Tempus Fugit 2 - Log

[16:00] <@Gwen> Once again Razorwing stutters in space, the lights flickering very briefly and every piece of electronic…anything (with the EXCEPTION of augs and cyborgs) reboots and begins to act up. Comms squeal, lifts stop, droids shut down, lights flash. Everything appears to return to normal, when the comms crackle to life. "May- Mayd- Maydaymayday." It sounds like an older man's voice. "All vessels in the area, mayday, please assist
[16:00] <@Gwen> ." A /very/ small ship would appear on the long-range scanners, no more than two light-years dead ahead.
[16:00] <Dawny> "Good" Jillian giggles and glances at Ezra.
[16:00] <Tox> Ran snaps his head up. "Hate to cut this short." Ran books it for the bridge!
06[16:01] * Haken messages Ran. /The fuck was that?/
01[16:01] <Kondraki> As her proxies went temporarily haywire, she looked to Tara. "W-Whoa…"
[16:01] <Dawny> Jillian goes to Engineering!
[16:01] <Tox> /No idea. Checking it out./
[16:01] <Daevahkiin> On the bridge, Mari snaps to attention. She patches the signal through to Ran and the captain. «Unknown ship detected, two light-years out. Signaling for assistance.»
[16:01] <Tox> Ran makes the bridge. "Corwin! Hail the ship!"
[16:02] <%Sequence> Marla jerks up and grabs her repair kit, packing a basic patching kit as Jillian appears in Engineering. "Hi are you alright I think you should pack a welder so we can make repairs I hope we have enough spare hull plates-"
[16:02] <Tox> «This is SSV Razorwing, responding. Identify yourself and your distress!»
[16:02] <Daevahkiin> Mari attempts to lock in the communication frequency, then sends a hailing signal.
[16:02] <Art3mis> "Osik!"
[16:02] <Art3mis> Tara hops up and bolts for her room.
[16:02] <Dawny> Jillian nots and grabs a welder, and some random ass parts.
[16:03] <@Gwen> Poor Razorwing's censors are all fritzy and a few of the ultility droids are babbling about internal organs. None of the transmissions seem to be going through, they get scattered just before hitting the actual ship.
[16:03] <Tox> Once again, analyses and informative graphs are called up and organized on the screen. EM, thermal, threat and weapons analyses…
01[16:03] <Kondraki> Erza headed off with Tara, waving to Jillian. "N-nice having tea with you!"
[16:03] <Art3mis> Tara gets her armor on, checks the plasma thrower's power core, and energizes it.
[16:04] <%Sequence> "Comms are bad so that means that wiring is probably awful we need to worry most about hull and air supply, making sure space doesn't get in, then start on wiring, fix that."
[16:04] <Dawny> «Where do you want us Ran?»
[16:04] <@Gwen> The ship is an Astral-class freighter. No weapons and no other readings. It looks like the ship is caught in some kind of EM field. The message repeats itself again.
[16:05] <Tox> «Get whatever tools you need and prepare to move out. I can't raise them, so I'm not sure what the nature of their emergency is.»
[16:05] <Tox> "Corwin? Take us in."
01[16:05] <Kondraki> Shar is working to get the medical systems back up and running at full capacity, running a quick software diagnostic. Distress calls often meant medical attention was urgent.
[16:05] <Dawny> Jillian pops her neck and extends a hand to Marla. "Let's go"
[16:06] <%Sequence> She grins and shakes her hand before hoisting her pack onto her shoulder. "Yep! Let's go!"
[16:06] <Daevahkiin> «Roger.» Mari attempts to move in closer, running diagnostics on all systems in the background as she does.
06[16:06] * Haken stabilizes the magnetic experiments in his lab.
01[16:06] <Kondraki> Ezra doesn't have much to do in this situation, so she mostly hangs around with Tara for moral support.
01[16:06] <Kondraki> She figured she was good for morale, if nothing else.
[16:06] <Tox> «Attention all hands. Unknown vessel broadcasting emergency distress call, situation unknown. I'm bringing the ship in, to see what we can do.»
[16:07] <Tox> Does Razorwing have a tractor array?
[16:07] <@Gwen> Razorwing is beginning to normalize internally. Reports are coming in of burnt out terminals or droids that needed to be…put down. As they draw close, readings are coming in from the ship. It's heavily damaged by…wait…there's no weapons marks and the EM field is very weird.
[16:07] <@Gwen> Tractor array? Sure!
[16:07] <Art3mis> Tara double checks her equipment, then heads for the docking bay.
01[16:07] <Kondraki> Having collected a first aid kit, Shar made a com to tox. /I'll be there to provide medical attention./
[16:07] <%Sequence> Marla races with Jillian to the docking bay as well, bag jingling against her back.
01[16:08] <Kondraki> And with that, he headed off to the docking bay.
[16:08] <Tox> "Corwin. Lock tractors onto the ship, see if you can drag it out of the EM field."
06[16:08] * Haken glances up as he gets a field generator to stop it's wild oscillations. /The hell hit us?/
01[16:08] <Kondraki> *ran
[16:08] <Daevahkiin> Mariella does so. «Roger.»
[16:09] <@Gwen> Piloting roll please!
[16:09] <Tox> /Some kind of EM pulse from an anomalous EM field./ "Corwin. Get me a reading on that field while you're at it, and try to raise them again."
01[16:09] <Kondraki> As he arrived, Shar would make a com to Dr. Allen. "Can you prepare the clinic for triage?"
01[16:09] <Kondraki> *//
[16:10] <Daevahkiin> 6df+9 tagging VAF
[16:10] <Quidmore> Daevahkiin: tagging VAF: 9 (6df+9=3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 3+, 0)
[16:11] <@Gwen> Victoria looked up from 'The Yung-Xe Five' and nodded activating her headset. /Copy that, I could use some extra power here, the medical computers are being jackasses./
[16:11] <@Gwen> Daed manages to reverse the polarity of the tractor beam flow and pull the vessel OUT of the weird field.
01[16:12] <Kondraki> Another com went out. /Jillian, could you reroute additional power to medical?/
[16:12] <Daevahkiin> Mariella also checks sensor readings regarding the EM field, as ordered. «The vessel has been successfully removed from the field's area of effect.»
[16:12] <Tox> "Corwin, hail them again."
[16:12] <Daevahkiin> «Hailing signal sent, awaiting response.»
[16:13] <Tox> "On screen."
[16:13] <Dawny> Jillian stats to see where power can be cut and sent to medical. /What's it needed for?/
[16:13] <%Sequence> Marla sorts through her bag again, muttering the various repairs that would likely be needed.
01[16:14] <Kondraki> Sending a quick confirm to Victoria, he responded. /The power loss messed up our systems. We need to prepare for possible triage./
[16:14] <Art3mis> Tara pulls out her com. /I've got a spare power core for my plasma caster in my room. Should be able to keep something running./
[16:15] <Dawny> Jillian cuts the power to the kitchen and sends it to medical. /Tell me when things are online, or if you need assistance/
[16:16] <%Sequence> She scoots over to a Damage Control station and pulls out two suits, waving at Jillian. "Jillian come on we need to get the suits on in case it's vacuum out there come on!"
01[16:16] <Kondraki> Waiting at the docking bay, Shar was glad he could get that settled. /Appreciated, I'll keep you informed./
[16:16] <@Gwen> An image of an older man appears on screen. "Thank the Cogs you found me!" He coughs a few times. Looks like he's pretty beat up. "Please I need to get off this ship, the Atmos controls are venting rapidly!"
