maybe I forgot to sleep."
[18:03] <Art3mis> "You really shouldn't do that, it can't be good for you… And not sure about the Royce thing. Just woke up and found an alert about him this morning.
[18:03] <Kondraki> "Dr. Allen, have you ever seen anything like it?"
[18:04] <Gwen> More mumbling. "Razorwing," he began as the ship floated closer. "It's very hard to explain all of this, would you be opposed to sending a delegation on board?"
[18:04] <Gwen> "N-No, it's…amazing."
[18:04] <Kondraki> "I'm s-sorry, I'll make sure I get some sleep t-tonight." She sighed, as she opened one of the shipboard cams onto her pc's screen, looking at the ship. "Whoa…w-what is that thing?"
[18:05] <Daedalize> Mariella tries scanning the data packets that are being shipped about in such large quantities, primarily to determine whether the encryption scheme is completely foreign or simply very advanced.
[18:05] <Tox> Ran sighs. "…Do you pose a threat to my crew or the integrity of this vessel?"
[18:05] <Art3mis> "No idea at all…"
[18:05] <Dawny> Jillian runs the ship's physical specs, trying to find any area with similar types.
[18:06] <Art3mis> "It just showed up." Tara puts one arm around Ezra's shoulders. "Want to help me get my armor on?"
[18:06] <Gwen> It's simply advanced…and the date and time stamps don't make sense. "No, we are a non-violent vessel, no weapons of any kind," he says with that perfectly calm voice. There is nothing in database like this ship.
[18:07] <Tox> "Then I am not opposed. Your vessel or mine?"
[18:07] <Dawny> Jillian zooms in on the date and time stamps. What are they exactly? Mismatched? Years odd?
[18:07] <Tox> Redact that.
[18:08] <Tox> "Then I am not opposed. I am ordering one of our docking bays cleared for your use. My ship's computer will guide your shuttle in."
[18:08] <Kondraki> Smiling, she moved to kiss Tara, before nodding. "Sure! Y-you'll have to walk me through it though."
[18:08] <Art3mis> Tara returns the kiss and grins. "Sure. It's all in my room."
[18:09] <Daedalize> «Checked the data encryption schemes. They're advanced, but not foreign. Based on the same equations as ours, so not likely an unknown alien race. Time and date stamps are abnormal, however.»
[18:09] <Gwen> "Thank you, Razorwing. Tempus Fugit out." The communications ends.
[18:09] <Tox> Ran orders Docking Bay Whatever to be cleared, and instructs his computer's navigational systems to assist Tempus Fugit's shuttle.
[18:10] <Tox> "Attention, all hands. A delegation from the unidentified vessel is approaching, and I have ordered a bay cleared."
[18:10] <Tox> "Miss Corwin, you have the bridge." Ran exits, and takes a security team to the shuttle bay.
[18:11] <Art3mis> Once Tara and Ezra get her armor on, Tara reports to the bay.
[18:12] <Daedalize> «Roger.» Mariella begins scanning the approaching vessel and it's systems, now that they're closer and within range of intra-vessel transmitters.
[18:12] <Daedalize> The shuttle, that is.
[18:12] <Kondraki> Ezra follows her to the bay, sort of curious to see what all this fuss is abaout.
[18:13] <Gwen> After about a five minute delay, a shuttle, just as sleek as the vessel that it came form floats into the secodary docking bay. Any smart person recognizes that this ship is more advanced that any craft out there. Even the hull doesn't make sense. It's big enough to carry a maximum of 10 passengers, and the cockpit appears to have room for one pilot.
[18:14] <Tox> Ran looks the shuttle over, hiding his surprise.
[18:15] <Tox> He stands in the bay, flanked by his security team. He's quite the sight, what amounts to a humanoid dragon in an officer's uniform.
[18:15] <Art3mis> Tara has her plasma caster slung on her back, and is fully armored, with helmet.
[18:16] <Daedalize> Is it possible for Mariella to copy some of the data packets she's scanning to an onboard server?
[18:16] <Dawny> Jillian is headed to meet them, she wanted to pick there brain, if they were safe.
