Trent Johnson

Name: Trent Johnson

Species: Human

Position: Passenger


  • Persuasion: 5
  • Sense Motive: 5
  • Thievery: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Barter: 3
  • Defense: 2

Inventory of Possessions:

Deck of Cards

Inventory of Equipment:

Notable Character Traits:

None: Trent isn't very memorable, y'know? He just sorta fades into the background.

Notable Character Flaws:

Con-man: It should be self explanatory.

History (Optional):

Trent grew up on Earth II, in the slums. He quickly learned how to avoid trouble, and talk his way to the top. Starting at the age of twelve, he began to con people out of money and goods, and then sell them in the pawn shop. He's currently running from the police on Earth II after an unsuccessful (If lucrative) casino robbery.

(More to come)


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