[16:16] <Dawny> Jillian slips her com in her pocket. "Sorry, sorry. Assisting medical" She slips into a suit.
[16:17] <%Sequence> Marla helps her suit up and then scrambles into her own.
[16:17] <Tox> "Calm down, sir, this is the SSV Razorwing. What happened to your ship?"
[16:17] <Dawny> Jillian helps Marla!
[16:17] <Tox> Is there a bay big enough to accomodate the Atlas freighter?
[16:18] <Art3mis> /There a line gun down here?/
[16:18] <Haken> /Attention Directors, hit the circuit breakers of all your broke shit, cut it off, then turn it back on. If its still not working, the chips in it are fried. -Haken/
[16:18] <@Gwen> "Let me on board and I'll explain everything!" Oh absolutely…the Razorwing is like ten times the size of this ship. Not really…but still, yes.
[16:19] <Tox> "Are your engines and navigation systems operational, or are you powerless?" Ran orders a bay cleared, and engineering, security, and medical to assemble therein.
01[16:20] <Kondraki> Recieving his assignment, Shar heads off to grab a pressure suit and go to the arrival bay.
[16:20] <%Sequence> Marla grabs her bag and rushes for that bay. Or she was already in it. Whatever.
[16:20] <@Gwen> "Completely powerless…those bastards have EM fields that I've never seen before!"
[16:21] <Tox> "Roger. I'm going to tractor your ship into mine, okay? I have engineering and medical staff standing by."
[16:21] <@Gwen> "Thank you, sir!" The transmission cuts. The results of the EM scan are coming in as well.
[16:22] <Tox> Ran looks at the report. "Corwin. Get that freighter into the bay I've cleared."
[16:23] <@Gwen> The EM Field has energy signatures in common with the Tempus Fugit and Zohara.
[16:23] <Daevahkiin> «Roger. Should I also execute long-range scans, given that he apparently was under attack?»
[16:24] <Art3mis> «Greeting party is ready.»
[16:24] <Dawny> Jillian's in the bay
[16:24] <Tox> "…." Ran nods. "Do so. If you can tell me if the attackers are here, do so."
[16:24] <%Sequence> Marla is in the bay, shifting from side to side.
06[16:24] * Haken standsby for further word.
01[16:25] <Kondraki> Looking down at Marla, he smiled. "You look eager."
[16:25] <Daevahkiin> «Roger.» Mariella begins a sweeping scan of the area for any residual engine output, signals, EM disturbances… anything that a ship would emit or leave behind.
[16:25] <@Gwen> The beat up Astral-class frieghter, labelled Fireball floats into the day before landing with a loud thud. There are hull breaches in a few places…it looks like something VERY nasty hit this ship.
[16:25] <%Sequence> "Well there's a ship that has to be fixed, she's in trouble and this is my job this is what I do and I really want to get there before anyone's hurt or the ship is damaged even more that would be /bad/."
[16:25] <Dawny> "If you need me for medical, call. If I can get away, I will."
[16:26] <Tox> Ran starts his own scan. Anything that may have been left behind by the Fugit greeting party. He sets his scanner to alert him on his dataslate, and turns the bridge back over to Mari before heading to the bay.
[16:26] <Art3mis> Tara looks for an exit hatch, and aims her thrower at it.
[16:27] <@Gwen> There is a hatch on the mangled underbelly of the vessel. The Fugit creating party left no trace. It's like they were never actually on the ship. The hatch hisses and lowers in a shower of sparks.
01[16:27] <Kondraki> Ezra is waiting back at the rec room.
[16:28] <Tox> Ran shields his eyes and steps forward.
06[16:28] * Haken grabs his PDA and heads for the hangar.
[16:28] <%Sequence> "Ooh, no…" Marla rushes towards the ship, pulling out tools to fix those hull breaches.
[16:28] <Tox> "Fix those breaches," he says belatedly.
01[16:29] <Kondraki> Shar begins to walk towards the ship with his medkit. "This looks bad."
[16:29] <Art3mis> The plasma thrower hums menacingly. "Stay back, Marla. Could be a trap."
[16:29] <@Gwen> The old man from the holocall sort of rolls out and stands, coughing a few times. He's dressed in rather interesting looking clothing…Earth-4 fashions mainly. Lots of purple and brown.
[16:29] <Dawny> Jillian quickly starts to fix dem breaches, mumbling quietly and talking to the ship.
[16:29] <%Sequence> Marla ignores Tara and the old man, fixing those breaches.
06[16:29] * Haken enters, standing well back from the man
[16:30] <Tox> Ran straightens up, looking down at the man. "Executive Officer Ranaghan Sarnorbarra. Welcome aboard. What happened?"
01[16:30] <Kondraki> Shar activates his internal imaging scanner to inspect the man. "Are you hurt?"
[16:30] <@Gwen> Mechanics rolls from Seq and Dawny
[16:30] <Dawny> 6df+9 Tagging 'Don
[16:30] <Quidmore> Dawny: Tagging 'Don: 6 (6df+9=3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[16:30] <Dawny> ''Don'
01[16:31] <Kondraki> 6df+4 Medical
[16:31] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Medical: 5 (6df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[16:31] <%Sequence> 6df+4 Marla tries her hardest!
[16:31] <Quidmore> Sequence: Marla tries her hardest!: 3 (6df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 0)
[16:31] <Dawny> "Don't touch it' mother of god
[16:32] <@Gwen> He has radiation burns and a few sharpnel wounds, also a pocket of internal bleeding in his lower chest. "My name is Gregor Bal…I'm a…treasure hunter." He coughs a few more times. The ship is fairly look quality so all the breaches are easily fixed given time.
06[16:32] * Haken inspects the ship trying to figure the type of damage.
[16:33] <Tox> "And you were attempting to land on this planet?" Ran gestures in the direction of the planet Razorwing is orbiting.
[16:33] <@Gwen> Hake Mechanics roll please
01[16:33] <Kondraki> "Sarnorbarra, permission to bring this man aboard for immediate medical treatment?"
[16:33] <Art3mis> Tara lowers her thrower some. He doesn't seem like a threat… But he has a beard. Beards are evil.
[16:34] <@Gwen> "No, just passing through the system." He sighed. "I had just finished a dig outside of the Vashin Nebula…amazing stuff…and then I was contracted by this strange bunch of people.
[16:34] <Tox> "They called their ship the Tempus Fugit, Celestial Orrery, no?"
[16:34] <Tox> "Granted, Cull, we'll walk and talk."
[16:34] <Haken> 6df+9
[16:34] <Quidmore> Haken: 10 (6df+9=4-, 3+, 3+, 0, 0, 0)
01[16:36] <Kondraki> Looking back to the man, Shar pulled out his usual hypo, although this time he'd leave out the relaxants. "Sir, if you'd come with us, we'd like to treat your injuries."
[16:36] <@Gwen> The man nods. "How did you know?" Haken has no doubt see weapons that do damage like this. They're all prototypes that are I highly classified. The type of weapon is known as an 'Omnicron Array.'
[16:36] <@Gwen> *seen
[16:36] <Tox> "We have been contacted by them as well. We were instructed to cancel our pending mission on this planet. Something about temporal crimes."
[16:37] <Dawny> Jillian wipes the sweat off her forehead, welding is hot, and this suit doesn't help.
