The Number of Trichordian

The movie starts off with a simple black screen. Text slowly starts to fade in. "The following is the only footage of the disappearance of Trichordian in the Mjolnir system. It was taken at 0617 Mjolnir Prime Standard time by two Lurks and a Sesshoun who wished to remain anonymous."

The text fades out and is replaced by the footage from a shuttlecraft. The engine is a bit loud and the camera is shaky as it looks out the window. "Haha. Mjolnir! Say bye bye!" "Come on, stop playing with that camera." "No, come on, this might be one of the last times we see the system for a few years." "Fine." The camera pans to a young red lurk with a smirk on her face. "Do I really have to?" "Yeah, come on!" "Alright…" She turns and waves out the window. "Bye bye Mjolnir. We'll see you when we see you." The camera looks back out. "Man… I always love views like this." Without warning, one of the planets simply vanishes. "Woah… Woah what the hell." "What's the matter?" "Trichordian." "What?" "Look! Trichordian's gone!" "… What the hell? No, that's gotta be a trick of the light or… oh my lord…" "What's going on?" "Trichordian just stopped existing! Look!" "… I think we should contact someone." "Who? The AEC going to look for a lost planet?" The footage ends, and the black screen returns, with words fading in. "Based on a true story." Followed by some of the actors names, and finally "The Number of Trichordian".

The movie begins.

The beginning of the movie is a mashup of different news footage, reporting on the incident, interviews with people who saw it happen, or claimed to see it. A sloppy looking Augment claims that he saw aliens come and teleport away with the planet, when confronted with the video footage, he claims. "Nah, dat den gotta be edited or summat. I saw me dem crazy greyskin aliens with the big black eyes dat done abduct people." A few minutes in, it cuts to the obviously acted part of the movie as the camera moves through a command ship, where various AEC members are moving through the halls, it's quite a hectic location. Inside a briefing room, the protagonist and his team are being briefed by a particularly chunky looking General. Sariah might even recognize him as Diel Loffer, a quite famous lurk. In the middle of the briefing, the intercom interrupts. "General Tunyk. Trichordian is back." "What?" "Sir. It just reappeared." The music dramatically swells as it pans to show the shocked expression of the team, then cuts to a view of the planet from an observation deck. Several characters banter and bicker until the human protagonist, Lieutenant Ken MacMillan, suggests sending a drone down to the surface. Everyone pauses and looks at him, cue a comical. "What?" followed by the landing of a small shuttle with a drone wheeling out and scanning the area. The camera takes the drone's point of view, wheeling around and looking at the landscapes. It comes upon a semi-destroyed city, and the music gets tense. The drone heads down a main city street, the music seems to stop a bit, and the only audible noise is the motor whirring as it heads forward. There's a clicking, and then the screen erupts in static. Scripted shock moment. It cuts to the team watching the video. "Something's down there." "No shit, our drones don't just stop sending signals." "We have to go check it out." The team goes back and forth before approaching the General again, who, after persuading, agrees to let Lieutenant MacMillan take his team down to the surface. They suit up, and there's a brief scene where he and one of his hybrid team members share a fairly intimate kiss inside of the armory. It ends when a short lurk whose callsign is "Diablo" interrupts by clearing his throat and chuckling. It then shows the team loading into the dropship and getting ready to head to the surface. As they're getting their orders and being praised by the General, one of the other human team members notes that he hears something that no one else seems to. They ignore it and the dropship launches towards the planet.

Scene cut to a dark area lit only by torches. A light drumming can be heard as a hooded figure makes it's way down a cave tunnel. There's hissing, followed by many, many bugs crawling along the floor, walls, and ceilings after him. The figure seems to be leading them. The scene cuts to the dropship landing just outside the city limits. The team exits in particularly flashy suits that seem more suited for parades than for actual combat. They spread out and start to move through the city. It then cuts to real footage from inside of a droid team member's helmet as it explores an old, falling apart office building. There are several points where the shadows start to move. It's a very eerie effect, even eerier if you think that this is /real/ footage. He moves forward and smashes out a window facing the main street. "Lieutenant. All clear." "Copy Mech. Meet us back down on street level." All Clear. Famous last words. The helmet nods and turns around to see a mass of teeth screech towards the screen. Mitchells jumps slightly as it cuts back down to street level. They aim up at the building. Mech's helmet clatters to the ground. Diablo runs forward to pick it up, the droid's head is still inside. The group radios in that there's hostile presence.

The team moves forward, several bug-like creatures race past ahead of them and they give chase. They look to where they came from and see a great beast of a creature that's been eaten alive by something. MacMillan grimaces and examines it as the group searches around for clues. The human reports that he hears it again, louder. Suddenly, the bug-creatures charge them. There's a few minutes of action as they try to fight off the bugs, running into a convenience store for shelter. They radio in that the hostiles are, quote "Really fucking hostile and we could use some help." The General responds that they're getting in touch with the Lawbringers, and to sit tight. The suns start to go down and the town is pitched into darkness. The group sticks inside of the store, sending different people on guard. MacMillan approaches the girl he was having a scene with in the armory earlier and offers her a drink. She accepts and they quietly converse on theories. Diablo radios in that there's movement, people movement, and the group rushes to the windows to watch. An entire group of cloaked figures with heavy weaponary is moving through the streets, behind them, the bugs crawl. The human who was hearing sounds almost yells out but is silenced by Diablo quickly. He clutches at his head and whimpers. The group passes and it goes silent again, they look to their friend, who seems incredibly ill and won't stop mumbling about "The drumming".

