Name: Varedis Conqvist

Species: Mamkute (Male)

Position: Security (Razorwing II)

  • Experience Points: 0


  • Agility: 5 (2d6+1)
  • Stealth: 4 ( +0)
  • Defense: 4 ( +0)
  • Melee combat: 7 ( +0)
  • Light weapons: 4 ( +3)
  • Medium weapons: 6 ( +3)
  • Heavy weapons: 0 ( -2)
  • Foreign Languages: 2 (German, Russian)

Inventory of Possessions:

  • Dark-Grey Cloak
  • Black Uniform

Inventory of Equipment:

  • Flash 20X Reconnaissance Suit (+2d6 Agility) [Equipped]
  • Model R-500 .50 Magnum [Equipped]
  • Skewer Ti-2 Spike Rifle
  • Jester 7.62 Sniper Rifle
  • Twin blades "Lancaster & York" [Equipped]
  • M4A1 - SOPMOD

Notable Character Traits:

  • Flamestalker - Fiery psychokinesis
  • Shape shift - Appears to look like and sound like other characters. (Racial)
  • Sniper School Sure Paid Off Today - Varedis gets +1 bonus when using sniper rifles.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Light Armor - Unable to wield heavy weaponry, unable to equip heavy armor.
  • Non-mechanical - Cannot repair vehicles, generally clumsy at repairing machines.
  • Offensive Bias - Easily knocked around by melee due to a low weight.

History (Optional):

Varedis has recently discovered that a majority of his past was altered memories, presumably to block out mental trauma. At this point in time all that he can describe between his childhood and living on Derem was that the world he lived on was dead and gray.

While on Derem he lived in the central imperial city, and rarely left his shapeshift to avoid attention. Only the city officials knew he wasn't human, and even then only one of them knew he had a child. He lived peacefully for five years as an artist; while the humans struggled with political tensions. When war broke out, Varedis was hired to help attack the opposing army as means to defend the city, while their army marched forward to the enemy. The imperial city had apparently been under siege while its army was away, most people either dead or missing, among the missing was his daughter.

Some years later the Captain met him wandering the coast, he got hired to replace a recently killed security officer; and agreed on the condition that if found he could recover his daughter and complete a personal goal.


  • Artistic in 'free-time'.
  • Usually has a youthful and androgynous appearance, featuring faint Grey scales.
  • Uncomfortable when being looked at by non Mamkute in 'natural appearance'.
  • Unlike most Mamkute, his eyes don't usually change during shape shifts; retaining their slit pupils and purple iris.
  • Has a photo of his daughter
  • Natural appearance now has markings to match Loria's
  • Trained in the use of poisons.
  • Appears to be skilled as assassination.
  • Speaks both German and Russian, learned from hanging out with humans; Unknowingly repeats what they say in English
  • Theme song: "Time Paradox - eidolonOrpheus"
  • He currently has little control over his pyro abilities, at most using them to light cigarettes or drinks on fire.
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