[18:17] <Gwen> Daed, give me a Engineering roll…you're using your Cybernetics, so rolled Engineering (Cybernetics)
[18:19] <Daedalize> 6df+5
[18:19] <Quidmore> Daedalize: 7 (6df+5=0, 0, 0, +, +, 0)
[18:19] <Gwen> Yes you can :)
[18:21] <Gwen> The shuttle door swung upward with a gentle hiss as a ramp extended downard. When the ramp touches the floor of the docking bay, a man walks down the ramp, followed by a group of six, walking down in two rows. All different races are present, there are three humans, a Lurk, an Ilth, and a something you're not sure of. All of them are dressed in elegant white robes, and they all have a certain timeless grace about them. The ma
[18:21] <Gwen> n in front, a grey haired human walks towards Ran, bowing deeply. "I believe we spoke early."
[18:22] <Art3mis> Tara ponders these newcomers.
[18:22] <Tox> Ran repeats the gesture, then looking over the assembled crowd. "I believe we did. XO Ranaghan Sarnorbarra, SSV Razorwing."
[18:23] <Dawny> Jillian's wheelchair speeds from around the corner and halts.
[18:23] <Kondraki> Ezra looks them over, having trouble figuring out exactly who they were. She'd never heard of a ship named the Tempus Fugit. Hiding partially behind Tara, she watched the proceedings with interest.
[18:23] <Kondraki> Shar, on the other hand, was perusing the cameras in the docking bay with his data thief, immediately surprised to see another Ilth. That was never a good sign.
[18:25] <Gwen> "I am Keeper Thes." He gestured back towards the ship, slowly and with purpose. "May I present to you Keeper Superior Zohara, our…captain as you would say." He as he spoke a beautiful brunette, no older than 30 began to walk down the ramp as well, looking around. Everyone roll perception, please.
[18:25] <Gwen> Shar can as well.
[18:25] <Tox> 6df+4 Ran has eyes.
[18:25] <Quidmore> Tox: Ran has eyes.: 4 (6df+4=0, +, -, +, -, 0)
[18:25] <Kondraki> 6df+2 Shar Perception
[18:25] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Shar Perception: 1 (6df+2=+, +, -, 0, -, -)
[18:25] <Art3mis> 6df+8 tagging Catlike Reflexes
[18:25] <Quidmore> Art3mis: tagging Catlike Reflexes: 4 (6df+8=-, -, +, -, -, -)
[18:25] <Dawny> 6df+3 Jillian looks!
[18:25] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian looks!: 2 (6df+3=+, 0, -, -, -, +)
[18:26] <Kondraki> 6df+2 Ezra Perception
[18:26] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Ezra Perception: 2 (6df+2=0, 0, +, 0, 0, -)
[18:27] <Daedalize> After setting up a routine to copy any packets that stand out, Mariella starts running whatever decryption programs are available to try and make some sense out of the data being collected.
[18:29] <Gwen> Folks with 2 and above notice that as she is looking around very subtle…almost scanning lights shine from her eyes. If you've seen Repo! The Genetic Opera, her eyes look like Bling Mags. She reaches Ran and holds out a hand. She too is dressed in those elegant robes, the only different is she has a silver decoration across her torso. "XO Sanorbarra," she says, the send of her voice soothing. "Thank you for allowing us on b
[18:29] <Gwen> oard."
[18:30] <Gwen> Mariella finds that nothing works because accorcding to the harddrives of the Razorwing, those packets don't exist. They're there, but at the same time, they're not.
[18:31] <Tox> Ran's eyes widen slightly. Artificial eyes? Some sort of advanced cyborg, or merely prosthetics? "Keeper Superior Zohara," he replies formally, clasping her hand in his.. "Thank you for coming. Keeper Thes mentioned that your business would be more fruitfully discussed on board?"
[18:32] <Art3mis> Tara eyes the brunette distrustfully behind her visor. None of her reactions are visible.
[18:34] <Gwen> She smiles softly. "Yes, explaining what we do over the communications systems is rather difficult." She looked around. "Do you have a meeting room?"
[18:35] <Tox> "We do. The rest of your delegation may accompany, or not, as they wish."
[18:36] <Dawny> Jillian backs up to allow people to move past her.
[18:36] <Gwen> The grey haired man gestured to the men and two of them advanced to accompany her, the others stay put.
[18:37] <Tox> "Follow me, please." Ran makes a gesture at the security team, and they fall in behind Ran and the three delegates.
[18:38] <Dawny> Jillian follows!
[18:38] <Art3mis> Tara follows Ran!
[18:39] <Daedalize> Leaving the accumulating data in an isolated partition until she can get a second opinion, Mari turns her attention to scanning communications frequencies for any transmissions in or around the Tempus Fugit.
[18:39] <Kondraki> Ezra follows Tara!