They switch shifts and Diablo watches over the ill teammate while MacMillan and his friend sneak off to have another snog-fest in the bathroom. Unlike /other/ movies, this likely won't lead to their deaths, as they're both primary characters and both of them are still alive in real life. It cuts back to the command ship as the Lawbringers are suiting up.

Mitchells grabs the remote and pauses. He rewinds it slightly as it's looking over the Lawbringers and his jaw drops. "No. Fucking. Way."
"Huh?" Sariah tilts her head at him. "What's wrong?"
He zooms in on one of the Lawbringers' arms, where their last names are clearly displayed. One who's already sporting his helmet has Captain's chevrons, and "HAWKE" on the name badge. "… I think that's like… our Captain Hawke. The one who owns this ship."
"Really? I didn't know he was an actor." Sariah said, nibbling on another treat.
"He's not… but…" He takes out his PDA and makes a quick search. "Holy shit. It is!" He shows Sariah the PDA, it's like the futuristic IMDB and it shows that Lawbringer Cpt. Alistair Hawke is played by some random human actor. "I /never/ knew he was part of this…"
Sariah blinks, nodding. "I wonder if he's seen the movie."
"I should ask him." Mitchells grins, then blushes a bit. "… Ah… sorry… I should've…" He chuckles a bit and rewinds it a tad more, then presses play again.

The Lawbringers are wearing either incredibly accurate uniforms, or /actual/ Lawbringer uniforms, and are all incredibly co-ordinated. The scene ends with a massive amount of Lawbringers loading into dropships and taking off. The screen fades out, only to fade in "48 hours later". The scene has changed to the group relaxing in a small house that's been crudely converted into a base of operations. Diablo appears to be cooking breakfast as others groggily wake up. Most are still in their suits, some have shed individual pieces to relax better. The ill teammate seems to have recovered fairly well, and is wolfing down food.

MacMillan seems to have been spending his time trying to hook up Mech's head to recover the footage. He finally gets it to work and starts analyzing the creature. It seems to be some sort of really, really bad mutation of an extinct species. He informs the others, who demand to know what to do. He admits he doesn't know, and the team drifts back to doing their own things. The female accomplice to MacMillan approaches as he rests on his bed. Sure enough, after a few moments of talking, there's a /very/ graphic sex scene, that seems to be slightly cut, but it's likely the movie makers filmed the whole thing. MacMillan announces he's going for a smoke, and catches lights over a hill. He informs the team and they suit up, getting ready to move out.

It cuts to the Lawbringer dropships landing at the city limits and making their way into the city. They're greeted by the mutated insects, but quickly dispose of them. They're a lot more clean and effective than the normal AEC troops. Hawke's actor gives a short morale boosting speech, to which the group cheers and heads forward. Scene cut to MacMillan's team as he and his crew move into the mountain, in the tunnels that were shown earlier. It cuts to the real footage from the real MacMillan's helmetcam as they move in. There's a brief firefight from his point of view and Diablo is wounded, but insists that he's not going to let whatever the hell is going on keep going on. The ill teammember discovers a wall of etchings, coated with numbers, ancient writing, and crude drawings of what appears to be the apocalypse, and Trichordian disappearing and reappearing. He starts to go on about the drums again and Diablo slaps him, telling him that there are no drums. Of course, that's when the drums start up, the team backs against the wall. It seems to form a beat. The ill team member starts screaming out about the number 642. The drum pattern seems to be 6-4-2, and the hissing gets louder.

There's a very intricate battle that then happens where it switches from cinematic camera, to helmetcams with real footage from the different team-members. It ends with them being overrun and the screen being blacked out as MacMillan's visor is covered in the bugs. Ew.

Black screen. "Six Hours. Four Minutes. Two Seconds." It fades and shows the group coming to in seperate cages. The cloaked figures appear to be mutated humans that explain that the number 642 has great significance to a certain event. He explains that in order for the creatures that infest the planet to stay dormant for so long, the planet must be restarted and the population regrown. He goes on to state that, the disappearance of Trichordian was necessary for the greater good, as the creatures could've gotten off-world and infested other planets. It was in a temporary time-lock for 642 years that allowed the creatures to destroy the cities, grow, and kill off most of the life on Trichordian. MacMillan refuses to accept that letting this happen is anything but a sin against the lives of innocents. The leader of the mutants tries to explain in further detail, but the critters start acting quite angry, and attack one of the mutated. The leader looks frightened as he goes to offer Diablo to a particularly large and nasty looking critter, but he's saved last minute by a sniper shot. It's Hawke and the Lawbringers who proceed to storm the mountain, wiping out most of the creatures and mutants who fight back. The leader of the mutants frees MacMillan and his team and helps them get to the top, where there is a summoning ritual going on. MacMillan and his team take out the creatures being summoned and the mutants doing the summoning, as it apparently was not according to the ritual.

There's brief real helmetcam footage of the Lawbringers tearing shit up in the mountain before they make their way back down. They're heading out of the mountain when a /huge/ bug smashes out from the side and picks up the leader of the mutants, eating him and starting towards the AEC soldiers. They retreat as quick as possible, blowing up a few buildings to gain time. Eventually, they get far enough away, and an orbital ion cannon roasts the critter. MacMillan approaches and empties his magazine into the brain of the creature, despite it being dead, and turns back. They get on the dropships and head back as sweeper teams go to clean up the planet.

The screen fades to "642 days later" where it shows Trichordian repopulated. MacMillan and his new wife (the female team member) are at a park with their child when MacMillan spots a kid spraypainting a wall. He goes to tell the kid to knock it off, but the hoodie wearing teen takes off down an alley. When MacMillan looks down, there's no one there. He looks to the wall, where 642 has been sprayed in blue. The music swells, and then cuts to black. Roll Credits.

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