[16:37] <%Sequence> Marla just keeps working, doing her best to ignore the heat.
[16:37] <Art3mis> Tara follows, keeping the man covered.
[16:38] <@Gwen> The old man's eyes widen and his heart rate skyrockets. "Temporal crimes!?" He braces himself against Ran. "But…the…" He gestures back to his ship.
01[16:38] <Kondraki> Heading off to medical, Shar injected the man with the tissue repairing nanocites and painkillers. "Calm down sir…"
[16:38] <Tox> "Huh?" Ran blinks. "Why does that have you so spooked, Bal?"
[16:40] <@Gwen> "You need to get the black Crypticase from my Cargohold…immediately." He struggled to head back to the ship.
[16:40] <Tox> "You go with Shar. I'll retrieve the case." Ran hurries back to the ship and boards.
[16:41] <@Gwen> Ran finds that entire cargo hold has caved in…and it's going to required welding crews and at least a half hour to get in.
01[16:41] <Kondraki> Shar made sure to pull him with him to medical. "Where did you get those radiation burns?"
[16:41] <%Sequence> Marla steps back when the hull is fixed and nods to Jillian. "Wiring?"
[16:42] <Dawny> Jillian shakes her head and stands. "Let's check her out"
[16:42] <Haken> Could Haken help pry the thing open? Speed it up?
[16:42] <Tox> "Son of a…" He clambers out. "New orders!"
[16:42] <Art3mis> Tara follows Ran back.
[16:42] <Tox> "I need into that cargo hold /now./"
[16:42] <Art3mis> "I can cut the thing open if I focus the beam."
[16:42] <Tox> "I'm not risking damaging whatever he wants me to get out."
[16:42] <Art3mis> Tara twists a few knobs. The low hum of the plasma thrower rises higher, approximately a high C.
[16:42] <Art3mis> "Depends on how fast you want it."
06[16:42] * Haken frowns. "Hold up, Tara. Don't destroy the shit inside."
[16:43] <%Sequence> Marla just sticks with Jillian.
[16:43] <@Gwen> "My power core was hit and it filled the cockpit with radioactive articles." He finally relaxed with a sigh. "What's an Ilth doing on this side of the Local Group?"
[16:44] <Dawny> Jillian checks for any kind of venting. It would be easier to cut from inside a vent, thinner metal.
01[16:44] <Kondraki> "It's a long story." As they arrived at medical, he looked to Dr. Allen. "We need radiation cleanup and quarantine, immediately."
[16:44] <Tox> "Get me in, but don't destroy what's inside." He contacts Mari. "Step up the scans. I'm concerned our friends from yesterday might be coming back."
[16:45] <Tox> "Get us out of the plane of the ecliptic, if you would, please."
[16:46] <Dawny> Also, maintenance panels, that would be an easy way in.
[16:46] <@Gwen> Victoria nods and points towards a small chamber near the back of Medical. "Get him in there for the clean up. Setting four. I'll get quarantine ready."
06[16:46] * Haken gestures for Tara to follow. He points out a spot outside the hold. "Hit here, low intensity for eight seconds."
[16:47] <Dawny> 6df+3 Jillian looks for easy ways in.
[16:47] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian looks for easy ways in.: 2 (6df+3=4-, 3+, 0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[16:47] <%Sequence> 6df+7 tagging Hey, What's That
[16:47] <Quidmore> Sequence: tagging Hey, What's That: 7 (6df+7=3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 0, 4-)
[16:47] <%Sequence> Marla also looks for easy ways in!
[16:47] <Daevahkiin> «Copy. Repositioning now.» Mariella assigns more processing power to the ongoing scans.
01[16:48] <Kondraki> Taking the man into the cleanup room, he took off the pressure suit he was wearing and tossed that in too, as he closed the door on him. Setting the intensity to 4, he activated the cleanup, putting his labcoat back on.
[16:48] <@Gwen> Sequence noticeds a weaker joint the metal that the plasma thrower would likely go through. Of course, after the plasma thrower started to the job, welding would be used to finish it before Haken PAWNCH.
[16:48] <@Gwen> Dr. Allen sighed and looked over to Shar. "My book was just started to get good!"
01[16:49] <Kondraki> "You'll have plenty of time to read after we deal with our triage."
[16:49] <%Sequence> "Hey, Haken, Tara! Heat here, that'll weaken it" Marla points at the spot.
06[16:50] * Haken inspects. "Hmm. Good call, Marla…."
[16:51] <%Sequence> "And then we can weld and weaken it and then all we need is a good shove!:
[16:51] <Tox> "Do it."
[16:51] <Dawny> Jillian steps back to let the others do the dismembering.
[16:52] <Art3mis> "Roger."
[16:52] <%Sequence> "Jillian you seem better at welding than me, come on, you help!"
[16:52] <Art3mis> "Goggles on, guys."
[16:52] <Tox> Ran has no goggles! Turns away instead.
[16:52] <Art3mis> Tara shoulders the thrower, and pulls the trigger. There is a blinding white flash and a crack.
06[16:53] * Haken watches, polarizing his eyes.
[16:53] <Dawny> Jillian slips her goggles back on before the flash, thank goodness.
[16:53] <Art3mis> 6df+9 tagging Moar Dakka
[16:53] <Quidmore> Art3mis: tagging Moar Dakka: 12 (6df+9=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
01[16:54] <Kondraki> Shar checked in on the patient as the cleanup finished. "Alright, come on out, we need to get you into quarantine."
[16:56] <Dawny> 6df+5 Jillian kneels and begins cutting at the door.
[16:56] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian kneels and begins cutting at the door.: 6 (6df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[16:56] <%Sequence> Marla rubs at her eyes, hissing.
[16:56] <@Gwen> The hull glows a very happy blue as it begans to weaken and melt. Gregor nods and wanders out. Quarantine had been set up around one of the cots.
[16:56] <Art3mis> "Shazam."
[16:56] <Art3mis> Tara grins widely inside her helmet.
06[16:57] * Haken steps up.
[16:57] <Tox> "Take it away."
[16:57] <@Gwen> Another transmission reaches the ship…the source is unknown.
[16:57] <Haken> 6df+9 Tagging Cybernetics
[16:57] <Quidmore> Haken: Tagging Cybernetics: 11 (6df+9=3+, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3+)
[16:57] <%Sequence> She blinks quickly, watching Haken step up to the plate and punch it.
[16:57] <@Gwen> BLAM
[16:57] <Tox> Is it patched through to Ran?
[16:58] <@Gwen> Sure
[16:58] <Tox> «SSV Razorwing.»
[16:58] <Tox> Ran turns aside, a hand to his ear.
01[16:58] <Kondraki> Bringing him over to the cot, he gestured for him to step into the quarantine field. "Tell us more about how you recieved these injuries."
[16:59] <%Sequence> Marla peers at where Haken PAUNCHED the hull.
[16:59] <@Gwen> There is a feminine laugh. "XO, you disobeyed a command. How unlike a soldier who was sculpted to perfection." It's Zohara's voice.
[17:00] <Tox> "Keeper Superior Zohara. I have not interefered with the planet in any way." His voice is cool. "You, however, have some explaining to do. How is it that a ship with no weapons is able to gut and burn an Astral-class freighter?"
06[17:01] * Haken pries at the hole, expanding it.
