Vivian 'Viv' St. John




Kleptomaniac in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. Seriously though: Up and coming thief

Brief Physical Description:

Vivian is a skinny blonde woman, who looks to be in her earlyish twenties. She stands at 5'5 and has the build of a gymnast. She has two very small surgical scars that flank her eyes. The most astute observer would pick up that her eyes are, in fact, cybernetic. Usually wears all black.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 2 Intelligence 3 Presence 2
Dexterity 4 Wits 2 Manipulation 3
Stamina 2 Resolve 2 Composure 2


Physical Skills Mental Skills Social Skills
Athletics 4 Academics 0 Animal Ken 0
Brawl 1 Astronavigation 0 Empathy 0
Firearm 1 Computers 2 Expression 0
Larceny 4 Crafts 2 Intimidation 0
Pilot 0 Engineering 0 Leadership 0
Stealth 3 Investigation 1 Persuasion 1
Survival 0 Medicine 0 Streetwise 2
Weaponry 0 Science 0 Subterfuge 2


  • Viv Be Nimble: This thief is dexterous and athletic. She's quick. She's graceful.
  • Rubber Bones: Vivian, as a result of her line of work, as a a rather unique ability to be able to fit into spaces that most normal people wouldn't (i.e. air ducts, and small service hatchways, etc.). She can move through cramped spaces faster than others, and claustrophobia doesn't exist in her mind.
  • One Track Mind Vivian can focus on a single task really, really well when she has to. When she is 'in the zone' she preforms a single task, faster, more effectively, and generally better. This comes from spending so much time safe-cracking.


  • Fame: 1
  • Fleet of Foot: 2
  • Resources: 2
  • Barfly: 1


  • Pulsar Medical Integrated Retinal Imaging System (IRIS): Viv was born blind and received her first optical augments at ten. As she grew, they to be replaced. The IRIS augmentation is the most recent, and likely final augmentation for her eyes she will need to receive. It gives her exceptionally accurate vision as well as a limited darkvision mode. Her eyes can also act as a HUD, provide a video stream (like a webcam), and have a minor zoom function.


  1. Haemophobia: Not much needs to be said about this flaw really. Vivian is terrified by the site of blood, and often faints or becomes ill (or both) when in the presence of spilled blood or blood being spilled.
  2. Sensitivity to Electro-Magnet Attacks: The function of augmentations are disrupted when exposed to a sudden burst of electro-magnetic energy. Augments shut down for 1d4-1 (with the lowest result being 1) minutes as a result of EM interference.


  • Lots of thieving gear
  • Datapad
  • Lots of black clothing
  • Ultrimax Assassin (armour, +1 Stealth)

Personal History

Vivian was born on the SSV Guanxi, a hospital ship in the Yutari Defence Force in 2537. Her father was a captured AEC Naval officer who had been rescued from his ship, and her mother was a doctor. She was born without eyes as a result of her father's exposure to a reactor core breach prior to his rescue. Because of the grim outlook of the war at that time and Vivian's poor health, she was sent back to Yutari-Prime and put up for adoption when she was three-weeks old.

Roughly the first ten years of her life were spent bouncing around foster-care facilities. She was outfitted with her first pair of cybernetic eyes at age six. The constant movement was a result of (in the early years of her life) the war and (at around age seven and up) her consistent misbehaving. At around age ten, like many 'war babies,' she was adopted out in celebration of the war's end. Her adoptive parents, Cassandra and Michael St. John, were wealthy business people who lived on the waterworld of Thest.

Her first run in with the law came at age 16, when she was arrested by the Thestian Lawkeepers for stealing her neighbours speeder. It happened again at 17, this time her crime was the theft of a priceless Earth-I artifact. And again at 19 for stealing 50,000 credits from Lawkeeper Fedit Mart, the person who had arrested her the previous two times.

Two years ago, the human woman left home for neutral space and began making herself a name as a skilled thief, working for all sorts of unsavoury folks. She has several legendary jobs under her belt after a little three years of work. Most recently, she has received an invitation to a secret meeting regarding something billed as "the biggest job of your life."


  • "I'm a recovering goth."

XP Earned

Date Amount Source
09/03/13 30 Creation
09/03/13 10 Creation Bonus (approved by Lurker)

XP Spent

Date Amount Purpose
09/03/13 4 Merit: Fleet of Foot 2
09/03/13 4 Merit: Resources 2
09/03/13 3 Skill: Brawl 1
09/03/13 3 Skill: Firearms 1
09/03/13 5 Augment: Cybernetic Eyes
09/03/13 7 Attribute: Composure 2
09/03/13 3 Skill: Persuasion 1
09/03/13 2 Merit: Barfly

Current XP:


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