The Bees




The Bees


Robotic Creations


Maintenance/repair bots


The BEES are maintenance robots designed by Neal and Marla. They are not overly inteligent and are very passive, simply wandering around the halls of the Razorwing, detecting any problems in the construction, wireing or anything else that needs fixing. It sends informantion back to Engineering so they can fix things that the little bots are unable to repair themselves.

Their main base is in an empty storage bays where the Bees stay along with a large fabricator that Neal has dubbed The Queen, which makes more Bees.

The Bees are equiped with a large number of simple tools, a welder, cutting tools, expoy extruders and large sensors that are used to scan the envrioment.

The bees talk in a very chipper voice, and will obey orders that are given to them by the crew. They also seem to regard Marla in a somewhat maternal way, calling her Mommy.

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