[17:01] <@Gwen> There is a black secure box in the centre of the cargo hold. "I was attacked by a ship…that was impossible. It's weapons penetrated my shields effortless. They kept demanding what I had." Zohara laughs. "I did not specify the planet…model soldier."
[17:02] <Tox> "Rephrase. I have not interfered with any planet." He moves to pick up the box.
06[17:02] * Haken gestures to the glowing edges of the hole. "Watch your steps….'
[17:03] <Art3mis> "I've got it."
[17:03] <Art3mis> Tara climbs through and acquires case!
[17:04] <Tox> Ran holds his hand out for the case.
[17:05] <@Gwen> "Told you that you would commit a temporal infraction while on your mission." She paused. "Hand over Gregor and what he…stole, and you will no be harmed." The Tempus Fugit manifests beside Razorwing.
[17:05] <@Gwen> *I told you
[17:05] <Art3mis> "You sure you want it? THey'll probably be gunning for the person with it, and you're not wearing any armor."
[17:06] <Daevahkiin> Mariella messages Ran. «The Tempus Fugit has appeared alongside us. Orders?»
[17:06] <Tox> "Corwin! Get us out of here, now." "Zohara. We are currently not on a mission, as you will remember, and all I've done is rescured a citizen in distress.»
[17:07] <Daevahkiin> Mariella begins evasive maneuvers, pulling the Razorwing away from the other ship.
[17:08] <Tox> "If you would like to enlighten me as to what crimes this man has committed…"
[17:09] <@Gwen> "HAND OVER THE TREASURE HUNTER!" That calm, serene nature of her's vanishes. Sirens go off as the hull of the the Tempus Fugit warps and what appear to be cannons of some kind extended outwards. "Pulling away, like a coward?" There is a very odd ripple in reality and the Razorwing freezes in space…as if…lagging. "Open the case and see for yourself."
[17:09] <Tox> Ran sounds General Quarters, ordering all troops to battle stations.
[17:09] <Art3mis> "Ran, get a cam feed on me." She drops the case on the floor, flicks two knobs on her thrower, and points it at the case.
[17:09] <Daevahkiin> «Concealed weaponry has been made visible, and we are caught in some form of spatial distortion.»
01[17:10] <Kondraki> Shar looks to Victoria. "Take care of the patient, I need to go."
[17:10] <Art3mis> The thrower itself increases its hum to a higher frequency, and it gets louder.
[17:10] <Tox> "Enlighten me!" Ran cautiously opens the case.
01[17:10] <Kondraki> Hearing the alert, Shar would take off as he headed to prepare for a possible attack.
06[17:10] * Haken steps around, observing.
[17:11] <Daevahkiin> What's the position of the Tempus Fugit relative to the Razorwing? Also, is it only forward motion that's restricted, or are they completely frozen in place?
[17:11] <Art3mis> "Ran, We can get this. They obviously want what's in here, so they'll be willing to bargain not to have me destroy it."
[17:11] <@Gwen> Inside the case is a Praximus crystal…the same Praximus crystal that only a day earlier been present on Razorwing. "Gregor Bal is a thief and a traitor to the Orrery. The punishment is death, and the same goes for the fools hiding him."
[17:12] <Tox> "Keeper Superior. We can work this out. Put your weapons away, I'll do the same. Send your delegation over."
[17:15] <@Gwen> "I gave you a warning yesterday in your timestream and yet you ignored us…Dragon…" There is a pause. Five shuttles begin to head towards Razorwing seemingly unphased by the distortion. "The time for talk and delegations has ended."
03[17:15] * Gwen sets mode: +m
[17:16] <%Sequence> Marla bites her lip and looks around. Everything's so tense right now…
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03[17:28] * Lurk_Out is now known as Lurker
02[17:33] * Paris (~ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.BAFBFFF9-CRInys|eissaC#ten.nozirev.soif.xtslld.BAFBFFF9-CRInys|eissaC) Quit (Quit: Goodbye)
03[17:43] * Pig_catapult (~moc.retrahc.ac.olns.pchd.006CF69D-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.retrahc.ac.olns.pchd.006CF69D-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #razorwing-rp
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03[17:53] * Gwen sets mode: -m
[17:57] <@Gwen> The shuttles continue to fly towards the Razorwing in a V-formation. Anyone monitoring transmissions…like last time?
06[17:58] * Haken frowns at the glint of shuttles. "Son of a bitch. Get security in here, Ran. We need to rabbit."
[17:58] <Art3mis> "Want me, Shar?"
[17:58] <Tox> "How was I to know that aiding a civilian in distress would run afoul of the time police?!" Ran snaps. "More to the point, I do not believe this is the Gregor Bal you are looking for. That is to say, I do not think this man is WHEN you think he is." At the same time, Ran issues orders to prepare to repel a boarding party. "Jill. You have some data on their technology, right? Marla, you too? Give me angles, weak points, place
[17:58] <%Sequence> Marla nods and pulls out her slate, poring through the information given to her. Roll something to find something?
[17:59] <Tox> "Corwin! How are we oriented relative to them?"
[17:59] <Dawny> Jillian does the same as Marla, as well as trying to hack into their comms.
[17:59] <@Gwen> Seq give an electronics roll
[18:00] <%Sequence> 6df+4 Marla pores!
[18:00] <Quidmore> Sequence: Marla pores!: 4 (6df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 0, 0, 0)
[18:00] <Art3mis> Tara sort of stands there awkwardly, not having anything to do.
[18:00] <Dawny> 6df+8 Tagging 'Don't touch it' I'm going to assume you want the same from me.
[18:00] <Quidmore> Dawny: Tagging 'Don't touch it' I'm going to assume you want the same from me.: 7 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 0, 3+, 0, 0)
06[18:01] * Haken turns, glares at Tara. "Get set up in a fighting position. Ran, I'll handle the repelling parties for now."
01[18:01] <Kondraki> "Yeah, let's go Tara." He headed off to prepare for a boarding action.
[18:01] <@Gwen> They appear to be unstable. Their ship, the people themselves. All of their physical-ness…exists rather shakily. The comms systems are still just as weird. Each shuttle is almost tied to the Tempus with a datastream disguised as a comms link.
[18:02] <Art3mis> Tara takes position.
[18:02] <Haken> "You figure what these guys game is. We need to get out of here. Find Doctor Trebuchet."
[18:02] <Tox> "Corwin! Can you jam their transmissions?"
[18:03] <%Sequence> "It's really really weird, everything is strange and… well, the shuttles are like, kind of almost tied to the ship with a datastream but why would they do that?"
[18:03] <Dawny> Jillian tries to hack the data stream.
[18:03] <Tox> "Because…..I don't know, but if we can use it, let's do it. Jam their transmissions!"
06[18:04] * Haken starts preparing the hangar. Dragging around crates and such, setting up positions for cover and points to fall back to.
[18:04] <Tox> "Better yet, take control of it if you can."
[18:04] <@Gwen> Dawny, Electronics please.
01[18:04] <Kondraki> Ezra, with nothing much else to do as she follows the communications on board, decides to see if she can take a crack at hacking into the shipboard systems from her PC in her office, and pry whatever she can from them.
[18:04] <Dawny> 6df+4 Jillian pours herself into her work.
