Name: Dr. Matthew Varentain

Position: Field Medic (Razorwing I)

Species: Mamkute (Male)


Matt was assigned on the Razorwing at the same time Varedis was,
and notably served as a doctor during the Derem civil war; he refuses to talk about anything he saw there.

Early in his life he never realized he was any different than his adoptive Lurk parents, so just went about thinking he was a Lurk until he noticed his ability to mimic the area around him. At one point the truth from the people he believed to his parents sunk in and he decided to claim he was part lurk. He claims his friend on Derem invented a teleporter, and that he used it moments before his friend was killed by a rebel air-strike during the civil war.


  • He looks like a light brown anthromorphic cat, he notably has grayish fur starting to kick in from stress when asked his age he states "22 years".
  • His furry form seems to have been natural, suggesting he was a mutation from normal mamkute.
  • His shape-shifting allowed him to blend in to his surroundings becoming near invisible.
  • This character was killed when the Razorwing I exploded.
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