Things Your Character Knows

This page is a list of things that all characters in the Razorwing 'Verse know about. It is up to you decide how much your character knows about each subject, however some knowledge about these things is required1

The Year is 2561

The Reason Your Character is Here

Your character is a part of this RP for one of two reasons. They are either entering play having been given a job by a mysterious, anonymous employer and were told to meet at a space station in Neutral Space OR they are in the employ of a well known gangster who owns a small scrapyard very near the space station in Neutral Space.


Jackal and Quinn, Black Market Kings

If you're looking for parts that may or may not be legal, look for Jackal and Quinn. They seem to be all over the place, and might even have been sanctioned by the AEC. Regardless, their prices are cheap, their salesdroids are friendly and helpful, and they'll get you what you need. Just don't try to steal from them or you'll end up with several types of bad tracking you down. Their slogan is "J&Q: Just Quality"

Allondra Sky, Hero of Galactic War 1

Rear-Admiral Allondra Sky is the only member of the AEC to be heralded as a hero of the war. She is often referred to as 'the woman who ended it.' Once a member of the crew of the legendary SSV Razorwing, the Rear-Admiral returned to her naval service at the start of the war after an unknown dispute with her life-long friend Alistair Hawke. In the last hours of the war the Rear-Admiral took her own life by piloting her battlecruiser into the bridge tower of Pendell's flagship, a move which stopped the AEC dead. She left behind a Martian partner named Shandi Vindhu. She was, up until the time of her death, a close friend of Captain Alistair Hawke.

She is honoured on multiple planets with large holo-statues and plaques with her famous last words: "Onward to victory my friends."

Captain Alistair Hawke, Former Captain of the SSV Razorwing

Alistair Joseph Hawke was raised on Earth-III in Terrasit City, where he was a passionate enthusiast of the military. When he turned 17, he was permitted to join the Terrasit City Police Department with the help of a family friend who assigned him to desk work. When he turned 18, he became a constable and started working his way up the ranks, eventually joining the Terrasit Emergency Response Force and becoming a Lieutenant. When the Straos Civil War broke out, he volunteered in the AEC Lawbringers. He 'stole' the Razorwing-I at the end of the Straos Civil War when left the Lawbringers to go independant. As a result of the Battle of Sagittarius B2, he relinquished command of the vessel, abandoning it. Currently, he is enjoying his retirement.

The Queen of Crows2, 'Ruler' of the Underworld

If there was one person in the whole of the galaxy who actually, properly controlled the Underworld, it would be the Queen of Crows. No one actually knows who she is or where she comes from. What is known is that she has enough manpower, firepower, and cash to wipe out any of the lesser crime bosses in the blink of any eye. She runs a large operation that is referred as 'the Murder.' The Queen of Crows is known to live somewhere on her space station (see below) and she is viewed by most of the criminal world in the 26th Century at the top of the food chain. There is one section of the Milky Way's underworld that she is not well liked in - the Queen of Crows despises Tuurengard, and the owners of the artificial planetoid from hell hate her right back.

Joseph Pendell

Joseph Pendell managed to escape with only severe injuries when Rear Admiral Sky ended the war. He was taken into custody and taken to the hospital ship SSV Sanguine Eyes under heavy armed guard. He was brought to trial and sentenced to death with no chance for parol. He is set to be executed by firing squad in 2562. He is kept in solitary confinement at the Sigil Detainment Facility (see the Worlds and Places page for more information).



On top of the information on the planets page, characters are also aware of just how vile this place is. The planet is cast in a perpetual night time, and on the surface it's always a party. But this constructed world is built on horrific designer drugs, illegal cybernetic modifications, and more gang violence than all of the civilized planets combined. The worst of the crimes 'hidden' here is the planet wide prostitution ring that caters to anyone interested, without question, and without limits.


Terraformed paradise. Your character knows of this place for two reasons. First, there are holo-ads EVERYWHERE and second, everyone famous lives here. It's like a whole planet of…Hollywood and LA mashed together.

"Grand Central"4

The hub of criminal activity in the Milky Way, this massive space station (the size of two Venerable-class vessels) is well hidden inside a Nebula just outside the Milky Way itself. It's considered neutral ground for all criminals, regardless of gang or family affiliation. It is effectively a small planet, and operates as such. There are residential sections and commercial sections. There is a hospital, a school, and much more. The station is owned and operated by a woman called the Queen of Crows (see the people section for more information on her). The space station takes its name from a ancient train station on Earth-I.

The Void Pits


ArtifiSKY Galactic

The Local Group's only terraforming company. This massive corporation is one of the most wealthy and one of the largest in the galaxies. They are the people governments and other organizations go to for planet building expertise on worlds large or something. Run by the brilliant entrepreneur Gregory Sky (brother to the late war hero Allondra Sky), this company is without a doubt known to most of the Milky Way's population. See here for more information.

Corona Rapida

The only interstellar commercial flight company in the 'Verse that really matters. They're everywhere and everyone loves them. They're ads aren't annoying, they're stocks are doing well, they're a totally fair employer, and they're very good at what they do. Chances are every character has been in on a Corona Rapida flight at some point in their lives.

Gemini Transports

These are the people that build ships. Gemini Transports, while it is a well known and well respected company known by everyone in this setting, has a less than glowing reputation. First and foremost, they have a rather aggressive monopoly and second, the company's working conditions (excluding office jobs) are well below the galactic standards for human safety. All that said, they build very good ships and trusted by just about every other company out there. Gemini is owned by an exceptionally wealthy Lurk who is rumoured to be married to a 13 year old human girl.

Astral Oasis Luxury Lines

Astral Oasis, like Corona Rapida are everywhere and the company is well liked for many of the same reasons. While it safe to say that not every character has been on an AOLL cruise, they do know what AOLL is and they're well aware of the kind of luxury found on board their ships. Because they use such vast ships, and they have so many, it's also more than likely that the Razorwing while come across AOLL vessels while docking in the more civilized portions of the galaxy (not, for example, dingy space stations in unclaimed sectors).

Droid Depot, Inc.

Need a loader droid for your freighter? Come to Droid Depot, Inc! Need a service droid for your mansion? Come to Droid Depot, Inc! Droids, droids droids, that's all droid depot does. They sell droids of all shapes, sizes, personalities, and purposes, on every inhabited world in the Milky Way. They are the largest supplier and designer of droids the galaxy has ever seen. The company is jointly owned by a Hydina and a Sesshoun. The design and sell droids at all price points, claiming that they have droids that even the gutter-rats on Earth-II can afford.


The War5

Your character knows all of the information found in the 'Fall of the AEC' section of the Politics page. Additionally, if your character is older than 25, it is more than likely they have a recollection of where they were when the war ended. For older (35+) characters this was likely a definitive moment in their lives.


Is perfectly and 100% legal in the 26th century.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is very real in this setting. You can, if you have the cash, pay to have an AI built specifically for you. In the years following the war, laws were passed in the galaxy as a whole (the three governing authorities agreed on something for once) that allowed people to marry beings of artificial intelligence. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this was is Lance Syx, oldest son of two former Razorwing crew members marrying an AI woman named Abby. They were the first couple of this kind to be married on Earth-V and the fourth couple to be married in the Milky Way.

Ship Classifications.

Your characters knows the information found on this page on at LEAST a basic level.



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