Zerk Electric

Name: Ascervia “Zerk Electric” X. E. Brandalour

Species: Human-based genetic hybrid, homo sapiens/ficus carica (Common fig)

Position: Passenger


  • Defense: 5
  • Stealth: 4
  • Melee Combat: 4
  • Light Weapons: 2
  • Wilderness Survival: 3
  • Piloting/Driving: 2
  • Heavy Weapons: 2 +1
  • Medium Weapons: 0 +2

Inventory of Possessions:

Juggling sticks (A fairly common children's toy)
High-quality Camera

Inventory of Equipment:

VOR94700 Tactical Knife (No longer manufactured)
Jester 7.62 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle (TEMP)

Notable Character Traits:

  • Spatial Awareness: Zerk is spatially gifted. She can imagine complex objects, areas, shapes, or spaces with ease.
  • Treehugger: Zerk also, because of her unique heritage, has a way with plants. How much of a “way”? We're not sure yet. But she loves to lay down with her head next to a tree for long periods of time, and never says why she does that.

Notable Character Flaws:

  • Treehugger: Being part Fig Tree, Zerk's biology is never straightforward- some things she's randomly allergic to, and she has to take a lot of medicine to offset various wierd side effects. While she looks mostly like a human, it's obvious that there's something not quite right about her. She never looks or acts entirely human.

Zerk is at her best when she spends at least three hours a day under sunlight, UV lamps, or full-spectrum lights.

  • Punk Zerk is also a semi-compulsive thief, liar, and is in general slightly crazy.

History (Optional):

Zerk was the result of a strange genetic experiment. The laboratory that created her was shut down, and its name lost to history. Zerk is 106 years old, and still nowhere near the end of her natural lifespan (she still acts like a teenager too.)
What's she been doing in that time? Well, she's stolen ships and washed dishes. She's planted trees and scammed tourists. She's spent five years with an interplanetary gang of bandits called the Xerxes Configuration, and then was arrested after a data raid gone wrong. She spent the next 50 years rotting in a government prison on a life sentence, before the bureaucracy suddenly released her without explanation. She's been wandering for the last two years.
Zerk is sassy, stubborn, tough as nails, and occasionally competes with her own self-interest. Though she's only a passenger on the Razorwing, she's been there for a while now and does her best to help out, make friends, and keep a low profile.


Zerk Electric playing with her juggling sticks.
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