[18:04] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian pours herself into her work.: 4 (6df+4=3+, 4-, 0, 4-, 0, 3+)
06[18:05] * Haken gestures to areas for the Security teams to set up in, establishing a defensive position, with overlapping fields of fire, supplementary and fall back positions
[18:05] <Art3mis> Tara heads to the armory, and collects an E-Web Repeater, which she drags back to the bay, setting the generator next to her and powering it up, then hooking the heavy blaster in.
01[18:05] <Kondraki> 6df+4 Engineering(Electronics)
[18:05] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Engineering(Electronics): 5 (6df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[18:06] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany would be in her lab, messing with some fried lab equipment
[18:06] <Tox> Ran coordinates with Haken, relying on his experience to shore up where he's lacking.
[18:06] <@Gwen> At the start it seems like nothing to hack them, but they almost shift and evolve around Jill's hacking. The first ship at the head of the V floats into view, entering the landing bay slowly.
06[18:06] * Haken holds a hand up, fist closed.
[18:07] <Dawny> "What the fuck…" Jillian growls, typing furiously.
[18:07] <Tox> Ran settles down, locating Doctor Trebuchet. "Haken! Epi's in her lab!"
[18:07] <%Sequence> Can Marla roll Electronics to aid Jillian?
[18:07] <Art3mis> Tara hunches down behind the E-Web, centering the sights directly on the cockpit.
01[18:07] <Kondraki> Shar has his hand nearly reaching for the grim of the blade on his hip.
01[18:07] <Kondraki> grip*
[18:08] <@Gwen> Shar has the same issue with hacking. Sequence, yes you can.
[18:08] <Haken> "STEADYYYYY!"
[18:08] <%Sequence> 6df+4 Marla tries to help Jillian.
[18:08] <Quidmore> Sequence: Marla tries to help Jillian.: -1 (6df+4=4-, 4-, 0, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[18:08] <Daevahkiin> Mariella tries to figure out whether they can do any of the stuff Ran is asking her about.
[18:09] <@Gwen> The shuttle lands and Ran gets a transmission. "You have ten minutes to talk, Dragon man." The doors of the shuttle open and Zohara walks down the ramp. Daed…what stuff specifically?
[18:10] <%Sequence> Marla fucks everything up.
[18:10] <Dawny> Jillian growls softly and rubs her temples. She slumps against the wall and re-thinks her way though this problem. May I roll for hacking again?
06[18:10] * Haken glares. "Hold fire. You. Step forward, hold your hands out."
[18:11] <Daevahkiin> What are their positions relative to the Tempus Fugit, and can they jam transmissions?
[18:11] <Haken> That was at Zohara, btw
[18:11] <@Gwen> They're parallel to the RW and they don't appear to be jamming or attempting to.
[18:12] <@Gwen> Zohara looks to Haken and blinks at him a few times, her eyes scanning him with that light green-blue glow.
[18:12] <Art3mis> Zohara might notice a very large muzzle which is connected to a barrel covered with heat shielding tracking her.
[18:12] <Daevahkiin> Can Razorwing jam /their/ transmissions, not the other way around.
[18:12] <@Gwen> I need an electronics roll for that.
[18:12] <Haken> Does Haken know anything about the eyes?
[18:13] <Tox> "Stand down," Ran says, approaching the ramp. "Zohara. You instructed us that our mission to the planet might jeopardize the time stream. And so, I have not embarked on it yet. However, aiding an apparent civilian in distress? How could I suspect that that could be the same violation? And you did not give anyone a chance to explain anything before you immediately went hostile. Our intent was never to anger you."
[18:13] <Tox> 6df+4 Persuasion
[18:13] <Quidmore> Tox: Persuasion: 1 (6df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[18:14] <Daevahkiin> From which direction are the shuttles approaching?
[18:14] <Tox> 6df+4 burning an AP to force a reroll
[18:14] <Quidmore> Tox: burning an AP to force a reroll: 0 (6df+4=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-, 4-, 4-)
02[18:14] * Quidmore (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D22CDBD5-CRInys|tobeparg#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D22CDBD5-CRInys|tobeparg) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
03[18:15] * Quidmore (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D22CDBD5-CRInys|tobeparg#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D22CDBD5-CRInys|tobeparg) has joined #razorwing-rp
[18:15] <Tox> 6df+4 just like Daft Punk, one more time
[18:15] <Quidmore> Tox: just like Daft Punk, one more time: 7 (6df+4=4-, 0, 3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[18:16] <Dawny> 6df+4 Jillian tries again.
[18:16] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian tries again.: 6 (6df+4=0, 0, 3+, 0, 0, 3+)
[18:17] <Art3mis> 6df+4 Tara has an intimidatingly large gun.
[18:17] <Quidmore> Art3mis: Tara has an intimidatingly large gun.: 3 (6df+4=3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[18:18] <@Gwen> "While your intent was never to anger us, you misunderstood me. I said that if you were to continue on this mission you would be guilty of a temporal infraction. The planet was only implied as it was present at the time." She glances at Tara and her eyes narrow. "I /dare/ you to try."
[18:18] <Tox> "Tara, stand down."
[18:18] <Art3mis> "I'm not standing down as long as she's proving a danger to this ship and I haven't seen anything otherwise yet, Ran."
[18:18] <Haken> 6df+4 Electronics
[18:18] <Quidmore> Haken: Electronics: 4 (6df+4=3+, 3+, 0, 0, 4-, 4-)
[18:19] <Daevahkiin> Where are the undocked shuttles relative to the Razorwing?
[18:19] <Tox> "Keeper Superior. Responding to the distress call was not in our original mission. Therefore, how could I suspect anything? If you talk to us, help me understand what this man has done…"
01[18:20] <Kondraki> Shar still simply stood by, his pose calm but still ever ready to leap into a melee.
[18:20] <@Gwen> Haken, her eyes are the strangest thing you've ever seen. The shuttles are hovering just off the starboard side of the ship. Zohara looks to the shuttle. "I assume that you've found what is inside?"
06[18:20] * Haken folds his arms, drumming his fingers on his arm. -clink clink clink-
[18:21] <Tox> "We have. It looks to be a…what did you call it? A praximus?"
[18:21] <@Gwen> "Correct, it is a Praximus…from Gregor Bal's past…and while your temporal reasoning is sound…he is exactly WHEN we want him."
[18:21] <Tox> "Bal claims to have found it on a dig outside the Vashin Nebula, implying it was brought back to the past."
06[18:22] * Haken frowns, glancing around. /Doctor Trebuchet? The hangarx please./
[18:22] <Dawny> Jillian growls loudly, thinking about throwing her data pad. She scrolls through the information, looking for any weaknesses.
[18:23] <%Sequence> Marla bites her lip.
[18:23] <Tox> Ran picks up the case, kneeling down and setting it on the ground before opening it. "Now. How is this a crime? Explain, please."
01[18:23] <Kondraki> Having noticed someone else poking through the data, Ezra sends a message to Jill. /Hey, are you trying to hack their transmissions too?/
[18:23] <Haken> -clink clink clink-
[18:23] <Pig_catapult> /eb rghttherr/, she texts back, and starts on her way to the Hangar
[18:23] <Art3mis> Tara taps her thumbs on the top of the E-web's handgrips.
[18:23] <@Gwen> The temporal instability still is the most glaring detail. "It was not a dig, it was the wreck of another Orrery vessel." She sighed. "A prison ship, called the Trinity."
[18:24] <Dawny> Jillian sighs. /Very much so, it keeps folding and changing around my attempts./
01[18:24] <Kondraki> Ezra patches in a direct tunnel from hers to Jillian's PC. /Let's see if I can't help you out, then./
[18:24] <Tox> "And this Praximus contains a memory of….what, exactly?"
