Walk in the Woods

When I was introduced to LARPing about three years ago, a friend of mine warned me that real-life crap and the in-character drama that everyone has can co-mingle and get all weird. Shortly after that, I played in a LARP event after having been awake for about 36 hours. Naturally, this freaked me out. That was when I first heard the phrase 'taking a walk in the woods.' Another person I had come to know gave me the best piece of advice for LARPing, table-top gaming, IRC roleplaying, WoW RP…anything else like that.

Sometimes, you need to take a step back…you need to log off, leave an event early or whatever and go for a walk in the woods. These woods go on forever. They're calm, cool, quite…everything about them is relaxing. The path you take goes anywhere you want, but eventually…when you're ready to return from your walk, the path curves back and slowly you return to where you were before. I promise, nine times out of ten, that LARP, that RP…that whatever…will be right there waiting for you with open arms…but only if you're ready to go back.

Don't ever be afraid of a little walk in the woods…a little time away.


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