Wade Parker

Name: Wade Parker

Species: Human, Augmented

Position: Icarus Pilot


Piloting: 5d6+2
Electronics: 5d6
Bionics and Cybernetics: 3d6
Mechanics: 3d6
Perception: 4d6

  • Defense: 2d6

Inventory of Possessions:

Various knick knacks. Odds and ends.
Formal wear
Icarus R&D Uniform

Inventory of Equipment:

9mm Icarus Model 6 LAP
Pilots Suit

Notable Character Traits:

Gs? What Gs?: The lack of organic parts in Wade renders him unaffected by the higher Gs pulled in high speed maneuvers, such as ones seen in aircraft. +1d6 while in small craft.
Heroic: Wade is a legitimately good man. He'll defend who he cares about and refuse particularly heinous orders.
Multitool: Numerous implants give Wade numerous additional capabilities. Included in these are an array of atmospheric, magnetic, radiological, among other sensors.
Cyberbrain: Wade has a fully cybernetic brain. He experiences the full spectrum of emotions and feelings with the capability to remove certain memories, as needed. It also allows him to process the large amounts of additional information transmitted to him via his other implants, as well as aiding him in electronics work.
Neural Links: A variety of semimuscular plugs, loosely connected to Icarus' neural system enables him to tap into and directly transmit information into his cyberbrain
Optical Implants: Numerous enhancements, from replaced eyes, to redesigned neuro-optical pathways enables a real time Heads Up Display to be projected into the eyes. Fully capable of linking up with any computer system that Icarus can tap into, it allows for an easy display of electronic information, as well as a full 360 view from the cockpit of his fighter.
Omnitool: Wade has numerous additional devices built in. Holoemitters are included, enabling projection of visual and audio data from Wades memory.
Icarus Band Neural Commlink: Like all Icarus pilots, Wade has a highly advanced neural transmitter and receiver built into his brain. The link allows them to share sounds, images, and sensations with each other, usually appearing in the form of boxes in the field of vision. Each user is capable of manipulating the UI in any manner that they can think of.

Notable Character Flaws:

XXXXXXXXXX: Classified.
Sleepless, hungerless, ever waking: Wade does not sleep. He does not eat. He ingests a complex synthetic protein, with trace amounts of various other minerals, some not compatible with human digestive systems. His own is nonexistant.
Man or Machine?: Wade is missing most of his body from the sternum down. The essentials have been replaced with extremely sophisticated, experimental cybernetics. Some things, however, have not and remain missing.
Magnets and Lightning, oh no: Magnets and electricity cause all manner of problems for Wade.
Potentially unstable: After each mission and twice a week, Wade is subject to a simultaneous maintenance session and psychological evaluation .
Computery: Other cyborgs are capable of hacking into Wades cyberbrain, with the potential to cause all manner of trouble.

History (Optional):

One of the nonmilitary types working with Icarus, Wade was a stunt pilot on his home planet of École du Ciel. The planet was well known for having a strictly controlled environement, with special focus placed on the maintaining of the skyline. The avoidance of roads and highways means that flying craft are extremely prevalent for transportation, sport, and especially entertainment. Wade was something of a Pariah on the planet, due to his propensity for crashing. Several of them had already seen to it that he was partially cybernetic by the age of 18. He always pointed out, however, that the crashes were due to the machines being unable to keep up with him. A talent scout from Icarus recognized his potential, after a particularly messy crash, and recommended his service be acquired.


Member of the Ajax RVs flight squadron. Handles the protoype Gorgon-class fighter.

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