[18:25] <Dawny> Jillian opens her pc to the patch. /I would appreciate it/
[18:25] <@Gwen> "His admitting to aiding in the destruction of Trinity three decades ago."
01[18:26] <Kondraki> Bringing in what she had been attempting, she supplies Jillian with her own code and what she knew of the security protocols.
01[18:27] <Kondraki> 6df+8 Engineering(Progamming) Association By Proxy tapped
[18:27] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Engineering(Progamming) Association By Proxy tapped: 12 (6df+8=0, 3+, 3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
[18:27] <Tox> Ran sucks in a breath. "Mmmm, is that so? And for this act, he is guilty of….what, treason? Simple murder?"
[18:27] <Dawny> 6df+4 Jillian shares what she's learned with Ezra as well.
[18:27] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian shares what she's learned with Ezra as well.: 6 (6df+4=0, 3+, 0, 3+, 0, 0)
[18:27] <@Gwen> "Mass murder and Criminally Altering the Timestream."
[18:27] <%Sequence> Marla shifts uncomfortably and is useless.
[18:27] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany trundles into the hangar.
06[18:28] * Haken drums his fingers. -clink clink clink- "And are we just taking it on your word?"
[18:28] <Tox> "Destroying a vessel alters the timestream? Or was the Trinity a vessel from our future, brought to our timeframe and destroyed out of sequence?"
[18:28] <@Gwen> Ez and Jillian manage to hack into the HUGE web of transmissions flowing between the ship and the shuttles and from one of the shuttles directly to Zohara.
[18:28] <@Gwen> She nods at Ran. "You would make an excellent Keeper."
[18:29] <Pig_catapult> "Ummm…" Epiphany shifts uncomfortably.
[18:30] <Tox> Ran stands back up, and nods back. "It seems unfair, though, to disallow Gregor to speak in his own defense. Too, can we agree that we are not going to further the hostilities, and try to resolve this peacefully?"
01[18:30] <Kondraki> Ezra forwards all data about the transmissions to Mariella and Ran as they recieve it. /Ran! We hacked their shit!/
[18:30] <Dawny> Jillian trundles around in the information, looking to see why they're using this mode instead of another.
06[18:30] * Haken turns and nods politely. "Doctor Trebuchet. Good afternoon. Keeper Zohara, this is Doctor Epiphany Trebuchet. I trust you've heard of her?"
[18:31] <Art3mis> Tara's not going to even move that gun barrel until these people prove they're safe.
[18:32] <@Gwen> "You want him to speak?" She moved towards the Praximus before looking up very slowly towards the young doctor. "Pardon?" You're not sure why, but it looks like hundreds of thousands of commands…neuralogical commands are being send to each ship.
[18:32] <Tox> "In our time, it is considered a miscarriage of justice to not let him speak in his own defense, explain why he did what he did."
[18:33] <Pig_catapult> /What's going on?/ Epiphany writes on her tablet.
01[18:33] <Kondraki> Ezra began to look into the data, trying to establish if their mission was true, and if their story checked out.
[18:34] <@Gwen> "You have no authority over the matter crafted-man." Zohara looks back to Epiphany…terrified and disgusted. Their story checks out 100% he is a guilt criminal 30 years ago.
01[18:34] <Kondraki> Not only that, but she tried to mine as much personel data as possible, raiding through the archives and dredging their stores of information.
[18:34] <Daevahkiin> Mariella sends a brief acknowledgement to Ezra, then turns to the store of data she copied out of their system during the first encounter, attempting to decrypt it now that she has access to their own systems.
[18:34] <Dawny> Jillian checks the commands. Neurological as in the data is what controls the people? She relays this thought to Ezra, but I'm not sure how to word it.
01[18:35] <Kondraki> Ezra shot back a message to Ran. /Their whole story checks out…he's guilty./
[18:35] <@Gwen> There's NO personel data, at all. But there's information about Supernovas that will happen, or the rising of the Id Empire…in two hundred years. Something about a man named Brutus.
[18:35] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany gives Zohara a dirty look. /What? You got a problem?/
01[18:35] <Kondraki> Whatever Jill said, it seemed to get through. /Hmm…maybe they're using some form of mental-based communication, such as telepathy?/
[18:35] <@Gwen> "Ran, what the hell is…that…doing on your ship?" Zohara looks to him.
06[18:36] * Haken applies one as well. "Crafted MSN?"
[18:36] <Tox> "What the hell is…what, Keeper? Dr. Trebuchet?"
[18:36] <@Gwen> "Is that it's name?"
06[18:36] * Haken growls. "Watch your tone, Keeper."
[18:36] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany is Not Amused.
01[18:36] <Kondraki> "If you have a problem with our good doctor, then you have a problem with us."
[18:36] <Tox> "It?" Ran raises an eyebrow.
[18:36] <Dawny> Jillian shakes her head. /I'm thinking more like they can't function without it. Like our neurological impulses./
[18:36] <Art3mis> Tara flicks on the laser sight. A nice red dot dances on the Keeper's chest.
[18:36] <%Sequence> Marla shifts her weight and is SO USELESS.
01[18:37] <Kondraki> Shar was rather fond of the little doctor.
[18:37] <Daevahkiin> Mariella transcribes all the information to a separate location as it is decoded, since the original files will be semi-useless without their decryption schemes. She then checks into the feasibility of copying the encryption processes themselves, so that they could benefit from the futuristic security protocols.
[18:37] <Tox> "Tara! Stand down! There is no need to anger them further."
[18:38] <Art3mis> "Ran, they're finding a need to anger /me/ further. You wanted someone to stand there and hold a gun, you should have hired a droid. But you hired me."
[18:38] <Tox> "And…SHE has a name. Dr. Epiphany Trebuchet. A victim of a space-time anomaly." He turns to Tara. "Yeah? And now I'm tellin' you to stand down, at least for the moment."
01[18:38] <Kondraki> Ezra sends Marla a 5TB archive of funny cat videos from the future to amuse her in the meantime.
[18:39] <@Gwen> "Her presence aboard you ship is a violate of the Articles. But I'll make you a deal, XO." She smiled. "I take Gregor Bal and the Praximus, you get off…free as birds." Daed you can gather enough stuff to create whatever you want. Write up and idea…impress the GMs!"
[18:39] <@Gwen> *violation
[18:39] <%Sequence> Marla cracks a smile as she watches, still feeling useless, though. :C
[18:39] <Pig_catapult> /I didn't abandon troubleshooting the DNA replicator to get insulted by some lady I don't even know./
01[18:39] <Kondraki> Ezra replies. /That's true…so what if we cut off those communications?/
[18:40] <Art3mis> "Or, I could not shoot you into bloody mist, and you could leave without anything."
[18:40] <Tox> Ran rubs his chin, reviewing the messages he's been receiving. "You're not even interested in the why?" At this point, he's buying time. He growls. "Tara Syko," he says warningly.
[18:40] <Dawny> /Not sure…maybe Shar should come look at this./
[18:40] <Dawny> "Marla, my love, would you do me a huge favor?"
[18:41] <%Sequence> "Yeah? What is it Jillian what do you need what can I do?"
[18:41] <@Gwen> "Ran, you kitty has claws. I'm impressed." She looks from Tara to Ran. "The why?:
[18:41] <Tox> "Or, do you already know the why of it?"