[18:39] <Gwen> "Impressive vessel," the woman looks around. "Diverse crew…." She smiled. "You said that the main purpose of this ship was sciene and research?" Ran would feel her weird eyes graze over him. It felt like being scanned…and at the same time…it felt like there was nothing wrong in the 'Verse.
[18:40] <Gwen> The only tranmissions are a whole whack of internal communications and one single constant transmission between the shuttle and the Tempus Fugit.
[18:41] <Tox> Ran shakes off the feeling, quite literally, like a dog throwing off water. "That is correct," he replies. He eyes her up and down. Something's not quite on the up and up here. They reach the meeting room, and with a wave of his hand, Ran dismisses the security team. With the exception of — "Syko." Ran gestures, allowing everyone to file in.
[18:41] <Art3mis> Tara enters, and stands against one wall.
[18:41] <Daedalize> Are the transmissions interpretable?
[18:41] <Dawny> Jillian looks up at Ran, in her little pathetic wheelchair.
[18:42] <Tox> Aw. Ran can't say no. He makes a "you may pass" gesture, permitting her as well.
[18:42] <Gwen> The intership ones, no, the one to the Shuttle yes, but right now it's quiet.
[18:43] <Dawny> Jillian wheels in and finds a nice spot to observe from.
[18:43] <Gwen> Zohara walks to the head of the table and sits, her two men falling in beside her as she casts her gaze across the entire room a few times.
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[18:44] <Tox> Ran sits at the opposite end, putting his hands on the table.
[18:44] <Daedalize> Mariella sits back and continues monitoring the band to the shuttle.
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[18:45] <Art3mis> Tara is standing at the midpoint of the room. Her plasma caster hums dully.
[18:47] <Kondraki> Ezra stands with Tara, as Shar enters the room as well, his eyes catching the Ilth's immediately as he looked over. Why was an Ilth on that ship?
[18:48] <Gwen> "What I am about to tell you classified, we call it level White classification. It must not be disclosed to anyone off of this ship." She looked around and produced a blue crystal-type object on the table. It looks like a blue diamond with circuitry inside it. "This will ensure that." She paused. "The Tempus Fugit is a vessel belonging to the Keepers of the Celestial Orrery…" The Ilth behind her immediately fixates on Sh
[18:48] <Gwen> ar. "We're the maintainers of the time stream."
[18:49] <Art3mis> "So you're the time cops?"
[18:49] <Tox> "The time stream." Ran nods. "So, the past, present, future, that jazz. That would explain why your systems seem more advanced than anything I've ever encountered."
[18:49] <Tox> Ran turns, fixing Tara with a stare.
[18:50] <Dawny> Jillian writes out notes, keeping silent.
[18:50] <Tox> "What is that?" Ran levels a finger at the blue object.
[18:51] <Gwen> "In several hundred years temporal…police," she says the last word with disgust. "Became needed." She interlaced her fingers slowly. "That is a Praximus."
[18:51] <Tox> "Can you explain its function and purpose?"
[18:52] <Dawny> Jillian makes a mental note of where the cameras are, and to watch them later for clues on the crystal.
[18:52] <Kondraki> As the discussion went on, Shar continued to keep his gaze with the Ilth up. They were figuring each other out. Trying to figure out which caste the other one belonged to, and if they should be greeted with a welcome, a bribe, or a knife in one's hand.
[18:52] <Art3mis> Tara ponders some more. Someone's messing with time?
[18:53] <Gwen> "It is a device that ensures the keeping of promises, like the promise of secrecy you will all make at the end of this conversation. Everyone on board Razorwing can known about this encounter, but no one else."
[18:53] <Tox> "Would you mind explaining how it ensures this?"
[18:53] <Gwen> "Believe me, XO, you couldn't even begin to understand."
[18:54] <Tox> "Mm. I will tentatively accept that, and rephrase my question. Does the device's functioning pose a danger to the crew should the promise be abrogated?"
[18:54] <Dawny> Jillian's eyes narrow. That's not nice, don't be mean to Ran.
[18:55] <Tox> Something clicks, and Ran's eyes widen, then narrow, each almost imperceptibly.
[18:56] <Gwen> "The device is completely harmless, unless you plan on meeting yourself from the past…should that happen, side effects include; temporal fugue, vomitting, memory loss, and a few others."
[18:57] <Tox> "And yet you say the device is used to ensure the confidentiality of the information being divulged. How, then, is this effect achieved? Say I reported to my superiors off-ship the information I receive here. What happens?"
[18:57] <Dawny> "Device? Jillian inches foreword. Ran my not be able to understand it…but I will."
