XP LP & Unlockables


XP, or experience points, are awarded at the end of a run or at the discretion of a GM. XP is granted along a few guidelines:

  • In a run, the player showed effort to complete their goal
  • The character was played convincingly or in an entertaining manner and helped keep the run focused, scary, or in some cases jovial
  • The player provided an extra service for the GM that helped the run along (No handjobs)

XP will NOT be awarded for the following actions:

  • The character swept through all enemies with little effort
  • The player added in something that, although entertaining, did not assist with the run (This is at GM discretion)
  • The character succeeded well, but only due to GM assistance

GMs are recommended to dish out 1 XP for 1-3 people on a run, 2 XP for 4-5 people on a run, 3 XP for 6-8 people on a run, and 4+ for any more. XP is limited to 1 XP per character per run, unless it's a special occasion.

NOTE: Players who fail to show up to the continuation of a plot (continuation is usually the next upcoming plot day) will lose all XP associated with that plot, unless prior arrangements have been made with the GMs.


LP, or Legacy Points, are awarded to players based on their performance by GMs. They are awarded on the following guidelines:

  • The player shows incredible creativity in their actions (For instance, the player's character is fighting a mime that puts up an invisible wall. They make their character walk over and open an invisible window, then punch the mime.)
  • The player leads a run of good quality, with LP awarded at admin discretion (GMs in this case would need to lead an excellent run)
  • Epic lulz
  • Character death (Note that LP for the next character death will not be rewarded if the next character dies within one month of the first death) - worth 2 LP

LP will not be awarded for the following actions:

  • Simply "standing out"
  • Using actions, which although creative, are suggested by other people

NOTE: These guidelines are not set in stone, and admins or GMs may also give extra LP or XP for other reasons. Please be aware that this is a rarity.

NOTE: To clarify, XP is specific to the character. LP is specific to the player.

Birthday Points

Is it your birthday? Tell the GMs. They'll let your roll either 1d3 for LP or 1d5 for XP. The number you get will correspond to the number of points rewarded.

Using XP and LP

So you have all your precious points. Now what? Well, XP and LP can be used to boost your character. How is that, you ask? You unlock and purchase equipment.

LP is used to unlock equipment. For instance, Bobby has 2 LP and he wants to unlock these cool new boots that give his character a +2 in athletics. He spends the LP and bam, he has the boots unlocked. The boots will remain unlocked for Bobby forever.

But wait, his character doesn't actually have the boots. Bobby's character needs to spend 3 XP to buy the boots for himself. So Bobby spends some of his character's XP and now his character owns the boots. His character will keep these boots until it dies.

When Bobby's character dies and he makes a new one, he can transfer one piece of equipment from his old one to his new one. That way he doesn't loose that 15 XP telekill armor he worked so hard to gain.

Check out our Equipment page to see what you can get.

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