[18:41] <Art3mis> "Huh. First time you've actually used my first name, Ran. Maybe the stress of leadership is getting to you."
06[18:41] * Haken steps forward, standing next to Ran.
[18:41] <Art3mis> Tara grumbles in her helmet about the kitty comment.
[18:41] <Haken> "Syko. Enough."
[18:42] <Art3mis> "I won't get enough until there aren't assholes threatening us on our ship."
[18:42] <Dawny> "Can you run over to Shar and have him come see me. He's right there." Jillian points to Shar, about a hundred or so feet away. "But whisper it in his ear, don't be too loud."
[18:42] <%Sequence> Marla nods excitedly and scurries over to Shar.
[18:42] <Art3mis> "Personally, I don't see why we couldn't have done this over the gorram comms."
[18:43] <Pig_catapult> /Look, I get that this bitch has got… some bullshit to do with timeline stuff, but if she's not actually here to kill me properly, I kinda have a DNA replicator with a fried something somewhere in it./
[18:43] <Pig_catapult> /And I'd like to go get back to finding that./
[18:43] <%Sequence> She tugs at his shoulder, standing on tiptoe to whisper in his ear. "Jillian wants to talk to you!"
[18:43] <@Gwen> Zohara smiles at Ran. "Exactly." She looks to him quizzcally. "The Keepers could you someone unphased by temporal concepts."
[18:44] <Tox> "I appreciate the job offer, Keeper Superior, but I'm already spoken for."
01[18:44] <Kondraki> Shar looked down at Marla before nodding, taking a last look at the keeper with some contempt as he headed off to talk to Jillian. "Yes?"
[18:44] <Art3mis> "Ran, no matter how much money, alcohol, and girls they offer you…"
[18:44] <%Sequence> Marla tags along with Shar!
[18:45] <Haken> "Stick around a bit, doctor. Who cares what this thing thinks?"
[18:45] <Dawny> "This is some sort of…neurological stuff…can you read what it's for?"
[18:45] <Pig_catapult> "Fine…"
01[18:46] <Kondraki> "Hmm…I may, but this is more in Dr. Allen's field." Regardless, Shar attempts to apply his medical knowledge to the situation.
[18:46] <Daevahkiin> Mariella continues downloading and decrypting as much as she can while the line is still open, but makes several copies of the encryption protocols, as those are the most necessary and valuable part.
01[18:46] <Kondraki> 6df+4 Medicine
[18:46] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Medicine: 1 (6df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
01[18:46] <Kondraki> 6df+4 Medicine AP to reroll
[18:46] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Medicine AP to reroll: 5 (6df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-)
[18:47] <@Gwen> Shar remembers reading a paper about hiveminds. This is basically what the author wrote about. Hiveminds as datastreams into the brains of people.
02[18:49] * @GwenDroid (~ac.dniw.gne.94946F8-CRInys|tahCdnA#ac.dniw.gne.94946F8-CRInys|tahCdnA) Quit (Quit: Bye)
01[18:49] <Kondraki> "This looks like a typical hive mind." He looked down to Jillian. "Does that mean…tell me, can you check their personnel files for me?"
[18:49] <Dawny> "There are none"
06[18:49] * Haken taps his arm, looking at Zohara. "I take it they fixed the bottling effects in the Omicron Relays?"
[18:50] <@Gwen> Zohara nods. "Though I am not in the combat division, so I do not know the details."
01[18:50] <Kondraki> "Then that confirms my suspicion. Can you cut off those transmissions?"
[18:50] <%Sequence> Marla bounces. "I can help!"
[18:50] <Dawny> "I can try my damdist…I'll see if Ezra and Marla can help too."
01[18:51] <Kondraki> Ezra sends a message to Jillian. /Did you get a reply?/
[18:51] <Dawny> /Ezra, we need to block these transmissions/
01[18:52] <Kondraki> Starting on shutting down the ship to shuttle communcations, she'd work on bringing down the whole network a connection at a time. /Got it, let's do this!/
[18:52] <@Gwen> No rolling yet
[18:52] <Art3mis> «I can take these guys out at any time, just so you know.»
[18:52] <Art3mis> Tara shuts off her outer helmet speaker for that one.
[18:53] <Dawny> /let me clear with Ran first/
[18:53] <Tox> Ran considers. "Your information and evidence checks out. Gregor Bal is guilty of the crimes for which he has been accused." Ran nods. "In the interest of healthy relationships between our crews, I accept your deal."
[18:54] <Dawny> Jillian sends Ran an emergency text. /Hive mind, we're going to try and shut down the comms, may shut down the people. Are we cleared?/
06[18:54] * Haken frowns at Rans statement.
[18:54] <@Gwen> Zohara smiles and holds out her hand. "I Shall your people bring him here. I apologize for the earlier…nastiness."
[18:54] <Haken> "You sure that's a good idea, Ran? We don't know a damn thing about these… people."
[18:54] <Art3mis> «He can't talk or message back, she's right there. Do it now.»
[18:55] <Art3mis> "I've got a baaaad feeling about this, Ran…"
[18:55] <Tox> Ran looks over to Haken. "Perhaps not," he admits, but their data checks out. Ezra and Jill went over it."
[18:55] <Tox> "but their data…"
[18:56] <Dawny> /Haken! We are going to try and shut down the people. There data is neurological information. I need clearance on this./
[18:57] <Art3mis> «Jill, he's not going to message back. They'd see it. Just fucking do it.»
06[18:57] * Haken frowns at the scroll over his eye, then glances to Ran.
[18:57] <Art3mis> Redact
01[18:57] <Kondraki> Ezra was getting worried. /What's going on?/
[18:58] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany taps her fingernails against he railing of her scissorlift impatiently
[18:58] <Pig_catapult> *the
06[18:58] * Haken pulls his PDA out, pinging a private message to Ran. /Not liking this. We need more time?/
[18:59] <Art3mis> «Ezra, I really don't like these guys. They're giving me a bad vibe.»
[18:59] <%Sequence> Marla pulls out her slate, readying herself to HACK.
[18:59] <Dawny> /We can't move without clearance…/ to Ezra
[19:00] <Tox> Ran glances back, sent into a brief moment of paralysis. Gregor is guilty…yet he is innocent. Zohara is a ruthless warlord, proven capable of terrible acts.
[19:00] <Art3mis> Tara draws little circles on Zohara's chest with the laser dot.
[19:01] <Dawny> /Just one nod and we'll get to work Ran…come on…we need a decision./
[19:01] <Daevahkiin> Only vaguely aware of the other hackers due to their manipulations of the data stream, Mariella is continuing to copy as much information as her isolated partition will hold. The translated copies are going into her personal storage buffer.
01[19:01] <Kondraki> ./The longer we just wait here, the better chances they have of locking us out!/
[19:02] <Haken> "Ran. Make a call."
06[19:02] * Haken is staring levelly at Ran.
[19:02] <Dawny> /I know, I know…I…I'll take responsibility. Let's shut them down./
[19:02] <Tox> Ran sighs. He holds Haken's gaze, then nods.
[19:03] <@Gwen> Okay. Anyone involved in hacking roll electronics please.
01[19:03] <Kondraki> Ezra /Jill, don't be stupid! I'll at least take equal responsibility if we get in trouble./
06[19:03] * Haken smiles and walks forward. "Keeper Zohara! Since you're from the future, you should know a little about me, right?"