[18:58] <Dawny> "Ran…
[18:59] <Gwen> The Ilth chimes in. "You could be guilt of a Temporal Infraction, as defined by the Celestial-Temporal Artic-" She held up her hand. "Houn, enough. Something very bad, XO."
[19:00] <Gwen> *would
[19:00] <Art3mis> "How would this result in us meeting our past selves?"
[19:00] <Tox> "If you cannot explain it to me simpler than that, I must ask that you disable and put away the device."
[19:02] <Gwen> "It looks the memories of this even in what's called External Temporal Suspension, allowing you to access these memories just fine. But if your superiors were to find out, the memory would be removed automatically from there time stream."
[19:02] <Gwen> *locks
[19:02] <Art3mis> "…"
[19:02] <Kondraki> Law. He knew law. That gave him a few things to work with. The way he spoke was another…the kind of authoratative tone that tasted sour to him.
[19:03] <Kondraki> Ezra didn't like the sound of that at all…the idea of her memories being locked away somewhere disturbed her.
[19:03] <Art3mis> "What happens if we destroy the device?"
[19:03] <Dawny> Jillian shakes her head and sends Ran a message. {There are no tests on how something like this could affect brain health…Don't do it…}
[19:04] <Tox> "From their time stream. Would that remove /our/ memories as well?"
[19:04] <Tox> Ran surreptitiously checks his slate.
[19:05] <Kondraki> Shar, on the other hand, had a few memories he wouldn't mind losing. He figured the Ilth across the room from him did as well, given that he was a Hound.
[19:05] <Gwen> Slowly, the brunette turns her head towards Tara, her eyes scanning the armored soldier. "No, Ran, your memories would be safe…untouched." The Ilth tilts his head a little at Shar, squinting slightly.
[19:05] <Kondraki> Shar responded with a slight narrowing of the eyes, and a change of color to orange.
[19:06] <Tox> Ran frowns. "Let's…not mess with the time stream more than necessary. I am sorry, but our words will have to suffice."
[19:07] <Art3mis> Tara shivers a bit inside her armor. That was… Weird…
[19:07] <Tox> Ran doesn't raise his voice nor turn, but his words take up the entire room. "I will have the word of every person in this room as to the confidentiality of these discussions."
[19:08] <Tox> "If you do not feel as though you can keep your mouth shut, you may leave."
[19:08] <Dawny> Jillian makes a note, but stays where she is…she runs the name and physical specs of the device.
[19:09] <Gwen> She nods after what seems like an eternity, and then hides the device in her robes. "This ship is going to be committing a grievous temporal crime in the near future." The Ilth's skin shifted to match Shar's.
[19:09] <Kondraki> A pattern of yellow stripes appeared on Shar's skin, as he responded.
[19:10] <Tox> Ran is silent for several moments. "Why are you telling us this? Is it not possible that by informing us, you unerringly set into motion a chain of events that will lead to the very crime you speak of?"
[19:10] <Art3mis> "Does that mean we'll be making a time jump?"
[19:10] <Tox> "Syko."
[19:13] <Gwen> "No, because we know when exactly that even will be. Unfortunately, due to the Temporal Articles as mentioned by Houn here," she gestured to the Ilth. "You are to cancel your investigative mission, immediately or you and your ship will be placed in…preventative custody."
[19:14] <Tox> Ran nods. "Would it be possible for another ship to perform this mission, or would the very investigation cause the crime, no matter whom?"
[19:15] <Gwen> "The very investigation will cause the crime."
[19:16] <Tox> Ran sighs, lowering his head fractionally. He issues orders to the shuttle bay control team to seal off the docking bay, preventing the shuttle from leaving. He's going to get some answers. He raises his head. "Mm. Now. You said you had to be on board this ship. And yet, this could have been conducted via ship-to-ship communications. Why, then, are you here?"
[19:16] <Art3mis> "How so?"
[19:17] <Tox> Ran turns, glaring at Syko. "Syko. Silence."
[19:17] <Gwen> "The purpose was to use the Praximus, but now that you have assured me that it won't be needed, this was a pointless visit."
[19:20] <Tox> "Ah." He relaxes. "I don't know if I would say pointless. We've gotten to see each other, and — I had a question anyway. Your systems are more advanced than anything we've ever seen - my pilot informs me that some of your technology is still theoretical now. May we be permitted to analyze some of it?"