[19:03] <@Gwen> "Nothing that I could tell you without commiting a crime myself, Mr. Crowley."
01[19:03] <Kondraki> 6df+8 Engineering(Programming), Association by Proxy tapped
[19:03] <Quidmore> Kondraki: Engineering(Programming), Association by Proxy tapped: 13 (6df+8=3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[19:04] <Dawny> 6df+4 Jillian does her damndist.
[19:04] <Quidmore> Dawny: Jillian does her damndist.: 7 (6df+4=3+, 3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[19:04] <Tox> "As a gesture of good faith, could I ask you to release our ship from stasis, first?"
[19:04] <%Sequence> 6df+4 Marla works her hardest to help Jillian!
[19:04] <Quidmore> Sequence: Marla works her hardest to help Jillian!: 5 (6df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
01[19:05] <Kondraki> Ezra activates at least 50 trash data generators, flooding the communications with raw info until they shut down entirely.
01[19:05] <Kondraki> ./Jill, make sure they can't adapt their communications to filter out the noise!/
[19:05] <@Gwen> "Once the prisoner is b-" Her eyes roll back into her head and she fall backwards. From the bridge the four shuttles seem to shift and studder before floating aimlessly in space, as if they had been shut down.
[19:05] <Dawny> Jillian flood with information about tea…so much tea…
[19:05] <Haken> "But you know my history. Do you know what they call me on Jacobs World?"
06[19:06] * Haken is advancing, slowly closing with Zohara.
[19:06] <Art3mis> «Haken, get out of my line of fire.»
[19:06] <Daevahkiin> Does the datastream shut down, or just go dormant?
[19:06] <Dawny> /fucking YES/
[19:06] <@Gwen> It shuts down.
[19:06] <Tox> "Tara, I think you'll find that might be unnecessary. Guys, can you access their ship now? I want all of its information."
01[19:07] <Kondraki> Ezra cheered in her office. /Woo! Fuck the police!/
[19:07] <Art3mis> "Dibs on a shuttle. And their guns."
[19:07] <@Gwen> The time bubble fades and their starts to move away from Razorwing slowly.
[19:07] <Dawny> Jillian begins to get as much information about everything that she can.
[19:08] <Daevahkiin> Mariella watches the connection drop, tossing whatever file she was part-way through copying into the same partition as the rest, though it may not be decryptable. She lets the decryption programs finish running on all the data she had already copied.
[19:08] <Tox> "Corwin. Keep us close, I want to sieze their ship. Assuming we've shut down everyone aboard, I think we just won ourselves an entire ship."
[19:08] <@Gwen> A transmission reaches Tox.
[19:08] <%Sequence> Marla keeps up the work, also sucking information from the stream.
[19:08] <Tox> Ran signals acceptance.
06[19:08] * Haken smiles and kneels before Zohara, picking it up.
[19:08] <Art3mis> "I'm clearing the shuttle."
[19:09] <Tox> "Proceed, Syko."
[19:09] <Art3mis> Tara lets the E-Web rest on its tripod, picks up her thrower, and moves inside the shuttle.
[19:09] <%Sequence> "It's done we did it we hacked them, did we Jillian? Ezra?"
[19:09] <@Gwen> "Just what the hell have you done!?" It's the man who Tox spoke with first.
01[19:09] <Kondraki> Ezra does the same, wiping their banks clean as she picked up as much as they could possibly hold on their computers. She couldn't help but be a little greedy.
01[19:09] <Kondraki> Ezra was back in her office, as she has been the whole time :O
06[19:09] * Haken whispers in his ear. "They call me nothing. I was never there."
[19:09] <Art3mis> Anything shiny in the shuttle?
[19:10] <Tox> "Preserving the integrity of /our/ timestream," he responds.
06[19:10] * Haken holds Zohara out to Tox. "Can I kill this?"
[19:10] <Art3mis> "Haken, I have dibs!"
[19:10] <Dawny> Jillian assists in the wiping of their computers. "We did it Marla…we did it."
01[19:10] <Kondraki> Shar stood up. "I would very much prefer if you didn't."
[19:10] <Art3mis> Tara's voice comes out of the shuttle.
[19:10] <%Sequence> Marla grins and helps wipe.
[19:10] <Daevahkiin> «Roger. Should I prepare for a strike on the ship?»
01[19:10] <Kondraki> "She isn't any less of a prisoner now than our other."
[19:10] <@Gwen> It's fancy, and there are ten bodies, all in Keeper's robes. "No, you don't understand!? That was their Life Link! You severed their Link with us!" He was frantic.
[19:10] <Tox> Ran looks at her. Or it. Or whatever it actually is. "No. I want every scrap of information she had in her head."
06[19:11] * Haken frowns. Then checks for a sign of life on Zohara.
01[19:11] <Kondraki> Shar walks over to Haken. "Sorry, but I'll need you to hand her over."
[19:11] <Tox> "No, we don't understand, Keeper Thes. Much like we didn't understand when your ship threatened to blow mine out of space."
[19:12] <Art3mis> Tara rather roughly tosses them out. This is her gorram shuttle now.
[19:12] <Art3mis> "Ten more coming out."
01[19:12] <Kondraki> He looked to Tox as well. "And I have no reason to believe that she's any less worthy of care." He began to check her vital signs, and her mental activity.
[19:12] <@Gwen> There is a pause. "That's Keeper Superior Thes to you." The Tempus Fugit then faded from reality, their shuttles fading from existence. Soon Tara is left hovering about 5 feet from the ground, the shuttle gone. The bodies on the other hand are still there.
01[19:13] <Kondraki> *ran
[19:13] <@Gwen> Keeper Zohara is very much dead.
[19:13] <Art3mis> "THey took my gorram ship! In other news… I'm fucking magic."
[19:13] <Art3mis> Tara grins widely inside her helmet.
06[19:13] * Haken looks at Zohara, then tosses her aside.
[19:13] <%Sequence> Marla stares at Tara.
[19:13] <Pig_catapult> /Do I get to take them apart?/ Epiphany asks
[19:13] <@Gwen> Gravity kicks in and Tara falls.
[19:13] <Dawny> Jillian stands and takes that stupid ass suit off, if it's safe to.
[19:14] <@Gwen> It is.
01[19:14] <Kondraki> Shar moves to catch her before the body hits the ground. "Hmm…"
[19:14] <Daevahkiin> Mariella begins maneuvering the Razorwing to place the Tempus Fugit, then cancels the maneuver as the ship ceases to exist. «Cancel that, the ship is gone.» She checks her data stores. Is the original data affected by the disappearance in any way?
06[19:14] * Haken nods. "I think that might be a good idea. I'd like a look at their cybernetics, personally. Some things I've never seen."
[19:14] <Art3mis> Tara rolls and lands.
[19:14] <@Gwen> Huge chunks of data are missing, but there is still plenty to sift through.
[19:14] <Tox> Ran blows out a breath. "Well. Here's hoping that was the right call."
[19:15] <%Sequence> Marla checks over any data she collected.
[19:15] <Pig_catapult> Epiphany giggles excitedly.
[19:15] <Art3mis> "Well, so much for more guns…"
06[19:15] * Haken frowns, looking at Ran. "We need to worry about the new Keeper Superior?"
01[19:15] <Kondraki> Shar began to take the body to Medical. "Well that was exciting…"

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