[19:22] <Gwen> She gets a wide smile. "Scientists are always the best to deal with. While I would be commiting and infraction if allowed you access to the ship itself…what about, as a diplomatic gify, we offer you a datacrystal with some basic information?" She laughed a little. "Nothing that would alter the course of history."
[19:24] <Dawny> Jillian's head perks up, excited.
[19:24] <Art3mis> Tara desperately wants to ask about guns, but Ran might boot her out if she says anything else. She sends him a message on her HUD. <Guns?>
[19:24] <Tox> "I would be most grateful. You may send the information to my superior technician, Jillian Cunningham." He points at the girl in a wheelchair.
[19:24] <Tox> "What manner of information? Could you include some basic technical specifications on vehicles, weaponry, propulsion systems and the like?"
[19:25] <Kondraki> Shar blinked at that, although not losing focus on Houn. That kind of info was very tempting.
[19:25] <Gwen> "I will send you a brief bit of information on the ship, it's hull and propulsion systems…but as for weapons…they are not needed in our time frame."
[19:25] <Tox> "Any advances in medicine and biophysiology would be appreciated by our Medical Director."
[19:26] <Tox> "Weapons are not needed? How do you maintain sovereignty?" Ran leans forward.
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[19:26] <Gwen> "I cannot answer that," she says with a sly grin.
[19:27] <Tox> Ran leans back, disappointed. "Very well. Certainly, however, you have medical technology that we can use to our benefit."
[19:27] <Art3mis> Tara looks down at her plasma caster, which is continuing to hum quietly to itself with its magnetic containment.
[19:27] <Gwen> "Nothing that wouldn't alter the course of history."
[19:27] <Kondraki> So here he was, a Shark in the room with a Hound. If it weren't for the circumstances, he'd have thought this was an elaborate attempt to arrest him. "I agree. Your information could advance our medical practices by centuries."
[19:28] <Art3mis> «Power Armor?»
[19:28] <Tox> "Not to seem too greedy," he says apologetically, "but any information on mechanical tools would be useful as well. I assume that with the lack of need for offense, defensive technology is similarly obsolete?"
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[19:29] <Tox> "Information technology, as well. Encryption schemes, data storage and retrieval…"
[19:29] <Tox> "Anything and everything you can offer without impacting history. My people would certainly appreciate the knowledge."
[19:29] <Gwen> "You might say that war has become a," she pauses and smirks. "Thing of the past." She crosses her arms as she stands. "I have informed you what information you're going to get."
[19:31] <Tox> Ran stands as well. "Of course. Is there anything this vessel or its crew can do for you beyond that to which we are already committed?"
[19:32] <Gwen> She shook her head and left the meeting, her men in toe, the Ilth showing orange with grey stripes to Shar as they walked down the hall.
[19:33] <Art3mis> Tara escorts them.
[19:33] <Tox> Ran follows as well, the meeting obviously over. He lifts the seal he has placed on the shuttle bay. "You are free to leave if your business has been conducted. Alternately, the diplomatic quarters are open to you should you desire."
[19:34] <Dawny> Jillian follows. Her info…don't make her beg…
[19:34] <Tox> "And there is the matter of the crystal. Would the information be in a format which our systems can recognize?"
[19:35] * SeqEffect3 has quit (Ping timeout)
[19:35] <Gwen> "Yes, as long as you have a universal data port." She held out her hand. "Thank your for your hospitality and cooperation. Give my men a moment to prepare the crystal." The group made their way back to the shuttle.
[19:36] <Kondraki> Shar responded by turning entirely grey as he walked with the others, a few white pinstripes going up and down his skin.
[19:36] <Dawny> Jillian waited rick fucking there god damn it.
[19:36] <Tox> Ran takes her hand firmly. "Thank you for informing us. It is our pleasure."
[19:38] <Kondraki> Before he decides to leave, Shar would make his way over to the other Ilth, keeping his distance as he adjusted his labcoat. "Still the same Ilth, then."
[19:38] <Tox> "Curiosity compels me, Keeper Superior, to ask what form 'protective custody' would take."
[19:39] <Gwen> "Time Lock. It's not a pleasant thing to have to do." The Lurk held out a crystal to Tox before she walked to her shuttle. The Ilth nodded and walked up the ramp as well.
[19:40] <Tox> Ran takes the crystal from the Lurk, passing it off to Jillian. "It doesn't sound pleasant."
[19:41] <Dawny> Jillian breaks into that shit asap.
[19:42] <Gwen> The shuttle takes off and the ship congeals into nothingness once again. You can break into your plot cookies when we take a wee break.

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